Animal Pattern Puzzles – Stimulate Shape Color & Size Recognition

Welcome to Educational Toys Planet’s animal pattern puzzles collection! We understand that children learn best through play and this is why we have taken care to select only the best puzzles that can help your child develop skills while having fun. Our puzzles feature bright, bold and beautiful wildlife images that will help young minds learn and grow. All of our puzzles are made of high quality materials and are safety tested, so you can rest easy knowing your child is playing with a safe and enjoyable set of puzzles. With our animal pattern puzzles your child can sharpen their problem solving, visual and fine motor skills while discovering the sights and sounds of the animal kingdom!
  1. Wooden Animal Puzzles 4-Piece Set

    Wooden Animal Puzzles 4-Piece Set
    This Melissa & Doug Natural Play Wooden Puzzle: Animal Patterns is a great way to engage children in playful pattern recognition! It includes four 4-piece wooden puzzles featuring animals such as fish, giraffes and zebras. Kids will have fun piecing together these puzzles while building problem-solving skills and spatial reasoning. The natural wood pieces are designed for small hands, making them ideal for little puzzlers. A potential shortcoming might be that some of the pieces may be too small for younger kids, so parents should always supervise their children when playing with this puzzle set.
  2. Wood Animal Puzzle Designs

    Wood Animal Puzzle Designs
    This book of animal pattern puzzles is the perfect resource for scroll saw hobbyists looking to create wooden projects with a fun and whimsical flair. With 50 projects in wood, it has something for everyone, from kittens and koalas to bulldogs and bears. The newly revised and expanded edition offers more options than ever before! All the patterns are easy to follow, so you can focus on creating beautiful pieces while still having fun. Plus, the clear instructions make it easy to customize your designs if you want something a bit more unique. The only potential downside is that it requires some experience with working with power tools as some of the projects are more complex than others.
  3. Wooden Pattern Blocks Set

    Wooden Pattern Blocks Set
    This LOVESTOWN Wooden Pattern Blocks set has everything your kids need to get creative with engaging, educational playtime! It comes with 230 colorful and fun wooden pieces that include geometric shapes blocks, pattern blocks, and tangram puzzles. The interactive cards will help kids hone their spatial reasoning and problem-solving skills as they create different patterns. Plus, it’s a great way for them to practice color recognition, hand-eye coordination and basic math. The only potential downside is that kids might want more pieces!
  4. Wooden Pattern Blocks Puzzle Set

    Wooden Pattern Blocks Puzzle Set
    This FLYINGSEEDS Wooden Pattern Blocks Animals Jigsaw Puzzle is a great way to provide your 3+ year old with lots of fun learning! With 36 shapes pieces and 60 animals to sort and stack, it will give your child hours of educational entertainment. They can learn the colors, match the shapes, and develop manual dexterity as they stack the blocks together. It’s also an excellent way for them to practice problem-solving skills as they figure out how to fit all the pieces together. The only potential downside could be that there are small parts, so adult supervision is necessary for safety reasons.
  5. Safe Wood Puzzles for Kids

    Safe Wood Puzzles for Kids
    This wooden puzzle is a great educational toy for toddlers, boys and girls. It is designed with six different animal patterns that can help your kiddos develop problem-solving skills and hand-eye coordination in a fun way! It is safety certified, so you can feel confident knowing your little ones are playing with a safe product. The biggest potential drawback may be that it’s recommended for 3 year olds and up, so younger children may not be able to enjoy this product.
  6. Creative Wooden Block Puzzle Set

    Creative Wooden Block Puzzle Set
    This Wooden Pattern Blocks Animal Jigsaw Shape Fun Puzzle is perfect for hours of fun and educational play. With 36 shapes in various animal designs, this puzzle teaches kids how to sort and stack the pieces while developing their motor skills. The Montessori-style design makes it ideal for toddlers, boys, and girls of all ages to enjoy. The puzzle encourages problem-solving skills as well as hand-eye coordination as children work to fit each piece together. Plus, the bright colors make it a great way to practice color recognition. One potential shortcoming is that it may be difficult for young beginners who lack fine motor skills.
  7. Coogam Pattern Block Set

    Coogam Pattern Block Set
    This Coogam Wooden Pattern Blocks set is a super fun and educational way to get your little one’s brain working! With this set, your little one can sort, stack, and build their own wooden puzzles in the shape of animals. The pieces come in vibrant colors to help stimulate the senses while they learn shapes and sizes, motor skills, hand-eye coordination and problem solving. This set makes an excellent STEM gift for children aged 3-5 years old. Plus it’s all made from wood so you know it’s going to last a long time. However, since the pieces are small in size there is potential for choking hazard if not appropriately supervised by an adult.
  8. Animal Pattern Puzzle Match

