Lego is a beloved children’s toy, originally created in 1932. Lego bricks are small blocks that can be used to construct anything from a simple house to a complex, moving machine. As a child, I often used my Legos to build cars, boats, castles, and other fun creations. I loved finding new ways to put the pieces together and seeing what I could build. Lego also has themed sets such as Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Disney Princesses. All sets typically come with instructions on how to put the pieces together and a few minifigures to add to the setting. I had a Harry Potter set as a child, which included a moving Hagrid’s hut and a model of Hogwarts Castle. It was one of my favorite sets because I could spend hours building, playing, and re-imagining the story. Lego is a great toy to encourage creative thinking, problem solving, and communication skills. It can also be used as a fun way to bond with family and friends.