Welcome to our selection of educational toys for 4 year old boys and girls! Kids of four years of age are starting to become fascinated with the world around them and have questions about everything. Thankfully, our section of toys for this age will answer any questions they have while educating them about the wonders of the world. Ranging in variety from science to reading to math, these learning playthings will teach any four year old everything they want to know. Not only that, the kids will have educational fun while playing with these learning items.

What are the best educational toys for 4 year olds?

Great question! We have been getting asked this same question more and more these days and so we have put together this list of the very best educational toys for 4 year olds. These are toys which will spark their interest, challenge them and enable them to develop important skills. They won’t frustrate them. In fact, with a little effort and thought, I believe all of these toys can be fun for the child and the parent/caregiver too! What We Have Included In This List Are Only The Best Of The Best!

The Best Toys to Prepare a 4-Year-Old for Kindergarten

Most kids are more or less self-directed by age four. It’s at this stage that their learning really starts to take off. These early years are crucial, and these types of toys help insure they learn the critical thinking and problem solving skills needed to be successful in school and life later on.

Math toys for example, teach children the fundamentals of number recognition, quantity, measurement and more. These skills are essential for any adult, but especially for those who want to have a career in business or any other field that requires them to deal with numbers on a regular basis. Language skills are also learned at an incredible rate during this stage. By exposing your child to as many books, songs and rhymes as possible, you are laying the groundwork for a lifetime of learning.

TOP BRIGHT Kids Math Manipulatives Homeschool Supplies, Learning Toys for Toddlers 2-4 Years, Math Game Number Blocks Montessori Toys for 3 4 5 Year Old Boys Girls Preschool Kindergarten
  • LET YOUR CHILD LOVE MATH: With wooden number counting toys, children can solve problems in an interesting way! We carefully designed the activity board to follow pictures in the cards so that they could easily find the corresponding numbers and think about the results. This interactive game not only stimulates children's curiosity, but also allows them to improve their math skills in a happy atmosphere
  • DURABLE STRONG WOOD: We focus on the child's safety and fun experience. Wooden arithmetic toys are made of natural wood and carefully polished and processed to ensure smooth without burr. They are durable and strong to withstand children's daily use, provide long-term companionship for families, and can be reused. Wood number blocks painted clear and bright colors, cards can be both positive and negative, with one addition and one subtraction
  • DEVELOP MATH SKILLS: Montessori math toys are the best educational tool for kids ages 3-5 years old! It not only allows children to master number recognition and counting, but also provides them with the opportunity to learn how to add and subtract. This interactive learning style stimulates children's desire for knowledge, and develops their logical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • FINE MOTOR SKILLS: Educational math learning toy is an ideal tool for developing children's fine motor skills. Folfolding and spreading felt fingers on the board require accurate manipulation, which challenges the child's hand-eye coordination and bimanua flexibility. Through repeated practice, 3 4 5 year old boys and girls will gradually improve their fine motor skills and lay a solid foundation for more complex tasks in the future
  • SMALL HANDS EASY TO PLAY: Our wooden math sensory toy is designed to make small hands easy to use. The comfortable size and smooth edges ensure that children can easily navigate, whether playing at home or carried outside. As a special gift, Montessori math board game have educational significance, which can give children a surprise of fun and learning coexist, and let them grow up in laughter
beiens Learning Toys for 4+ Year olds, Math Games, Educational Toys for Addition, Subtraction, Division and Multiplication Game, Electronic Math Flash Cards
  • Math games practice: 24 levels,3 million+ questions equivalent to 2000 math workbooks. 24-level settings, designed for kids from kindergarden to elementary school.
  • What our machine included: Memory game, 4 modes-Mental math training, fight-for-pass mode, number games, formula autoplay, multiplication game, addition game, subtraction game and division game.
  • Math can be easy: Kids' desire to learn is better stimulated in games with interaction, building math confidence and getting rid of anxiety in a stress-free environment.
  • Best social skills kids games, boys and girls birthday gift idea: Kids can solve math questions and play number games together. Competition of speed and accuracy stimulate kids' enthusiasm for math in social play.
  • Math games for kids 4, 5-7, 8-12 year old: Math questions in different difficulty levels—Covering from Pre-k to Grade 5—Building lifelong skills for kids' successes. Good kids brain games!

Introduction to STEM: Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Talking Wildlife Camera

Here’s a great interactive talking toy for kids around 4 years old. It teaches them all about animal habitats while they play with it. This camera is perfect for animal-loving kids. Simply looking at the screen will make them want to learn more about the amazing creatures they see. Who knows? Maybe the next kid who looks at this screen will become as fascinated with wildlife as his older brother is. With the included map, it’s easy to virtually travel around the world and learn about each animal in their natural habitat.

The camera has two modes of play, one hundred twenty trivia questions, and one hundred twenty trivia questions. Kids love playing with this GeoSafari camera. It’s perfect for open-ended play as they can take pictures of themselves, their friends or their surroundings. They’ll have a great time playing with this camera and learning about photography at the same time.

Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Talking Wildlife Camera, Voice & Photography-Robert Irwin, STEM Toy, Gift for Boys & Girls, Ages 4+
  • LOOK, LISTEN & LEARN: It's a safari viewing adventure with the GeoSafari Jr. Talking Wildlife Camera! Perfect for animal loving kids to view high-resolution images while learning cool facts from Robert Irwin
  • FEATURING PHOTOGRAPHY & VOICE OF ROBERT IRWIN: Robert Irwin, Wildlife Warrior from Australia Zoo, is ready to take you on a photo safari adventure and share cool facts using some of his own photography
  • 130 BUILT-IN HD IMAGES & OVER 200+ FACTS/QUIZZES: View amazing wildlife images up close that are built-in right inside the camera! The Talking Wildlife Camera includes 2 modes of play that feature over 120 fun facts and 120 quiz questions! Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included)
  • DOUBLE EYEPIECE DESIGNED FOR KIDS : Soft and comfortable dual eyepieces designed for super-easy, up-close photo viewing
  • SPARK MORE PLAY: Keep the fun (and learning!) going with FREE GeoSafari activities developed by teachers at Educational Insights.

4 Year Olds are Often Into Insects. We Recommend Insect Lore Deluxe Butterfly Garden Gift Set

Insects can entertain kids for hours. This gift set is a great way to introduce your child to the fascinating world of insects. It includes a book about butterflies and butterfly specimens. The children will be able to observe the insects through a transparent window on the aquarium lid. This is an ideal gift for kids ages 4-6 years old.

In contrast to the traditional butterfly books, this set allows children to examine insects up close. The children can also see the insects from the side. They can even touch the insects! With this gift set you can show your child the fascinating world of insects. You will be amazed by how much fun he or she will have with it. This brief is part of the following collections of briefs: An educational resource on insect lore for children aged 4-6 years old. The brief provides you with information about the benefits of this gift set. It gives you an idea of what to include in this gift set. It also provides you with a description of how the gift set should look like. This brief provides you with a detailed description of the contents of this gift set.

Butterfly Mini Garden Gift Set with Live Cup of Caterpillars – Life Science & STEM Education - Best Birthday Gift, for Boys & Girls Age 4 5 6 7 8 Years Old
  • 5 LIVE baby caterpillars and nutritious food
  • Cozy, smaller-sized Butterfly Habitat measuring 13.5 inches tall and 8 inches wide
  • Deluxe Chrysalis station log
  • 3D butterfly stickers and Butterfly wind-up
  • Important NOTE! Please postpone your live order if daytime temperatures in your area are below 55 degrees or above 85 degrees Fahrenheit Your caterpillars may not survive their journey to you in extreme heat or cold We cannot ship live insects to Hawaii Mexico Canada or Puerto Rico

Best Electronic Learning Toy for 4 Years: BravoKids LCD Writing Tablet

This tablet is perfect for four-year-olds who want to learn about art or for young artists looking for a simple, mess-free art tablet that can be used anywhere. Kids who are learning to read and write can practice using this simple drawing activity with the stylus or colored markers. They’ll quickly get used to drawing without wasting paper, and it’s a fun and safe way to learn to color. Toddlers are fascinated by all things digital. This is one of the best ways to keep them interested and occupied for hours. Use it to take educational videos or play games that will improve their vocabulary and teach them important skills like learning their alphabet, numbers and colors.

Bravokids 10 Inch LCD Writing Tablet for 3-8 Year Olds - Electronic Drawing Pad and Doodle Board as Educational Birthday Gifts for Girls and Boys (Pink)
  • EYE PROTECTION COLOR SCREEN: 10-inch LCD colorful screen, easy for viewing and graffiti, free child’s imagination. This kids drawing tablet without radiation, no glare, safe and comfortable, even kids use for a long time. Learning education toys birthday gifts for girls age 3-8.
  • PROTECT ENVIRONMENT: Over 100,000 times smoothly rewriting ,save thousands of paper and ink with just one drawing board, reduce tree felling. Protect our environment from now on!
  • EASY TO USE: Writing tablet doodle board creates lines as writing and drawing on paper, the different thickness based on how hard you push with stylus, nails, or any hard thing. Emptying the screen content in one second by press earse button, acheive time-saving and convenient using. Click lock key of doodle board to save the content.
  • PORTABLE AND DURABLE: Drawing tablets for kids is made of durable plastic, plus round corner design, anti-fall and anti-shock, no need to worry kids drop it. The drawing tablet weights only 150 grams, easy to carry, place in school bags, handbags, travel bags.
  • KEEP NOISY KIDS SLIENT: Are you facing the confusion how to quiet a noisy child?LCD Writing Tablet easily allows children to quietly immerse themselves in the rainbow world. The doodle board also can be used in multiple places: airplane, car, restaurant, sofa, etc. The perfect travel essentials for kids!!!

Runner-up Best Electronic Toy: Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit

If you have a young child who uses an iPad, this will be the perfect way to help them learn how to interact with their tablet in a new and exciting way. The Osmo Mobile is the most advanced head mounted device in the world that brings video games, music, and more to life. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket, but it’s powerful enough to turn your iPad into an interactive mobile gaming platform.

This is a must-have item for any parent who wants to give their child a leg up in school. It’s the perfect “grab-and-go” school tool. Plus, it can be used for hours and hours of entertainment after school for the entire family. This is the most fun kids’ app ever! It’s geared to 3-year-olds but 4 and 5 they are going to be playing with it like crazy. There are add-on kits for older kids, too.

