We know you’re busy parents out there! After a long day at work or school your kids need some downtime to play with their favorite toy before bedtime. With that in mind, we have compiled a top list of  our favorite educational toys brands which we have trusted for many years to design and deliver the best and the smartest toys. We’ve worked with some of these brands personally and closely. They are the safest, most reliable brands that exist, as well as the most creative ones that were available to us. We plan on continuing to use these brands to bring up children in our family and we hope you will do the same for yours!

  1. Melissa and Doug

    Melissa and Doug is one of our most favorite brands for educational toys! The company was founded in 1988. Melissa and Doug produces high-quality puzzles, games, toys, and other children’s products. They also offer a wide assortment of designs that are based on themes like science, animals, Disney characters and more. They make sure their products are manufactured using quality materials that can withstand the demands of young children. Melissa and Doug brand features hundreds of different educational toys. A few of their best-known educational toys for toddlers are train puzzle, and farm animals wooden bead puzzle. The company implements quality standards that make sure the products are safe for kids to play with. Melissa and Doug Company is a family owned brand and is run by its founders. The company was created by Melissa Dougherty in the year 1988. With a small investment of $5000 and a lot of hard work, she started her venture in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania. It all began when Melissa went looking for high-quality toys to give as gifts to her nephews and nieces. Unable to find the right toys in local stores, Melissa was inspired to begin her own business and make high-quality wooden toys for children. Today Melissa and Doug has become a leading manufacturer and vendor of high quality wooden toys that are inspired by educational themes.

  2. Learning Resources

    Learning Resources have been in the business of helping children learn and grow for over 50 years. Their current products are designed to meet today’s high standards for education, including STEM skills. One popular product is the GeoSafari Jr., which combines science with geography while teaching practical math skills such as measuring length and weight. The GeoSafari Jr also teaches children about environmental conservation by exploring animal habitats on Earth and what they need to survive. They recently began working on a new line of products which include the GeoSafari Jr My First Microscope. The remarkable thing about Learning Resources is that they are committed to improving upon their designs and manufacturing processes in order to ensure that they provide the highest quality products. Headquartered in Vernon Hills, Illinois since it was founded in 1984, the company now operates globally.

  3. Calico Critters

    Calico Critters are a line of miniature animal figures, which come with homes, furniture and accessories. These furry little guys offer endless possibilities for imaginative playtime! From the day Calico Critter moves in to its brand new home to every adventure he goes on afterwards – it’s up to you what happens next! The Calico Critters were introduced in Japan and are now sold worldwide. They can be found as families, with Mothers and Fathers living together along side their sisters, brothers, parents’ friends (grandparents), babies and pets too! The Calico Critters are a toy line with life-like human and animal figures that make up the community of “Calico Village.” The citizens have hobbies, jobs, and even love lives. They live in homes full of furniture to keep them company as they play. You can find out what’s going on at any given moment by listening into their conversations or checking out one of their many albums! Calico Critters toys are timeless classics that delight children and promote wholesome family values. These award-winning miniature animals have inspired the imagination and creativity in countless kids around the world.

  4. Thames and Kosmos

    Thames & Kosmos products are considered the best in their field. Thames & Kosmos has a wealth of awards, including prestigious ones from The National Parenting Center and Creative Child Magazine. Thames & Kosmos has published 250 unique science kits since 2001. Some of these include small and affordable single experiment kits that retail for under $10, while others are huge with hundreds or experiments ranging in price from less than to over $100. Their science kits are organized into thirteen categories including Chemistry, Physics, Alternative Energy, Electrical Science , Biology and more. In 2001, Thames & Kosmos was founded by a science museum director and her son. They saw the need for better resources that were more engaging, effective, relevant and fun to meet the demand from parents who want their children to be engaged in learning about STEM topics.

  5. The Learning Journey

    The Learning Journey has been designing and manufacturing award-winning children’s interactive educational products for over twenty years. All of the games at The Learning Journey encourage learning while developing confidence, preparing your child for school as well as life beyond it. Each game builds on skills they need to be prepared and ready in every facet from: math, reading comprehension, learning vocabulary all the way through social interaction with other kids their own age! The Learning Journey has been helping children all over the world learn to read and understand new languages since 1995. They offer products in a wide variety of languages, including bilingual books for both English speakers learning Spanish or Korean students who want to improve their understanding of Japanese. The high quality materials from The Learning Journey are worth every penny while simultaneously offering your child an excellent education that will last them throughout life. The Learning Journey’s complete range of interactive products are a perfect way to keep your children engaged while learning. With so many options, it is easy for parents and educators alike to find the right tools for their budding young minds!

