Educational Toys Planet presents the famous Lego Friends series. Lego Friends educational construction kits were established as a brand in 2012 and since that time they have been one of the most adorable educational Lego Sets for girls ages 6 years old or older. And of course for the boys! Say high to the Lego Friends Stephanie, Mia, Andrea, Emma and Olivia and their never ending adventures and amazon personalities and appearances. Enjoy!

Lego Friends is a line of building blocks designed specifically to encourage girls to build, create, and explore. The pieces are bright and colorful, and each set comes with characters and storylines that emphasize friendship, cooperation, and creativity. Girls can build animal hospitals, pop stars’ tour buses, or ice cream shops. They can create their own mini-stories about the characters and their adventures. Additionally, the Lego Friends line has special pieces like ice skates and musical instruments that reflect the interests of girls. Some sets even come with pieces that can be used to build video game consoles.Lego Friends encourages girls to build and create in a fun and engaging way. It helps to foster the development of problem-solving and spatial skills, which are critical to success in the STEM fields. In addition, the stories, characters, and storylines teach girls about themes of friendship and cooperation. While playing with Lego Friends, girls get to explore their own interests as well as learn to work together with others on projects. It is a great way to foster creativity and collaboration while having a great time.