Welcome to Educational Toys Planet’s selection of educational toys for your 3 year old! We offer a wide range of toys designed to help your child learn and develop new skills. From puzzles and building blocks to action figures and books, we have something for every toddler. Our educational toys for 3 year olds are guaranteed to engage, challenge and stimulate your child’s mind. With age-appropriate materials and activities, our toys are sure to keep your little one entertained and help them develop essential skills like problem-solving, creativity, self-expression, and fine motor skills. Let your child explore their imagination and discover the world around them with our educational toys for 3 year olds. Shop now and find the perfect gift for your little one!

Educational Gift Ideas for a 3 Year Old

Educational toys can be a great way to help young children learn and develop important skills. Here is a list of some of the best educational toys for 3 year olds:

  1. Alphabet puzzles: These puzzles can help children learn their letters and the sounds they make.
  2. Shape sorters: Shape sorters are a classic toy that helps children learn about shapes and spatial awareness.
  3. Number and counting toys: Toys like counting bears and number games can help children learn to count and understand basic math concepts.
  4. Block sets: Block sets, including wooden blocks, encourage children to use their creativity and problem-solving skills as they build structures and designs.
  5. Musical instruments: Children love to make noise and musical instruments can help them learn about rhythm and sound.
  6. Art supplies: Art supplies like crayons, markers and craft kits, and paint can help children express themselves and develop fine motor skills.
  7. Books: Reading is an important part of a child’s development and there are many age-appropriate books available for 3 year olds.

Develop 3 Year Old’s Cognitive Abilities

Educational toys include a variety of different items that address different aspects of early childhood development to aid a child’s intellectual, emotional, physical and social growth. Items such as play dough, building blocks, crayons, paints, books and dress up clothing are common types of educational toys. Some consider dolls, cars and other items that develop fine motor skills to be “educational toys” as well. Educational toys for 3 year olds are typically associated with the development of an infant’s cognitive abilities. Cognitive abilities include problem solving, attention skills, pattern recognition, memorization and a wide variety of other basic skills needed to function in society. Educational toys for 3 year olds can help prepare kids as they grow and develop into adults.

Melissa & Doug Self-Correcting Alphabet Wooden Puzzles With Storage Box (52 pcs) - ABC Puzzles, Wooden Alphabet Puzzle For Kids Ages 4+
  • EDUCATIONAL ALPHABET LETTER PUZZLE: The Melissa & Doug Self-Correcting Alphabet Letter Puzzle set includes 52 durable wooden pieces that help kids learn the ABCs as they match letters to pictures.
  • SELF-CORRECTING PUZZLE: “Self-correcting” means each piece has only one match that it fits, so kids can develop a sense of mastery. This alphabet wooden puzzle features both capital and lowercase letters and labeled images.
  • SOLID WOODEN STORAGE BOX: Melissa & Doug ABC picture board pieces can be used on their own for countless letter games and activities and fit neatly in the sturdy wooden box.
  • GIFT FOR KIDS 4 TO 6: This puzzle is an exceptional gift for kids ages 4 to 6 years. Add the Melissa & Doug See and Spell Learning Toy to round out the hands-on play experience and give kids an engaging option for screen-free fun.
  • “THE GOLD STANDARD IN CHILDHOOD PLAY”: For more than 30 years, Melissa & Doug has created beautifully designed imagination- and creativity-sparking products that NBC News called “the gold standard in early childhood play.”

Begin Learning Alphabet

Alphabet puzzles can help 3 year olds develop a variety of skills, including:

  1. Fine motor skills: Children can improve their dexterity and hand-eye coordination as they manipulate the puzzle pieces.
  2. Letter recognition: Children can learn to recognize and name the letters of the alphabet as they fit the pieces together.
  3. Vocabulary: Children can learn new words that begin with each letter as they work on the puzzle.
  4. Problem solving: Children can practice their problem-solving skills as they try to figure out which piece goes where.
  5. Memory: Children can improve their memory skills as they remember the location of each piece and try to recall it as they work on the puzzle.

Overall, alphabet puzzles can be a fun and interactive way for children to learn and practice important skills.

Hape Wooden Alphabet Puzzle| Wooden ABC Letters Colorful Educational Learning Puzzle Toy Board for Toddlers
  • Learn the alphabet with bright colored letters
  • Take the letters out of the puzzle to practice spelling new words
  • Promotes dexterity, hand-eye coordination, matching, and spatial relationships
  • Recommended for ages 3 years and up
  • Non-toxic finishes and child-safe materials

Learn Cause and Effect Relationships

Educational toys that help to develop cause and effect relationships for 3 year old kids are those that allow children to see the consequences of their actions. For example, toys such as shape sorters, where children can fit different shapes into corresponding holes, can help children understand that certain actions (e.g. placing the shape into the hole) have specific outcomes (e.g. the shape fits and stays inside the hole). Other toys that can help with cause and effect development include toy pianos, where pressing a key creates a sound, and toy cars, where pushing a button makes the car move. These types of toys can be especially beneficial for young children as they begin to understand that their actions can produce specific results.

