For our children medieval times are not just a period in world history, but the romantic era of brave heroes, noble kings, fearless pirates and splendid knights. Children, especially boys, are really fond of superheroes of the past, knights in shining armor. Educational Toys Planet offers various knight toys to sparkle this interest up and bring enjoyment to learning. Knight Toys make introduction to history just fun imaginary play. Knight dress-up sets, toy knight figures, knight castle building kits are among the most popular knight toys from our store.

When you walk into the room, the Knight Toys castle in front of you immediately catches your eye. Standing nearly six feet tall, it is an imposing sight. But as you walk closer, you can see all of the intricate details that have gone into creating this masterpiece. The turrets and towers are topped with brightly colored flags, while the drawbridge leads to a working portcullis. The doors open to reveal a grand hall with a throne and banners flying from the rafters. The castle is made from sturdy wood and plastic, with metal bars and hinges adding to its durability. It can be set up in minutes without any tools required, and there are no small pieces that could be lost or swallowed by younger children. The knights that come with it are also well-made, with moving arms and legs as well as removable helmets and shields. This is not just a toy for kids either; adults will enjoy playing with it just as much thanks to its high level of detail and craftsmanship . Whether being used for pretend play or simply displayed as an impressive decorative item, Knight Toys’ castle is sure to be a favorite among both young and old alike

Medieval Action Figures

Action figures have been around for centuries, but the medieval action figure is a unique and rare breed. These figures are meticulously crafted to look like the knights and warriors of old, complete with detailed armor, weaponry, and costumes. Some even come with miniature horses or dogs! The detailing on these figures is amazing; you can see every rivet and seam in the armor, every wrinkle in the clothing. The weapons are likewise finely crafted, often with working mechanisms that allow them to be opened and closed or even fired. Many of these action figures also come with accompanying backstories telling of their adventures in battle or other heroic exploits. If you’re a fan of history (or just good old-fashioned fun), then medieval action figures are definitely worth checking out!

Pretend Knight Armor

When one thinks of armor, the first thing that comes to mind is usually a suit of shining metal plates, protecting the wearer from harm. But what if there was a different kind of armor, one made not of metal but of cloth and leather? This is the type of armor worn by knights in days long past. Made up of multiple layers, this armor can be quite heavy and hot to wear in warm weather. But it does offer good protection against cuts and bruises. The most common color for knightly clothing is black, as it hides dirt and blood well. A hood or cape may also be worn to help protect the neck and head from blows. The most important part of any knight’s armor is his helmet. This piece protects the head and face from blows with its hard metal exterior. It also has a visor which can be lowered to protect the eyes from arrows or other projectiles in battle. Some helmets even have special features such as built-in ventilation systems to keep the wearer cool during long battles!

Pretend Knight Helmet

This pretend knight helmet is made out of sturdy plastic and features a shiny silver finish. It has an adjustable chin strap for a comfortable, snug fit. The helmet is painted with bright red and yellow details, including a crest on the front. It’s perfect for dressing up as a knight or other medieval character!

Pretend Knight Sword

This magnificent pretend knight sword is fit for a king! It is crafted from the finest materials with great attention to detail. The sword has a long, sleek blade and a ornate hilt that is emblazoned with gold and silver accents. The grip is wrapped in black leather and the pommel features an exquisitely carved dragon head. This sword would make any medieval knight proud!

Lego 75957

The Lego 75957 Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall is an impressively detailed set that will allow fans of all ages to recreate the magic of Hogwarts in their own homes. The set comes complete with 10 minifigures, including Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy, and Professor McGonagall, as well as a Hedwig owl figure. The Great Hall features a grand stone fireplace with movable embers and flames; a reversible house banners wall with Slytherin and Gryffindor flags; Aragog the giant spider’s web over the entrance; movable Grand Staircase tower with spiral stairway; potions room with worktable and shelves stocked with bottles of ingredients; Divination classroom featuring a crystal ball and shelves of magical objects; Headmaster’s office with desk and chair for Dumbledore plus assorted Fawkes the Phoenix memorabilia items. This amazing set is sure to provide hours of fun for fans young and old alike!