Osmo - Little Genius Starter Kit for iPad & iPhone - 4 Hands-On Learning Games - Ages 3-5 - Problem Solving, Phonics & Creativity (Osmo iPad Base Included), Multicolor
  • Actual product packaging may vary from the image displayed. Components within the box remain the same. OSMO IS MAGIC: Fun-filled & award winning learning games. Children interact with actual hand held pieces & an iPad, bringing a child's game pieces & actions to life (No WiFi necessary for game play). An Osmo Base is included, an iPad is not included, both are required for game play.
  • TEACHING: Little Genius Starter Kit includes fun preschool learning toys that will transform how your child learns. The 4 educational games in the kit will help your child recognize letters and learn phonics (ABCs), develop pre-drawing skills (Squiggle Magic), identify social-emotional cues, and experiment with clothes and colors (Costume Party), and develop problem-solving skills (Stories).
  • SKILLS LEARNED: 4 educational games - your child will develop creativity, imagination, fine motor skills, verbal proficiency, empathy, and spatial reasoning. These interactive learning games teach core subjects in the most innovative way possible.
  • AGE & CAPABILITY: Designed for ages 3-5. Educational games engage preschoolers in core subjects by merging tactile exploration with innovative technology. Beyond fostering creativity and cognitive skills, these educational toys help your child learn in a stress-free environment with instant feedback and encouragement.
  • WHAT'S IN THE BOX: Osmo Base & Reflector for iPad, 19 cardboard pretend play costume pieces, 38 silicone sticks/rings (BPA Free and Dishwasher Safe) to practice letter forming, silicone game play mat, stackable storage for game pieces & 4 Game Apps: ABCs, Costume Party, Stories, and Squiggle Magic.

Leapfrog Leapster: Best Educational Toy for 4 Years?

Yet another awesome electronic toy! Leapfrog makes toys that help STEM development of 4 year olds. They developed Leapster, which is a handheld game system and a LeapPad, which is a tablet. These products are great for kids who love technology and learning. What sets Leapster apart from other STEM toys is that it is a handheld device, and it is a learning tool that your child can take anywhere, and it has a learning system that teaches them as they play. The Leapster has many games and learning tools that help your child with math, reading, and learning the alphabet.

LeapFrog Leapster Ultra Handheld Learning Game Console for Kids Age 4 Years and up
  • Encounter new friends with the colorful characters on LeapFriends Island and play games with them at places like the farm, airport and fire station
  • Play right away with no internet connection, downloads or account setup required
  • Enjoy 30+ bite-sized games that explore preschool and kindergarten skills; three skill levels keep kids challenged
  • A bonus spinner and rotating screen add unique ways to play on a handheld system shaped like a grown-up controller
  • Intended for ages 4+ years; requires 4 AA batteries; batteries included for demo purposes only; new batteries recommended for regular use
LeapFrog Leapster Learning Game Disney Princess Worlds Of Enchantment
  • Get swept away in adventures with Ariel and Belle as you help them collect treasures to decorate their rooms!
  • Choose the correct addition answer to earn shimmering gold rings for your collection.
  • Chip is setting the table. Give him a hand by matching letters with their sounds.
  • Help Belle answer spelling questions as she rides through the snow on Philippe.
  • Teaches shapes, counting, addition, subtraction and letter sounds.

Does Your Four Year Old Child Love Art?

Then you should consider Crayola Color Chemistry Set! The Crayola Color Chemistry Set comes with 50 experiments, including making your own colorful volcano, bouncing colored bubbles glow in the dark worms, and of course, slime. It also includes a guide that helps you understand what each color means in chemistry, and how to use the different colors to create your own unique, one-of-a-kind masterpieces.

Crayola Color Chemistry Set (50 Experiments), Science Kit For Kids, STEM Toy for Kids, Gift for Boys & Girls, Ages 7, 8, 9
  • CRAYOLA COLOR CHEMISTRY: Discover the secrets of color with the Crayola Color Chemistry Set, equipped with instructions for 50 exciting science experiments!
  • 50 SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS FOR KIDS: Transform education into an eruption of hues and giggles with 16 out-of-the-box and 34 in depth science experiments.
  • STEM KIT FOR KIDS: Embrace a kaleidoscope of STEAM and STEM toys and activities that foster critical thinking and inspire problem-solving.
  • DEVELOPED BY REAL SCIENTISTS: Each STEM project is expertly crafted by real Crayola scientists to ensure top-notch, engaging learning experiences.
  • HOLIDAY GIFT FOR KIDS: The Crayola Color Chemistry science kit makes a great science toy and holiday gift for kids.

With a few simple ingredients and a few creative ideas, your child’s next masterpiece is a cinch! Get out all the supplies needed for making artwork, then follow these tips to complete your child’s masterpiece: Make the paper plate and put some paint on it. Place the plate in front of your child. Let them use their hands to add the color of their choice. Encourage your child to use different colors on the paper plate as they like.

Teach Your 4 Year Old About Planets

Build this space puzzle, and when you’re done, have fun putting it back together with your kids. Make sure that students understand how the planets work, the distance of each planet from Earth, and the approximate time each takes to orbit the sun.

This puzzle can be a lot of fun. Start by explaining the concept of a planet to your kids. Help them identify the planets in the puzzle, and explain why they are there.

