Pretend Play Toys for 3 Year Olds – Develop Social Skills and Imagination

Welcome to Educational Toys Planet! Here you will find our carefully curated selection of the best pretend play toys for 3 year olds. Pretend play is an essential part of a child’s development and a great way to foster creativity, imagination, and problem-solving skills. Our pretend play toys are specially designed to help encourage your little one’s educational journey and spark their natural curiosity. With our vast selection of toys, your 3 year old is sure to find something that piques their interest!

  1. Princess Dress-Up Set

    Princess Dress-Up Set

    This Princess Dress Up Shoes Set is an ideal gift for the 3 year old in your life! The set includes 4 pairs of shoes with colorful details, plus a tiara crown, earrings and necklace. Your little one will love to create their own magical adventures while wearing these outfits. Plus, they’ll also get to practice their fine motor skills as they put on and take off each piece. The only downside is that they may not want to take them off when it’s time to go home!
  2. My Home Office Play Set

    My Home Office Play Set

    This delightful 8-piece play set is perfect for aspiring “professionals”! Kids will love pretending to work with their own My Home Office. Encouraging imaginative play, the set includes a desk, chair, laptop and other accessories to help kids explore office life. This pretend play toy encourages problem solving skills, social interaction and offers lots of room for creative expression. A potential shortcoming is that it doesn’t come with a printer or other similar accessories to add even more imaginative freedom.
  3. Kids Chef Set Kit with Apron

    Kids Chef Set Kit with Apron

    This complete kids cooking and baking set is the perfect gift for any 3 year old! Little girls will love role-playing with the kid chef apron and all the necessary accessories. With this set, they can channel their inner chef in no time. The dress up clothes are a great addition to the fun, allowing them to create imaginative stories as they explore pretend play. The benefit of this product is that it allows for creative play and encourages imagination development. However, there may be too many pieces included in this set which could make it overwhelming for a 3 year old to manage on their own.


    This Doctor Kit for Kids Toys is a great way to promote imaginative play in kids age 3-5. It comes with a stethoscope, medical kit and costume so kids can practice role playing as a doctor. The realistic props included help children understand the concepts of basic medical care while still having fun. This toy could be great for developing social skills, problem solving and creative thinking. However, some parents may feel that the doctor costume is too mature for their three year old.
  5. Construction Worker Role Play Set

    Construction Worker Role Play Set

    This pretend play construction worker costume for 3 year old boys is perfect for any role playing and imaginary fun! The set includes a tool belt vest, hat and other accessories to complete the look of a real builder. Kids will love pretending they are taking on their favorite career while playing in these dress up clothes. This toy set encourages imaginative play and helps kids explore different roles they can take on when they grow up. Plus, it’s great for Halloween or birthday celebrations! The only potential downside is that it may be too small to fit older children – so just make sure you check the size before buying.
  6. Farm Animal Barn Playset 20PCS

    Farm Animal Barn Playset 20PCS

    This Farm Animals Red Barn Toys set offers a fun and creative way for 3 year olds to explore the world of pretend play! With 20 pieces, including farm figurines, fences, and a vehicle toy truck, your little one will have plenty of options to create their own farm world. The figurines are colorful and easy to hold, so they can be handled with ease by small hands. Plus, this farm playset offers hours of imaginative playtime that can help boost your child’s motor skills and creativity. A potential shortcoming might be that the pieces are too small for younger kids as they may present a choking hazard. Be sure to keep an eye on them when playing if you have children under three years old!
  7. Deluxe Princess Set

     Deluxe Princess Set

    This G.C Princess Dress-up Trunk is a perfect gift for any 3 year old girl who loves to play pretend! With loads of dress up clothes, costumes and jewelry, this set is sure to make any princess feel special. It’s great for playing dress-up parties with friends or just having fun all on their own. Plus, the colorful accessories included will help kids create a wide variety of looks and role play scenarios. The downside however is that most of the items are intended for indoor use only – so be careful about taking them outdoors in inclement weather!
  8. Cutting Fruit Kids Set

    Cutting Fruit Kids Set

    This Wooden Play Food set from Kids Toyland is the perfect pretend play set for two to three year olds. It includes cuttable toy fruit and vegetables as well as a wooden knife, making it ideal for imaginative play. Not only will your little one have hours of fun pretending to cook up a feast, but they’ll also be developing their fine motor skills as they practice cutting their food with the wooden knife. The only downside is that you may find yourself having to put together all the pieces when it arrives!
  9. Kids Dentist Pretend Kit

    Kids Dentist Pretend Kit

    This Doctor Kit Play Set is perfect for little ones who love to engage in imaginative role-playing! It includes 38 pieces of dentist and doctor toys, providing an array of pretend play fun for your 3-5 year old. This set is designed to help encourage early development and education about medical professions. It’s a great way to help them learn while having a blast at the same time! The downside is that this set doesn’t include batteries so you’ll need to provide your own if needed.
  10. Cookie Chef Apron Set