Lego 75284

Welcome to the world of LEGO! This amazing set is perfect for builders of all ages, and it’s a great way to get started with LEGO building. The set includes a variety of bricks in different colors and sizes, as well as special pieces like windows, doors, and wheels. You can use the pieces to build anything you can imagine! The possibilities are endless with this classic set. You could create a model house, car, or boat…or go even bigger and build something like a spaceship or robot! No matter what you choose to make, the fun will be endless. So get creative and let your imagination run wild with LEGO 75284!

Harry Potter Knight Bus Lego

set If you’re a fan of the Harry Potter series, then you’ll love this amazing LEGO set that recreates the Knight Bus. The bus is made up of a whopping 3,800 pieces, so it’s sure to provide hours of fun for LEGO builders of all ages. It measures over 17 inches long and 11 inches high, making it one large and impressive build. The set includes minifigures of Harry Potter, Stan Shunpike and Ernie Prang, as well as an opening front door and lots of cool details inside and out. The bus itself is black with purple windows and light bars on the top, just like in the movie. It even has a swinging hinged side panel so you can get inside. This is definitely one LEGO set that no Harry Potter fan should be without!

Transformers The Last Knight Toys

If you were to walk into a toy store today, the shelves would be stocked with all sorts of Transformers toys. There are the classic characters like Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, as well as new designs for the latest movie, Transformers: The Last Knight. Whatever your favorite Transformer is, there’s no doubt that these toys are sure to please kids and adults of all ages. The original Transformers toys were released in 1984 and were based on the popular animated TV show of the same name. Since then, there have been countless redesigns and reimaginings of these popular robots in disguise. The newest movie, Transformers: The Last Knight, is set to be released in 2017 and features some amazing new transformer designs. One such design is Soundwave, who transforms from a cassette player into a Cybertronian warrior. Another cool design is Hot Rodimus Prime who can transform from a hot rod car into a powerful robot warrior. Whether you’re a fan of the original characters or want to check out some of the newer designs, there’s no doubt thatTransformers toys are sure to entertain!

Hot Wheels Knight Rider

Based on the popular 80s show of the same name, this Hot Wheels Knight Rider car is sure to thrill fans of all ages. The car features a detailed replica of the iconic KITT car from the show, complete with light up scanner and dashboard. The car is also decked out with cool details like Knight Rider logos and accents in silver and black. It’s perfect for collectors or anyone who loves to have some fun behind the wheel.

Nella The Princess Knight Toys

Nella the Princess Knight is a line of toys that are based on the animated series of the same name. The toy line consists of various action figures, plush dolls, and play sets. The action figures are highly articulated and come with multiple accessories. The plush dolls are soft and huggable, with different outfits for Nella to wear. And the play sets allow kids to recreate scenes from the show or make up their own adventures for Nella and her friends.

Hot Toys Batman Arkham Knight

If you’re a fan of Batman, then you’re going to love the Hot Toys Batman Arkham Knight figure. This highly detailed figure is based on the popular video game, and it’s perfect for any collector. The Arkham Knight figure features a meticulously crafted armored suit with a Bat symbol on the chest, along with several accessories. You can easily recreate your favorite scenes from the game with this cool toy.

Moon Knight Action Figure

The Moon Knight action figure is a mesmerizing sight to behold. He is clad in silver armor that reflects the light of the moon, and his cape billows behind him in the night breeze. His eyes gleam with an otherworldly power, and his hand rests on the hilt of his sword. He seems like a creature out of legend, something that only exists in myths and dreams. But he is real, and he stands ready to fight for justice and truth. When you pick up Moon Knight’s action figure, you feel its weight in your hand. It feels like it could really defend our world against all evil forces. You can imagine Moon Knight soaring through the sky on wings of pure white light, fighting off demons and monsters with ease. He is a powerful ally who can never be defeated because he draws strength from the moon itself. This action figure inspires courage within us all, reminding us that there are heroes among us who are willing to fight for what’s right no matter what obstacles stand in their way

Playmobil Knight

Standing at a towering 6″ inches, this Playmobil knight is decked out in shining silver armor with a bright blue cape. His sword is tucked securely into his scabbard at his side, and his shield rests against his back. He has a determined look on his face, ready to do battle against any foe who might cross his path. He’s the perfect addition to any medieval-themed playset, and kids will love playing out scenes from their favorite stories with him.

