Lego Duplo is a wonderful, creative toy that is perfect for young children. This type of Lego is made for children aged 1.5 to 5 years old, so even toddlers can play with it. It is larger, thicker and easier to use than regular Lego and has fewer pieces. This makes it much safer for young children and less likely for them to swallow a piece. Duplo pieces are brightly coloured, making them visually stimulating, and they are made to fit together perfectly, making building structures easier. Kids can also use their imagination to create new and fun creations, like a finger-puppet theatre or a wild animal habitat. The possibilities are endless with Lego Duplo! With enough pieces, kids can build a castle, a bridge, a zoo and much more. Duplo also comes with special pieces, like windows, doors, and animals. All of this makes the playtime more interactive and enjoyable for the kids. Lego Duplo is a great way to encourage creativity and motor skills in young children.