Solar System Round Jigsaw Puzzles,Floor Puzzle for Kids,Large 70 Piece Space Planets Puzzle for Toddler Ages 3-5,Preschool Learning Educational Christmas Birthday Gift for 4-8 Years Old Boy Girl
  • 【70-Piece Circular Solar System Puzzle】This children's puzzle features 70 pieces adorned with vibrant and engaging illustrations, creating a captivating blend of colors.The vibrant colors and attention to detail make it an engaging and educational circular solar system puzzle for kids aged 4-8.
  • 【Durable and Safe Materials】Crafted from extra-thick, durable cardboard, the puzzle pieces are designed to withstand frequent handling and use. The non-toxic ink used in printing gives it a glossy and wear-resistant finish, ensuring that the puzzle retains its visual appeal even after repeated use. Moreover, the puzzle is easy to clean, making long-term storage hassle-free. This solar system puzzle comes with fine linen construction paper creating glare-free puzzle images you can see and touch.
  • 【Educational Puzzle Game】This puzzle serves as an ideal preschool educational game that promotes cognitive development, problem-solving skills, and hand-eye coordination among children aged 3-8. Upon completion, they attain a sense of【Excellent Gift Idea】When fully assembled, the puzzle measures 23.5 inches in diameter (58 centimeters), making it an optimal size for collaborative play with friends and family accomplishment that significantly contributes to their intelligence and self-confidence.
  • 【Excellent Gift Idea】When fully assembled, the puzzle measures 23.5 inches in diameter (58 centimeters), making it an optimal size for collaborative play with friends and family. It comes in a gift box for convenient portability and storage. This solar system puzzle is an outstanding gift choice for birthdays, Christmas, and Easter, suitable for children aged 4-10 who have an interest in exploring the wonders of the solar system.
  • 【Quality Assurance】Rigorously safety tested and compliant with ASTM F963 & CPSIA standards. If you have any inquiries regarding product quality or instructions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We proudly stand by our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.
Melissa & Doug Solar System Floor Puzzle (48 pcs, 2 x 3 feet)
  • Beautiful solar system puzzle: The Melissa & doug solar system floor puzzle includes 48 extra thick cardboard pieces that are easy for children to put together; the finished puzzle displays beautiful original artwork
  • Easy to clean: This solar system puzzle features an easy to clean surface that keeps your puzzle looking new, making cleanup simple after accidental spills
  • Promotes hand eye coordination: Our kids space puzzle is designed to help children develop strong problem solving skills, assisting them in the development of hand eye coordination
  • Great gift for kids 3 to 6: This Solar System Floor Puzzle makes an ideal gift for kids ages 3 to 6 years; Add the Melissa & Doug Farm Cube Puzzle set to round out the puzzle play experience and give kids another engaging option for screen free fun
  • The gold standard in childhood play: for more than 30 years, Melissa & Doug has created beautifully designed imagination- and creativity-sparking products that nbc news called “the gold standard in early childhood play.”

Learning Games for 4 Year Olds

Our picks for best learning games for 4 year olds are all listed here. We hope you enjoy the games! Learning Categories: Alphabet Games, Animal Games and Building Games for 4 Year Olds.

BEESTECH Spelling Matching Letter Games, Educational Learning Toys for Toddlers 2, 3, 4 Years Old, Preschool Learning Toys Activities, Alphabet Montessori Toys for 2,3,4 Year Old Boys, Girls
  • Wonderful Learning Toys for Toddlers 2, 3, 4 Years Old: Toddlers just need to place the right wooden letters on top of the flash cards, easy and fun to learn new words and letters!
  • All letters made of strong wood, carefully polished no sharp corners
  • Beautiful storage bag included: Easy store and take out for all the wooden letters and cards
  • Gift box included: Great choice as gifts for 2, 3, 4 years old boys, girls, toddlers
  • 28 Flash cards, 52 wooden letters(each letters contains 2 same blocks)
NARRIO Educational Toys for 3 4 5 Year Old Boys Gift, Matching Letter Game Preschool ABC Learning Toys for Kids Ages 4-8 Years, Christmas Birthday Gifts for 3-6 Year Old Boys Toddler Toys Age 2-4
  • 🎓【Best Early Educational Toys】- The matching letter game comes 30 flash cards with 60 words, 8 letter cubes, and 1 tray. The upgraded matching game toys can accurately find the words on each card without missing letters. Come on, we are ready now!
  • 🎓【Start Learning Journey】- “Baby, what’s this?” “It’s a ball, B-A-L-L ball.” With picture cards and letter cubes, matching game combine recognizing graphics and spelling words to stimulate learning desire for children and make learning more simple and vivid. Moreover the spelling game also can improve brain development for kids.
  • 🎓【Enjoyable Maching Game】- Let us compare who is the real memory king. Put the card on the tray, who can spell the correct word? Kids can compete with partners to remember words within cards whether at home, school, indoors or outdoors. Children can experience the joy of learning in the game.
  • 🎓【Share Achievement with You】- “Mommy, I learned a new word, C-A-K-E cake.” With this letter matching game toy, children can learn quickly and proudly share their learning achievement to you. You can also play together to promote interaction and communication. There will be more surprise around your family.
  • 🎁【Perfect Gifts for Kids】- Are you finding a gift for your kids? Congratulations, this is the best gifts for toddlers suitable for any situation, such as birthday gifts, christmas gifts, holiday presents, daily toys. Don’t miss any chance to surprised your children.

Let the Music Play! Storypod Kids Storytelling Music Player

Children who are developmentally delayed or who have autism may struggle with visual-spatial processing skills and processing information in their environments. A visually based screen-free storyteller, such as the one featured below, may be a great tool for children who have difficulty understanding their surroundings. This really is the best kid’s voice recorder on the market. Not only does it let your children record their own stories or songs, it also comes with a built-in 8-track tape player.

Storybutton Mini Audio Player for Kids 5-12 | Unlimited Streaming | Engaging Storytelling, Music & Learning | Child-Friendly, Durable & Interactive for Moms | No Cards Required
  • Unlimited Audio Content for Kids | Redesigned radio made for kids/family
  • Bedtime Stories, Ambient Music, Educational Podcasts & Audio Dramas | Our podcast streaming radio has content
  • Personalized Playlists | Our audio player for kids makes it easy for them to choose their favorites stories and episodes
  • No Fees | Listen without having to purchase content like other kids audio players
  • Bedtime Stories without Phones | Stop leaving screened devices in a child's room at bedtime to listen to stories

Did someone say Lego Classic Creative Brick Box?

