Lego Ninjago is a fun, exciting, and creative way to bring the ninja world to life. It encourages children to use their imagination to build and create their own ninja adventures. Lego Ninjago sets come with different minifigures, weapons, and vehicles that allow kids to create their own unique battles. For example, the popular Ninjago Fire Temple set includes ninjas Cole, Jay, and Zane, along with their vehicles and weapons. Kids can use these pieces to battle evil Lord Garmadon and his Shark Army in the temple. Along with the sets, there are also Ninjago movies and TV shows that introduce even more characters and worlds. The cartoon series and movies feature a variety of heroes and villains, from the brave Sensei Wu to the sinister Lord Garmadon. With the addition of the TV shows and movies, the world of Ninjago becomes even more expansive and dynamic. Whether kids are playing with sets or watching the TV shows and movies, they can explore the exciting ninja universe and experience the world of Ninjago firsthand.