Batcycle Mcfarlane

The Batcycle by McFarlane is one of the most iconic batmobiles in existence. It is sleek, black, and fast with a powerful engine that can take on any terrain. The batcycle has a number of features that make it perfect for fighting crime. It has a sidecar for Robin to ride in, as well as various weapons including a grappling hook and batarangs. The bike is also equipped with night vision and stealth mode capabilities, making it the perfect vehicle for sneaking up on criminals undetected.

Knight Action Figure

This intricately designed knight action figure is fit for a king or queen! He stands at an impressive 10 inches tall and is fully poseable, with over 30 points of articulation. His beautifully crafted silver armor shimmers in the light, and his bright blue cape flows behind him in the wind. The knight holds a mighty sword in one hand and a shield in the other, ready to protect his kingdom from any danger. He would make an excellent addition to any collection, or the perfect gift for any fan of knights and castles.

Schleich Knight

The Schleich knight is a beautifully detailed toy figurine that is perfect for inspiring the imagination of children. This valiant figure wears shining armor, has a proud stance, and carries a deadly-looking sword. He seems to be ready to fight any enemy that comes his way. With his brave and determined expression, the Schleich knight would make an excellent addition to any playtime scenario.

Mike The Knight Toys

There are many different types of Mike the Knight toys. Some are made of plastic, while others are made of materials such as cloth or wood. Most have movable parts that allow children to play with them in different ways. For example, some Mike the Knight toys can be posed in action stances, while others can be ridden like horses. Many come with accessories such as swords, shields, and armor that help give them a more realistic look.

Lego 6060

The LEGO 6060 Robo Master is a set that was released in 1990. It contains 473 pieces, and it is designed for ages 10-16. The Robo Master can be built into three different vehicles: a car, a plane, or a boat. The car has two cockpits, each with its own steering wheel. There are also two seats in the back for passengers. The front and back ends of the car open up to reveal storage compartments for tools or weapons. The plane has wings that fold up so it can be stored more easily when not in use. It also has an opening cockpit and room for one passenger behind the pilot’s seat. The boat has two oars that can be used to row it through the water, and there is space on deck for cargo or passengers. All three vehicles have working headlights, taillights, and rearview mirrors that are activated by pressing down on them (the headlights go off when the vehicle is driving backwards). They also feature sound effects that are activated by pressing down on certain buttons: engine sounds for the car and plane, rowing sounds for the boat.

Knight Rider Toy Car

Your favorite toy as a child was probably the knight rider toy car. It was just like the real car that Michael Knight drove on the popular TV show. The toy came with a cool black and red outfit for your action figure to wear, just like in the show. You could even put your favorite action figure behind the wheel and watch him zoom around on your own personal track. The best part was that you could make all of the sounds from the show yourself, just by pressing down on different buttons on top of the car.

Lego Knight Castle

The Lego knight castle is a magnificent sight to behold. It is made up of thousands of colorful Legos, and it stands several feet high. The castle is complete with turrets, flags, and a drawbridge. It is the perfect toy for any Lego-loving child.

Lego Vicrul

The Vicrul is a magnificent creation that can be found in the Lego world. It is made up of colorful and creative Legos that are put together to create a masterpiece. It has all sorts of features, including two large wings, four legs, and a long tail. The body is sleek and aerodynamic, making it the perfect choice for soaring through the skies. The head is bobbing and cheerful, with bright green eyes that seem to shimmer with delight. The mouth opens wide in a grin as the Vicrul spreads its wings and takes flight.