Legos are the best. They’re better for 4 year olds than building blocks because they’re more stable. Plus, they come in all shapes and sizes so there’s always a lego just right for whatever creative project you have in mind. Legos make a great gift because they’re durable, and they can be used to build anything from robots to rockets. And as long as you buy the right lego set for your age group, you can use them for years and years and years. So if you’re looking for a fun gift for the Lego fan on your list, check out the Lego Classic Creative Brick Box!

LEGO Classic Large Creative Brick Box 10698 Building Toy Set for Back to School, Toy Storage Solution for Classrooms, Interactive Building Toy for Kids, Boys, and Girls
  • Engage your kids in pretend play by letting them build their own play toys, such as creating a toy house or toy scooter. This classic creative kit of LEGO bricks comes includes 33 different colors of bricks
  • This brick box includes 8 different types of toy windows and toy doors, 2 green baseplates and 6 toy tires and toy wheel rims to create hours of creativity for kids
  • Kids will become creative builders as they use these color toys to build a figure or build a castle while also engaging in kids playtime
  • The large build and play LEGO Creative Brick toy playset is compatible with all LEGO construction sets for never-ending creative play
  • The green baseplates in this build it yourself set measure over 6-inch long and 6-inch wide, and 4-inch long and 2-inch respectively. Kids will get to build and play with 790 pieces and is ideal for boys and girls of any age

Toys that Teach 4 Year Olds Letters and Numbers

Letter and number sets are a fun way to help your four-year-old learn letters and numbers. Letter/number sets are especially useful for children who struggle with learning letters and numbers in isolation, or who have dyslexia. What are letter and number sets? A letter and number set is a collection of pictures of objects, which represent each letter or number.

You can choose from the letter and number sets listed here, or create your own. These sets are designed to be used with children who are learning to write their names.

Gojmzo Number and Alphabet Flash Cards for Toddlers 3-5 Years, ABC Montessori Educational Toys Gifts for 3 4 5 Year Old Preschool Learning Activities, Wooden Letters Animal Flashcards Puzzle Game
  • ★ALPHABET FLASH CARDS★: Alphabet flash cards set includes 1 storage box, 26 alphabet flashcards, 10 number flashcards and 40 wooden blocks(26 letters, 11 numbers and 3 calculating signs), which is made up of premium quality and child-friendly wood materials.
  • ★GREAT EDUCATIONAL TOYS★: ABC flash cards can not only help kids learn alphabet and numbers easily through playing this flash cards set, but also can develop hand-eye coordination, colors & shapes recognition and fine motor skills, which are great preschool activities and Montessori toys for toddlers.
  • ★LEARNING THROUGH PLAY★: Alphabet flash cards are ideal learning toys for 3 4 5 years old boys and girls. Toddler flash cards with fun illustrations and bright colors can attract your kid’s attention and interest, which can keep your kids engaged for hours.
  • ★GREAT GIFTS FOR BOYS & GIRLS★: Are you still hesitated to choose birthday or Christmas gifts for 3 4 5 year old boys and girls? This alphabet flash cards set for toddlers 3-4 years is definitely the amazing choice that you won’t regret!
  • ★EASY TO TIDY UP★: Are you afraid to tidy up?Our alphabet flash cards will make it easy not to pack up your child's toys. This set of flash cards comes with a storage box. After the little ones have finished playing with these wooden blocks and learning cards. They can easily sort toys into boxes and collect them. Help them develop a good habit of tidying up. Keep the games room neat and clean.
Coogam Numbers and Alphabets Flash Cards Set - ABC Wooden Letters and Numbers Animal Pattern Board Matching Puzzle Game Montessori Educational Learning Toys Gift for Preschool Kids Age 3 4 5 Years
  • 【Learning Letters & Numbers】Alphabet Matching Cards Contains 36 flashcards (Alphabet A-Z and Number 1-10) and 37 high quality smooth wooden blocks. Bright color and vivid picture can inspire your children's interest in learning, Kids can learned not only the letters but also some words of animals.
  • 【Fun & Education】Match the alphabet letters or numbers with the animal picture base on the clue of shape and color. Each alphabet and number flash card has different animal. These letter game can help children to develop eye-hand coordination, color recognition, fine motor skills, visual perception skills, problem-solving skills.
  • 【Safety & Environmental】ABC Flash Cards are safe and durable. Wooden blocks are perfectly smooth and sand down, no weird smell. Alphabet Flashcards Coated with a matte finish waterproof material on both side and friendly to be grasped.
  • 【Easy to Tidy Up】This set of flash cards come with a storage box, wooden blocks and learning cards can be easily stack together, and place inside the box for storage and carrying around. you can ask your kids to put their puzzle pieces into the box when not in use. Help them develop a good habit of packing things up. Keep the play room tidy and clean.
  • 【Great Gift for Kids 3 Years Old and Up】Wooden pieces and flash cards are the best Christmas gift or birthday gift toys for age 3 and up years old child. Kids will love this flash card set and will love you for it.

Learning Puzzles

This is the ultimate educational tool for your 4 year old child’s development. It will help your child develop fine motor skills, increase attention span and focus, improve language skills, and even help him to learn his colors and shapes!

Melissa and Doug’s word puzzles are excellent for introducing kids to phonics and the concept of “reading with understanding”. They can be a big help in building a solid early foundation for literacy. Whether you have a preschooler, school-aged child, or you’re just beginning to introduce puzzles to your family, it’s never too early to start your little ones with puzzles!