    Animal Pattern Puzzle Match
    This Animal Patterns Puzzle from Bigjigs Toys is a great way for your little ones to have fun while developing their problem solving and motor skills. Each piece has a unique shape and pattern, and the goal is to match the pattern on the base of the puzzle through the cutaway area in the middle! Not only will this help your child develop their hand-eye coordination, but it’s also sure to keep them entertained. The only downside may be that some pieces may be more difficult than others, but you can always help them out if they get stuck!
  9. Educational STEM Animal Puzzles

    Educational STEM Animal Puzzles
    Our Shape Puzzle – Animals Jigsaw Puzzle is an amazing puzzle game that’s perfect for kids over 3 years old. It’s a great way to help kids learn and develop sorting and stacking skills, as well as helping them to better understand shapes. It also provides an excellent Montessori-inspired educational opportunity for toddlers and children, so they can explore the world of animals through play! Our puzzle is made up of 36 shape pieces that fit together perfectly, helping to improve fine motor skills. The bright colors and fun animal designs will keep your kids entertained for hours! The main benefit of this puzzle is that it helps with kiddos’ cognitive thinking abilities, while also teaching them about animals in a fun way. A potential shortcoming could be that some pieces may be too small for younger children or those with limited dexterity.
  10. Melissa & Doug Pattern Blocks Set

    Melissa & Doug Pattern Blocks Set
    This Melissa & Doug Pattern Blocks and Boards set is an excellent classic toy for your little one! With 120 solid wood shapes, 5 double-sided panels, and multi-colored pieces, it is a great STEAM toy. It helps develop fine motor skills as children create designs with animal patterns. As a bonus, the set also includes 5 colorful two-sided boards to enhance the fun!The benefit of this wooden pattern blocks set is that your child can have endless fun while learning problem solving and developing motor skills. A potential drawback is that the pieces may be too small for younger children or those with special needs.
  11. LIKEE Wooden Pattern Blocks Game

    LIKEE Wooden Pattern Blocks Game
    This LiKee Wooden Pattern Blocks Jigsaw Puzzle is the perfect toy for toddlers and kids aged 3+ to help with their development. The set includes 36 shape pieces and 60 design options that can be used to sort, stack, and build creative patterns. It’s a great way for kids to learn about shapes, colours, and how to solve simple puzzles – all while having fun! The wooden pieces are durable and safe for your little one. Not only will this puzzle provide hours of entertainment, but it also helps children develop problem-solving skills. The only potential downside is that the number of designs may not provide enough variety for older children who have mastered the basics of sorting shapes.
  12. Building Blocks Puzzle Game

    Building Blocks Puzzle Game
    This Tangram Shape Puzzle is a great STEM gift for 3 to 5 year olds! It includes wooden pattern blocks, colorful animal jigsaw pieces, and stacking games that help kids develop hand-eye coordination and visual perception. Through this fun and interactive puzzle game, little ones learn problem-solving skills and color recognition as they put the pieces together. The main potential shortcoming of this product is that the pieces are small enough for a young child to choke on if not supervised.
  13. Educational Animal Puzzle Toys

    Educational Animal Puzzle Toys
    This wooden puzzle set is an educational and fun way to help young minds develop problem-solving skills. Featuring 6 unique animal patterns, these Montessori toys will give your little ones hours of entertainment. Perfect for children aged 2-5 years old, these jigsaw puzzles help with hand-eye coordination and fine motor skill development. As a potential shortcoming, some may find the animals patterns too easy for their toddlers.
  14. Wooden Animal Matching Puzzle

    Wooden Animal Matching Puzzle
    This classic wooden matching puzzles for toddlers is a great way to engage your little one in discovering their world! With its animal pattern and shadows matching game, this Montessori toy is perfect for helping kids learn shapes, colors, and animals. As an early learning educational gift game it’s specifically designed for ages 3+ to support their learning progress. The benefit of this puzzle set is that it can help young children develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The potential shortcoming could be that it might not be challenging enough for more experienced puzzlers.
  15. Animal Pattern Block Puzzle Set

