Educational Toys Planet’s nesting toys are a great way to promote fine motor practice and encourage cognitive development. Nesting activity is often combined with stacking and sorting fun! Sort the nesting cubes by sizes and see which one fits into the next one. Match the shapes by colors or theme to nest them, and you’ll discover early math skills through play! Place the nesting dolls or barrels from smallest to largest and try to fit them one by one inside each other. How about fill-n-spill play for babies? Taking some shapes or toys out of some colorful container and putting them back inside is a super beneficial hide-n-seek game for growing hands and minds.

How does playing with nesting toys help with child development?

Nesting toys help you learn things. You can put them inside each other. You can practice counting and colors because the toys come in different colors and shapes. Learn about shapes and sizes! Practice your fine motor skills by separating the pieces and putting them back together. If you make a mistake, don’t worry! It happens to everyone; just keep going until it looks right. You can even use nesting toys with other toys! Practice sorting and playing with stacking cups or blocks . What kind of activity will you do?

Best Nesting Toys – Educational Toys Planet Picks

Nesting toys are often one of the first baby puzzle type toys that young children will encounter. These classic puzzles encourage hand/eye coordination, color recognition and fine motor skills in infants to toddlers. Nesting toys are a great way to introduce children to the concept of taking objects apart and putting them back together again in the correct order. By learning how to remove and replace the pieces of these puzzles, they are learning how to ‘undo’ an action. We were excited to see that there are many varieties of nesting toys available today for all ages, including both wooden and plastic stacking puzzles with bright colors and interesting designs that are fun for both babies and toddlers!

Nesting toys are a fantastic way to encourage creative play in children. They are simple yet engaging toys that can encourage children to explore their imaginations. Nesting toys typically consist of a set of shapes that can be stacked within each other, such as a set of wooden blocks. They can also be made of soft materials such as cloth for infants. Not only are these toys visually stimulating, but they can also help children to develop their motor skills. By stacking the pieces and taking them apart, children learn how to manipulate objects and use their hands. In addition to the physical benefits of nesting toys, they also provide a wonderful opportunity for kids to learn about shapes and sizes. By playing with these toys, children can begin to comprehend the different shapes and sizes of each piece and understand how they fit together. This type of cognitive development is important for children as they continue to grow and learn. Nesting toys are a timeless classic that can be enjoyed by children of all ages. Whether they are stacking colorful blocks or fitting soft pieces together, these toys can provide hours of fun while fostering important skills. With a variety of designs and materials, nesting toys can be the perfect choice for children who are curious, creative, and ready to learn.