We at Educational Toys Planet are big fans of puzzles for learning. In the early years, kids really learn about by handling the letters and placing them in the correct spots. They get a real sense of order in the alphabet, and with practice, they become more skilled at it. Both my children seem to really enjoy puzzles. They both have learned their letters, numbers, colors and shapes. They also seem to pick up new vocabulary easily when they are given a puzzle to solve.

Melissa & Doug See & Spell Wooden Educational Toy With 8 Double-Sided Spelling Boards and 64 Letters - Preschool Learning Activities, See & Spell Learning Toys For Kids Ages 4+
  • SEE-AND-SPELL DEVELOPMENTAL TOY: The Melissa & Doug See & Spell learning toy is a 50 plus piece colorful wooden puzzle with easy-to-handle letters that fit into 8 2-sided cutout boards to spell 3 and 4-letter words.
  • STURDY WOODEN CASE: For easy storage and portability, this learning toy comes with a sturdy wooden case, which is compact and easy to carry. Packaging and colors may vary
  • DEVELOPS MULTIPLE SKILLS: This set develops sight-reading vocabulary, spelling, and fine-motor skills. It’s an easy and exciting toy that multiple children can play with at once, helping them develop important social skills.
  • GIFT FOR KIDS 4 TO 6: This puzzle set makes an exceptional gift for kids ages 4 to 6. Add the Melissa & Doug Wooden Number Puzzle with storage box to round out the hands-on play experience and give kids another engaging option for screen-free fun.
  • “THE GOLD STANDARD IN CHILDHOOD PLAY”: For more than 30 years, Melissa & Doug has created beautifully designed imagination- and creativity-sparking products that NBC News called “the gold standard in early childhood play.”
Atoylink Wooden Spell Learning Toys for 2 3 4 5 Year Old Kids Match Letter Spelling Game Board & Letters & Box, CVC Word Builder Toddler Educational Toy Kindergarten Preschool Learning Activities
  • 【Preschool Learning Activities】: This set of preschool educational toys size: 11.81*7.87*2.05 in, includes 77 color letter blocks and 10 double-sided wooden spelling boards. The portable &sturdy wooden case makes it easier to clean up and keeps everything together, a perfect aid for a struggling/ beginning reader, homeschooling mama, classroom teacher, or preschooler.
  • 【Classic See & Spell Learning Toys】: With 10 double-sided scene spelling boards and 80 pieces of color letter blocks help children develop memory and brain thinking by establishing connections between scenes and words. Children can deepen their impression and learning of words by combining scenes. Plus, you can spell 80+ commonly used CVC sight words yourself with these sturdy colorful letter blocks.
  • 【High-quality Assurance】: We insist on adopting high-quality crafts and safety & environmental material making delicate educational toys for toddlers attentively. This learning toy is made of 100% non-toxic wood with water-based paint, which is child-safe. The edges of colored letter blocks and spelling boards are smooth and won't hurt the baby's skin.
  • 【Learning Educational Toys】: Building words by making connections between scenes and words is a great way to reinforce the basic phonics needed to learn to read, which helps toddlers' language early development. A preschool must-have Montessori toys for teaching children to read phonetically, play letters blending, and rhyme. Let your child learn in a stress-free environment.
  • 【Ideal Gifts for Kids】Perfect gift for 2 3 4 year old boy girl ! See & Spell alphabet spelling game is a multisensory preschool learning activities, a great educational toy for 2 3 4 5 years old preschool, kindergarten, boys and girls. Making it a perfect back to school, birthday, Christmas, Easter, New Year gift. Our products come with 90 days refund or exchange guarantee. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will solve them for you the first time.

Memory Cards for Preschoolers

Memory cards are a great educational activity for preschoolers because they develop fine motor skills, concentration and an understanding of cause and effect. There are different types of memory cards for preschoolers: with numbers, shapes, letters and the most popular with animals. You can play with memory cards in many ways. For example, you can have your child arrange them in order by color, shape, size or any other way he or she can think of.

CUBIDI® Memory Matching Game | Educational Toys for 4+ Year Olds | Card Games for Toddler Activities | Montessori Toys for 4+ Year Olds | Pair Games for Kids as Preschool Learning Activities
  • 👦 TODDLER MATCHING GAMES AGES 2-4: The adorable CUBIDI memory game is a child-friendly design; making it one of the top selections among toddler learning toys. Our memory match game excels as Montessori toys for toddlers 3 years old
  • 👧 CARD GAMES FOR DEVELOPMENT: Our matching & pairing card games promotes concentration and memory retention. They are not just toys for 3 year old girl but also 3 year old boy toys. Considered among the best learning toys for toddlers 2-4 years
  • 🎁 PERFECT GIFT: Looking for 2 3 4 5 year old girl birthday gift ideas or 2 3 4 year old boy gift? Our memory card game is a wonderful choice, be it as a birthday present, in the advent calendar, or for Christmas
  • 🔨 HIGH QUALITY PLAYING CARDS FOR KIDS: Our learning & education toys are not just about memory but also safety. The game is well-made with rounded edges and corners and safe colors, making it one of the best educational toys for 2+ year olds
  • 🇩🇪 GERMAN SUPPLIER: CUBIDI is a German brand with German quality awareness. Our customer service reacts within 24 hours and we offer a guaranteed 100% satisfaction!
TCG Toys Little Tikes - Memory Matching Card Game - Featuring 72 Full Color Pieces - Promote and Improve Memory & Sensory Development Skills. Great Gift for Boys and Girls Over Age 3.
  • Match the most cards to win in this Little Tikes memory learning card game. Playing this game can help kids recognize matches and improve their concentration and visual memory; important for reading, writing, and lots of everyday activities. The deck has 36 matching pairs; use some or all to adjust the level of difficulty for one or more players.
  • Use it at home, travel with it, or keep more than one child busy in the classroom as a reward or while others are finishing their work. Multiplayer games also help build soft skills including cooperation, collaboration, communication, teamwork, and empathy. A+ learning for 1 to 4 players! It's a big package at a small price.
  • This game is perfect for elementary aged children, montessori school, preschool girls and boys, and toddlers. The game play helps in hand-eye coordination, sensory development, and matching skills.
  • Great for kids and families – matching not only offers great solo play opportunities for your preschooler, but is also a great game for adults to join in on the fun. It takes just 15 minutes to play, less than 5 minutes to teach, and makes a fantastic Easter gift!
  • Contains 72 full color character cards and instructions! Great party favor or gift for children's birthdays, boys, girls, Valentine's Day, Easter, Hanukkah, Christmas, any holiday!!