  6. Snap Circuits

    Imagine being able to build your own electronics! Elenco’s Snap Circuits® is a wonderful way for kids and adults alike to learn the basics of this exciting field. This kit comes with all that you need, so there are no excuses not to get started on building projects like an FM radio or even light displays in just minutes. With easy-to-follow instructions and colorful pictures throughout, anyone can be empowered by learning how electronic circuits work at home ! Snap Circuits enables you to build exciting projects, just like you would with an electronic breadboard! This set includes wires, a battery holder, and all of the other components needed to get started. Plus it even comes with easy-to-follow instructions that will help ensure your creations work! The pieces are clearly labeled for easy use, and they snap together easily with no soldering! Their kits put you in control of your circuits, so you can build whatever comes to mind. If something doesn’t work right away, just go back and check the diagram again or try another component. You will have hours of fun experimenting with different alternatives until your creation finally works. Snap Circuits is not just about the construction of circuits to create projects, it also demystifies the concept of how these circuits work as well ! The manual shows you all of the different components that are included, where they are placed in a circuit, and what each component does ! You can build over 200 projects by following directions , or just make up your own!

  7. Hape

    Hape Holding AG is a global toy company that was founded in 1986 by Peter Handstein. The goal of the company has always been to create high-quality, innovative toys for children and their families. Hape’s products are sold around the world with over 30 subsidiaries located worldwide including Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, UK, Spain North America And Netherlands as well as Mainland China and Hong Kong! Hape takes the first two letters of its founder Peter Handstein’s name and reflects the brand’s desire to create happiness for children around the world. Since it was registered as a trademark in 2005, Hape has become a leading manufacturer of high quality baby and children’s toys made from sustainable materials all over the globe. From STEAM items that promote creativity or learning skills to outdoor toy sets designed with imagination in mind, the brand’s range provides hours worth of fun for kids at any stage! Hape toys are well-known for their unique and fun designs. Hape’s commitment to the growth of children is evident in all aspects, from toy design quality, safety standards and even packaging materials! HAPE Toys has won many awards over the years due to its dedication towards not only developing high-quality products that will stimulate a child’s imagination but also ensuring they have an enjoyable time while playing with them! They offer award winning toys such as puppets or animal puzzles which promote creativity through hands on activity. The company does this by providing vivid colors where kids can experiment with different shapes until something new comes out; sometimes it becomes art work – other times just pure enjoyment when you create your own little world starting from scratch using dolls and accessories to create a whole new world of imagination.

  8. Educational Insights

    Educational Insights believes in a world where children are curious and playful. They work to create fun, educational experiences filled with sheer joy and uncontrollable laughter. Their goal is not simply to inspire creativity or imagination – they’re also champions of good sportsmanship, those “eureka” moments when kids discover something new for themselves, as well as out-of-the box learning that’s both serious but creative too! To provide all this entertainment Educational Insights manufactures engaging games packed full of surprises mixed with pure pleasure designed specifically for the young minds who want nothing more than an experience worth remembering time after time again. Educational Insights is a company that loves to play, and it shows in everything they do. They are the creators of many learning games; by making these experiences fun for kids through their love of laughter and new toys-they make them more accessible as well! Educational Insights has been helping kids learn through play for the last 50+ years. We take great pride in working with experts from many different fields to ensure that our products are always of the highest quality while providing an enjoyable experience.

  9. Quercetti

    Quercetti began as a family business in the early 1950s when founder Alessandro Quercetti had an intuition and desire to make toys. Today, they continue with enthusiasm for their second generation of enthusiastic children who need toys that speak to them. Quercetti make toys that promote creativity and imagination for the children of all over world. These tools are carefully designed to be fun and engaging while also teaching the skills necessary for future learning in life. Everyday, their tireless team of researchers are dedicated to creating the best solutions for today’s children. Quercetti do this by experimenting with every new technology and inventing educational content that will be relevant tomorrow. Our only mission is to “give today’s kids a better chance at life.” This is the reason Quercetti is a trusted name in the toy industry with a product range that includes toys for kids of all ages. Parents can rest assured that when they buy Quercetti, their child will be playing safely and entertained for hours on end!

  10. Janod

    Janod is a French brand that specializes in traditional toys and games made from wood and cardboard. Since 1970, they have continued to stand the test of time by adapting to children’s needs while also appealing to parents who grew up with their products. Janod began with just one product made out of paperboard – an elephant walking on ball-joints! From this humble start they’ve expanded to include over 1000 wonderful creations popular among children all around the world who have either grown up playing these games or first discovered them when their parents introduced them to Janod’s magical wonderland filled with handcrafted playthings built into people’s hearts year after year. From its humble beginnings in a small farmhouse in France to today’s global success, Janod has always been about the children and their love for the toys!

Educational Toys Brands Well Worth Mentioning

In Conclusion: You deserve the best for your kids! This is a top list of our favorite educational toy brands. We’ve come to trust these companies and know that they are reliable, safe, creative, and more importantly – quality products. Check out this article if you want some extra help in picking out which toys will be perfect for your child or children.

Sincerely, Educational Toys Planet.