Even the youngest children can create their own mosaic designs with our play pegboard sets. Find an age-appropriate mosaic peg board set for your child, and let the creative learning begin! Start your colorful creation with a single peg or snap and turn it into a beautiful picture! From chunky button snaps to tiny bead pieces, your child will love the rainbow of colors, interesting patterns, challenging designs, and amazing process of appearance of artistically pixelated pictures. Educational Toys Planet picks the Mosaic Peg Boards from the award-winning toy manufacturers to refine your child’s motor skills, concentration, spatial thinking.

Color Matching Mosaic Pegboard for Toddlers
Let your kids play mosaic while developing their fine motor skills, color recognition, hand dexterity, imagination and artistic senses. With the help of the matching button set, children can create mosaics like never before! The Pegboard playset includes a storage tray, which makes the storage much easier than other traditional play sets. What is more, it is also easy to clean and is made of high quality material.

“My daughter has loved this set since it came out and we have played it many times. It is fun to make your own “mosaic” but we especially love making the same pattern over and over to see the new pictures come up. My daughter loves it as well and is fascinated by how the patterns come up on the pegboard. The colors are great and the buttons are sturdy. It is easy to clean up and it is a nice size for younger kids to use. I highly recommend this set.”

Learning Resources Veggie Farm Mosaic Pegboard Set
This Veggie Farm Sorting Pegboard Set helps preschoolers build early math skills while having fun! The game features colorful vegetables and figures, as well as matching activities. Your child can sort the vegetables into three categories: red, yellow, and blue.

“We are just now beginning to sort, but this was a great start. My daughter and her mom both use these when playing. I’m so happy that we bought it, because the price makes it worth it to me. I have gotten many compliments from friends and family who have seen it at my house.”

Wooden Peg Board Montessori Fishing Game Number Puzzle
A pegboard puzzle is a good tool for learning colors, shapes and numbers in young children. The Montessori toy has three magnetic fishing game pieces which can be used to teach the counting sequence of 0-10 and teach about shapes. Beads count games can help develop early math skills. The wooden blocks are an educational toy that teaches early math concepts while encouraging creativity. The toy is a nice gift for ages 3-5.