Endless Possibilities to Build Things!

4 year olds love to build things. Make sure they have plenty of supplies for their first building kits. Building fun things with blocks, Legos, and Lincoln Logs are some of our favorites here at Educational Toys Planet. You can use simple shapes, like cubes and cylinders. This is a great time to work on color matching and color identification. If you have some Lincoln Logs laying around, use your imagination and some colored pencils to make them look like houses. If you don’t have any Lincoln Logs, consider buying some! See our picks here:

Lincoln Logs – 100th Anniversary Tin, 111 Pieces, Real Wood Logs - Ages 3+ - Best Retro Building Gift Set For Boys/Girls - Creative Construction Engineering - Preschool Education Toy
  • A LINCOLN LOGS CLASSIC, JUST THE WAY YOU REMEMBER IT – Inspired by one of the original LINCOLN LOGS builds, the "Meeting House," this 100th Anniversary Tin will evoke nostalgia in older generations and bring happiness to children. The manual offers three building ideas: a tall tower, two small houses with a bonfire, and a large cabin. Children can follow these guides or mix and match to build their own structures.
  • 111 ALL-WOOD PIECES – The package includes 111 pieces made of real, high-quality maple wood. Each has indentations that can be used to connect it with others. Pieces are included for the roof, roof facade, walls, chimney, porch, fences, bonfire, and bonfire seats.
  • COLORFUL DESIGN – These exquisitely crafted LINCOLN LOGS are beautifully stained, like a true cabin’s finish. Each piece is colored with precision and careful attention to detail to evoke the nostalgia of childhood. Most of the log blocks are stained bright brown. The face of the roof is a muted red, and the rooftops are forest-green.Care- Spot or wipe clean
  • EASY AND QUICK CLEAN-UP – All the pieces can be stored in the set’s collectible tin. The features make clean-up easier, as parents can store it in one container, keeping living spaces and children’s playing areas tidy and organized. The covered tin can be stored after play time for safe keeping.
  • AMERICA’S NATIONAL TOY– Invented in 1916 by John Lloyd Wright, the son of architect Frank Lloyd Wright, LINCOLN LOGS have become America’s National Toy. Beloved by four generations of builders, they provide hours of fun while building a solid foundation in STEAM/STEM subjects.
Wondertoys 530 Pcs Wooden Logs Set Ages 3+, Classic Building Log Toys for Kids, Creative Construction Engineering Educational Gifts
  • 530 PIECES WOODEN LOGS SET: The building logs set was made from natural wood. Non-toxic paint, round edges with no sharp. Each log has indentations that allow it to connect with the others to build a school cabin, approved ASTM and CPSIA test. Safe for every child to build house. Opportunity to share with your Grandson one of your childhood tools.
  • CLASSIC MEMORIES LOGS: We believe our grandparents have nostalgic memories with the classic logs cabin set. This fun and educational toys reminds the older generation of fond childhood memories and evokes a classic feel. Parents and grandparents can stack these wooden logs with their kids and grandkid, constructing a variety of cabin and school.
  • WOODEN LOGS SET INCLUDED: Our wooden logs set included 530 pieces real wood. Follow the step-by-step instructions to build the school wooden logs set. Discover how the building system works, they’re strengthening hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, problem-solving skills, spatial awareness and exercising their imagination.
  • EASY BUILDING AND HOURS FUN: Age 3 years old and above can easily build log cabins and cottages follow these guides or mix and match to build their own structures, like build fences, paddock, schoolhouse, general stores, single story and more. After playtime, parts can be placed in the set’s sturdy box for easy storage.

Toys That Teach How to Spell

Spelling toys for 4 year old kids are great fun and can help children improve their spelling skills. These toys teach how to spell, but they also help develop a child’s brainpower. Here are our absolute best picks with most positive reviews.