    Animal Pattern Block Puzzle Set
    Welcome to the world of animal pattern puzzles! This set from Hand2Mind is designed to entertain and educate, with a fun and interactive way for kids to explore their creativity. With pieces in a variety of shapes and sizes, this exciting puzzle set invites kids to form colorful animals and insects on the board. The cards add a layer of complexity by having kids match the pictures on them with their corresponding pieces. Kids will also enjoy learning geometric shapes while creating pattern play with the tangram puzzle. This set is great for developing problem solving skills, visual recognition, spatial awareness and fine motor skills in toddlers and kindergarteners. Plus, it’s also an interesting way to introduce them to animals they are not familiar with! However, some smaller pieces may be challenging for very young children who are still honing their coordination skills.
  16. Educational Wooden Pattern Blocks

    Educational Wooden Pattern Blocks
    This Creative Animal Geometric Block Toy is the perfect way to help your preschool or kindergarten children develop their problem-solving and cognitive skills while having fun! With 20 different animal designs, these wooden pattern block puzzles are ideal for kids over 3+ years old. The pieces fit together in different ways, creating a great challenge that encourages creativity and learning. Plus, the vibrant colours of the animals will help your child learn to identify shapes and colours too! The only potential drawback of this toy is that it may be too challenging for those who are younger than 3 years old.
  17. Mom’s Choice Animal Puzzles

    Mom's Choice Animal Puzzles
    This SKYFIELD Wooden Animal Puzzle set is perfect for toddlers 1 to 3 years old! With 4 bright, vibrant animal patterns, it’s a great educational toy that helps kids learn their shapes, expand their creativity and strengthen their problem solving skills. Plus, the customization options make it a great way to personalize and make the playtime experience even more fun! A potential shortcoming could be that this product is not suitable for children over 3 years of age.
  18. Buffalo Games 500pc Country Store Puzzle

    Buffalo Games 500pc Country Store Puzzle
    This 500 piece jigsaw puzzle features adorable animal patterns! With its vivid and bright colors, you’ll be sure to have a fun and immersive experience while piecing together this puzzle. The finished product will measure 21.25 inches by 15 inches, making it perfect for display in any room of your home. As an added bonus, the pieces have a special shape that makes them easier to pick up and handle than traditional puzzles. A potential shortcoming of this puzzle is that the pieces may be too large for younger children.
  19. Woodimals Animal Puzzle Scrollsawing

    Woodimals Animal Puzzle Scrollsawing
    Woodimals creative animal puzzles are the perfect way to have fun and hone your scroll saw skills. With 56 patterns that range from easy to challenging, you can make animals from wood with the animal’s name inside the design. It’s a great way to get creative and give yourself a fun challenge. Plus, these puzzles make great gifts for anyone who loves animals! The only downside is that it does require some skill with a scroll saw in order to complete the projects.

What is an animal pattern puzzle?

An animal pattern puzzle is a type of jigsaw puzzle that typically features a picture of a recognizable animal. The puzzle pieces are cut into a variety of shapes that when pieced together create a beautiful image of the animal. They can be used as a fun way to learn about different animals, or to simply enjoy the challenge of piecing together the puzzle. Animal pattern puzzles are great for both children and adults of all ages.

What are the benefits of completing an animal pattern puzzle?

Completing an animal pattern puzzle can have several benefits. First, it can be a great way to learn about different animals and the intricate details of their features. It can also be a fun activity to do with friends and family, as it encourages cooperation and communication. Additionally, completing a puzzle can be an enjoyable challenge that develops problem-solving skills and provides a sense of accomplishment.

How can an animal pattern puzzle be used as an educational tool?

Animal pattern puzzles can be used as an educational tool in several ways. As a child pieces together the puzzle, they can learn more about the animal and its features. Additionally, they can learn and practice problem-solving skills as they work to fit the pieces together. For older children, animal pattern puzzles can also be used to learn about the concept of conservation, as it encourages them to think about the importance of protecting the environment and its wildlife.

What is the best way to store an animal pattern puzzle?

The best way to store an animal pattern puzzle is to keep all the pieces in the box it came in. If the box is damaged, then the pieces can be stored in a plastic bag or other container. It is important to keep the pieces organized and in order, as this will make it easier to put the puzzle together again in the future.

What is the best way to clean an animal pattern puzzle?

The best way to clean an animal pattern puzzle is to use a soft, damp cloth. Avoid using any harsh chemicals or abrasive materials, as this can damage the puzzle pieces. Additionally, it is important to ensure that the puzzle pieces are completely dry before they are placed back in the box or container.