Fisher-Price Stacking Toy Baby's First Blocks Set of 10 Shapes for Sorting Play for Infants Ages 6+ Months
  • Set of 10 colorful blocks for baby to sort, stack and drop through the shape-sorter lid
  • All blocks fit inside bucket for storage
  • Easy-carry handle for take-along play
  • Introduces baby to colors and shapes
  • Helps foster fine motor skills and problem-solving for infants and toddlers ages 6 months and older

While babies may benefit from educational toys, most research shows that the greatest benefits of early childhood education stem from the development of a child ‘s social, emotional and physical skills. By exposing children to activities that target these areas, a child’s intellectual development is also likely to follow. As infants grow older, they tend to develop a stronger sense of self-awareness and they learn how their own bodies work. This leads into a period when babies learn about cause and effect relationships. Some 3-year-olds are able to understand that they have the power to make things happen – like putting blocks into a box or making an action figure move. Educational toys for this age group should be geared toward these specific types of activities.

Fat Brain Toys Bugzzle - Match-The-Picture Fraction-Learning Brainteaser Ages 3+
  • PUZZLE OF ARRANGING SEMI-CIRCULAR PIECES to match pictures on puzzle cards; Debug your brain!
  • FLIP AND ARRANGE PUZZLE PIECES onto the bug tray to recreate the pictures on the challenge cards
  • GREAT FOR AGES 3 TO 7 YEARS; Quality ABS-plastic; BPA-free; 80 puzzle pieces, tray, 40 challenges
  • ENCOURAGES SPATIAL REASONING, fine motor skills, logic, critical thinking, problem solving
  • MEASURES 7.7 x 7.8 INCHES; Frustration-free packaging; Great for homeschooling!

Introduce Social Skills

By the time a child is 3, they should be learning how to interact with others and develop relationships. Learning with or from other people leads to positive social development because children are able to see adults behaving in certain ways and then model their behavior after that of an adult. This helps them learn important rules such as being kind or what behaviors are acceptable and unacceptable. By engaging in play that involves interacting with others, children are more likely to learn social skills.

Fat Brain Toys InnyBin - Sensory Shape-Learning Toy for Babies & Toddlers
  • An incredibly unique shape-exploration experience!
  • Explore the fun textures of the 6 chunky blocks; Push them through the elastic bands of the cube
  • Great for ages 6 months and up; BPA-free
  • Encourages fine motor skills, tactile exploration, experimentation
  • Cube measures 5.5 x 5.5 x 5.5 inches; Shapes each measure 2 inches; Frustration-free packaging

Have Fun Playing!

Developmental play is a major part of preschooler’s life. Educational toys for 3 year olds stimulate child’s motor, physical, emotional and social growth. Parents’ and teachers’ main goal is to create the right environment for this multi-benefits play. By providing smart toys and games, creative projects and materials for this milestone age, we set the basis for child’s ability to keep discovering fun in learning for years to come. So what is the best gift for 3 year old? Taking a look at our selection it is not hard to see the appeal. The toys, games and projects are colorful, making them very attractive. The products also sneak in that educational element, like a Mom sneaking veggies into a meal. The child doesn’t even realize he or she is learning! The child just thinks they are playing and having a great time. What is also great about these products is that so many of the items give kids the opportunity to experience real life things like: baking, money, time, shopping, being a doctor, getting to explore the world, but with a “kid twist” on them, so the toy, game or craft is way more fun compared to “real life”! This type of play is called pretend play which opens up a child to all sorts of learning potential. And that is what it is all about, giving kids the opportunity to learn and grow!

Little Tikes Learn & Play 2-in-1 Activity Tunnel with Ball Drop Game, Windows, Silly Sounds, Music, Accessories, Collapsible for Easy Storage- Gifts for Kids, Toy for Boys Girls Age 1 2 3 Year Olds
  • TWO WAYS TO PLAY – Crawl through the soft tunnel or enjoy ball play with spiral ball drops. Two kids can even play at the same time.
  • ADJUSTABLE TUNNEL - Durable, flexible-fabric crawl-through tunnel has side windows for peekaboo fun, and it collapses for easy storage.
  • BALL PLAY – Kids will flex their fine motor skills and practice hand-eye coordination as they drop 5 multi colored balls into two ball drop towers.
  • SILLY SOUNDS - Balls activate sounds for added fun, or kids can press buttons to hear music.
  • PROMOTES DEVELOPMENT - Encourages crawling, reaching, grasping and color recognition.

USA Toyz Glow Trax Race Tracks and LED Toy Cars - 360pk Glow in The Dark Flexible Rainbow Race Track Set STEM Building Toys for Boys and Girls with Large Roundabout Ramp and 2 LED Toy Cars
  • STEM BUILDING RACE CAR TRACKS SET: Create your own race car track designs with this complete buildable race car track set for kids; includes 360 neon car tracks, 2 LED race car toys (batteries not included), 2 bridges, 2 slope frames, 2 lane connectors, and 1 large turnabout ramp
  • GLOW IN THE DARK TOY RACE CARS: Race your LED light up toy cars on various race car track designs that you create from donut-style speedways to long and winding slot car race tracks
  • FLEXIBLE RAINBOW RACE TRACKS: Easily snap these bendy race track for toddlers together and start racing; kids race track rolls up for travel and storage
  • LEARN WHILE YOU PLAY: These colorful STEM building toys help develop kids’s engineering and problem solving skills while enhancing cognitive skills as they play; rainbow racetrack combines hands-on fun with fine-tuning motor skills for kids ages 3+
  • KID-FRIENDLY AND QUALITY ASSURED: The Glow Trax glow in the dark car racetracks for kids is fun and brain challenging at the same time; We’ll provide a full refund if you’re not thrilled with our glow tracks racing set

It’s important to choose educational toys that are age-appropriate and engage your child’s interests. Look for toys that challenge your child’s developing skills and encourage creativity and imagination.