BEESTECH Spelling Matching Letter Games, Educational Learning Toys for Toddlers 2, 3, 4 Years Old, Preschool Learning Toys Activities, Alphabet Montessori Toys for 2,3,4 Year Old Boys, Girls
  • Wonderful Learning Toys for Toddlers 2, 3, 4 Years Old: Toddlers just need to place the right wooden letters on top of the flash cards, easy and fun to learn new words and letters!
  • All letters made of strong wood, carefully polished no sharp corners
  • Beautiful storage bag included: Easy store and take out for all the wooden letters and cards
  • Gift box included: Great choice as gifts for 2, 3, 4 years old boys, girls, toddlers
  • 28 Flash cards, 52 wooden letters(each letters contains 2 same blocks)
BenBen CVC Word Games, Spelling Games with 110 Flash Cards, Montessori Toys for 3 4 5 6 7 8 Year Old Kids, Preschool Learning Educational Toys
  • 【Spelling Toy Contents】1 wood tray, 10 letter blocks, and more than 100 words flash cards (contains 55 CVC words and 55 three to six-letter words). Includes 1 draw-string storage bag and 1 instruction sheet
  • 【Safe and Durable】The tray and alphabet blocks are made of 100% natural wood, odor-free; smooth edges, non-toxic water-based paint. Large blocks aren't a choking hazard; Double-sided spelling cards are durable cardstock with rounded corners
  • 【Fun Early Educational Toys】The wooden tray has two slots, the first slot displays the image and word for beginners, and the second slot covers the word while displaying the image for more advanced spellers; The letters in the word are color-coded, to match the required block; the CVC flash cards are two-sided, image + word on one side and just an image on the other, you can also use the card as sight word flash cards
  • 【Preschool Classroom Must Haves】Toddler learning toys are a fun and effective way to develop memory skills, reading skills, spelling skills, letter recognition, word building, phonemic awareness, hand-eye coordination, and concentration; a homeschool or preschool and kindergarten must have
  • 【Great Learning Tool & Gifts for Kids】This interactive learning game provides fun learning activities for homeschool or in the classroom; Great gift for a Birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Holiday

Award Winning Educational Toys for 4 Year Olds

Educational value of these toys was noted and recognized by various award committees, and now we want to share our picks with you. The toys on this list are all winners, each one of them was made from child-friendly material, each of them was manually reviewed by us! Our picks are fun, educational & non-violent, guaranteed!

The Learning Journey: Match It! - Spelling - 20 Piece Self-Correcting Spelling Puzzle for Three and Four Letter Words with Matching Images - Learning Toys for 4 Year Olds - Award Winning Toys
  • BUILD ON EARLY READING SKILLS – The Match It! Spelling collection of puzzles teach a range of early reading skills including letter recognition, word formation and spelling. By putting the cards together to form a word, the child gains important understanding of the mechanics of reading, all aided by the pictures which provide a clue to the word being formed.
  • ENCOURAGE CONFIDENCE IN LITERACY – The puzzles contain both three- and four-letter words. Learning to read can be a daunting process, but self-correcting puzzles, where the pieces will only fit if they are correct, can provide a boost of confidence. This can help any child to feel more positive and confident when approaching literacy tasks.
  • INTRODUCE KEY PROBLEM-SOLVING SKILLS – These puzzles are an ideal way to help your child develop basic understanding of how to solve simple problems, developing important skills that will help them as they progress on to more difficult tasks.
  • IMPROVE MOTOR SKILLS: Thick, durable cardboard construction makes products easy to grasp and use, and also a great way of improving hand-eye coordination and encouraging the development of essential motor skills.
BEST LEARNING My First Piano Book - Educational Musical Toy for Toddlers Kids Ages 3-5 Years - Ideal 3, 4 Year Old Boy or Girl Birthday Gift Present
  • MULTI AWARDS WINNING FUN LEARNING TOY - Mom's Choice Gold Metal & Tillywig Best Creative Fun Award Winner! Creative Child Book of the Year and Creative Play of the Year Award Winner! An interactive and portable book sized piano for little music lovers.
  • EASY TO LEARN - Includes an illustrated songbook with color-coded key chart with 10 Songs & 6 Musical Instruments. Learning piano has never been so easy!
  • BEST BIRTHDAY GIFT IDEA - for little boys and girls who are music lovers; Record and Playback to listen to how well you had played.
  • SKILLS LEARNED - include music, concentration, logical thinking and creativity and imagination.
  • ENGAGING, FUN & RISK-FREE - requires 2 AAA alkaline batteries that are included; Intended for preschoolers and early learners of ages 3 and up.


What are the advantages of Educational Toys for a 4 Year Old Child?

For young children, toys help them learn their colors, shapes, and numbers, as well as build their problem-solving and spatial reasoning skills. They may also develop social skills by learning how to work together with others. If they’re introduced to educational toys at a very young age, they’ll be prepared when they go to school. In addition, most preschoolers play with toys regularly, so parents will have more chances to observe and evaluate their behavior.

The endless possibilities of play are the prime motivation for learning, and the best time to develop those skills is during the preschool years. The curious and active preschooler can explore the world through play. Children’s Play and Learning During the preschool years, children learn through fun and play.


In Conclusion: what makes a toy educational?

Answer: The best educational toys have three important elements:

1. They are FUN! Children love to play with things that are fun. Educational toys have to be designed to capture a child’s attention and keep it. They have to stimulate a child’s mind and teach a child at the same time.
2. They must INCREASE learning! Educational toys should enhance a child’s ability to understand concepts and apply what they have learned to new situations.
3. They should INSPIRE a child!

You can shop for the best quality toys right at the comfort of your home using Educational Toys Planet picks, recommendations and reviews. We offer a wide variety of educational toys for 4 year olds that are designed to stimulate their minds and improve their cognitive skills. Our toys are created by renowned brands such as Melissa and Doug, Educational Insights, Hape, Lincoln Logs and many others. These manufacturers know what it takes to create a successful toy – it has to be safe, durable, and attractive to young children. We only feature toys that have been tested by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). We hope that with the help of our picks and reviews of educational toys for 4 year olds preschoolers will help you find the best toy for your child!