    Cookie Chef Apron Set

    This KKONES Kids Cooking Baking Set is the perfect gift for 3-year-old pretend play lovers! This 17-piece set includes a chef hat and matching pink apron that your little one can put on to become a master chef. With all the included cooking and baking tools, they can start their own restaurant at home! The pieces are made of safe materials so your kid can safely enjoy their imaginative play. Plus, this set encourages creativity and boosts confidence in kids as they explore culinary skills. However, some of the items may be too small for your 3 year old, so you’ll need to help them use these properly.
  11. Interactive Toy Oven for Kids

    Interactive Toy Oven for Kids

    This Little Tikes First Oven is perfect for your 3 year old’s pretend play kitchen! It comes with 11 accessories and realistic cooking sounds to make the experience seem like the real deal. The unique multi-color design will be sure to catch your little one’s eye and keep them entertained for hours. This interactive toy helps kids develop essential motor skills, creativity, and problem solving as they engage in all sorts of fun pretend play scenarios. A potential shortcoming could be that some pieces are small so you’ll want to keep an eye out when your child plays with it.
  12. 2-in-1 Snacks & Sweets Food Cart

    2-in-1 Snacks & Sweets Food Cart

    This Melissa & Doug Wooden Snacks and Sweets Food Cart is perfect for 3 year olds who love pretend play! With over 40 pieces of wooden play food, this double-sided food cart features a reversible awning to switch between sweet and savory snacks. The design provides plenty of storage space for easy organization and cleanup once play time is finished. Plus, the bright colors and realistic details encourage imaginative role-play. A potential shortcoming is that some assembly is required before it can be used.
  13. Hape Wooden Tool Kit Set

    Hape Wooden Tool Kit Set

    This great 14-piece wooden Hape Fix It Kid’s Tool Box and Accessory Play Set is a fantastic way to get your 3 year old started on the path of learning basic building skills and hand-eye coordination. The pieces are colorful and easy to manipulate, so they will be able to start building right away! Plus, the set is made from high quality wood so you know it will last for years to come with regular play. The only downside is that there aren’t any actual tools included in the set, but kids can use their imagination as they begin to build with the pieces provided!
  14. Disney Princess Dressup Deluxe

    Disney Princess Dressup Deluxe

    Let your three year old experience the magic of Disney with this awesome Disney Princess Dress Up Trunk Deluxe 21 Piece. With four different and officially licensed Disney Princess costumes, your child can dress up as their favorite princesses and explore their imaginations. This Amazon exclusive set comes with a variety of dresses, shoes, tiaras and more in one convenient trunk. Your little one will love all the fun that comes with pretending to be a princess! The only downside is that they may want to wear the costumes all day!
  15. Melissa & Doug Dress-Up Shoes

    Melissa & Doug Dress-Up Shoes

    This Melissa & Doug Role Play Collection – Step In Style! Dress-Up Shoes Set is perfect for pretend play fun for 3 year olds. They’ll love pretending to be a chef, doctor, or even a rockstar with the four pairs of dress-up shoes included in the set. The colorful shoes are big enough for little hands to slip into and will make playing dress up even more exciting. The set is also made of durable materials that can last through lots of imaginative play. One potential drawback however is that the shoes may not be suitable for outdoor use as they lack traction on the bottom.
  16. Dream Big Princess Me Reader

    Dream Big Princess Me Reader

    This is an awesome set of toys for 3 year olds! It comes with 8 hardcover books that all feature classic Disney Princesses like Ariel, Rapunzel, and Belle! Each book has 24 pages to explore. Kids can read the stories on their own with the Me Reader device or get their parents or guardians involved to help them along. While reading, kids can also listen to sound effects that add a new layer of fun to their playtime! The downside is the batteries required for the Me Reader device which need to be replaced from time to time.
  17. Wooden Pizza Kitchen Set for Kids

    Wooden Pizza Kitchen Set for Kids

    This colorful Hape Homemade Wooden Pizza Play Kitchen Food Set and Accessories set is perfect for your 3 year old! They’ll love pretending to make their favorite meal. With this set, they can learn the basics of pizza making while having loads of fun. It encourages creativity, a sense of achievement and develops fine motor skills too! The only potential downside is that it can be a bit tricky to put together.
  18. KaeKid Birthday Music Cake Play Set

    KaeKid Birthday Music Cake Play Set

    This KaeKid Birthday Cake Toy Pretend Play Tea Set is an awesome choice for any 3 year old! It has lights and music to help make the pretend play experience more fun, plus your little one can get creative with the DIY cutting play food – they’ll have hours of fun playing with the bread roll, chocolate, sandy and dessert. Plus, it makes a great gift idea! The only potential downside might be that it requires a few batteries to operate.
  19. All-in-One Ice Cream Shoppe Playset

    All-in-One Ice Cream Shoppe Playset

    This ice cream counter playset is the perfect way for your 3 year old to have some fun pretend play. With 28 pieces, it includes a scooper and plenty of plastic play food to create a realistic ice cream store. It’s a great way to encourage imaginative thinking and creativity while helping your little one learn basic counting skills. The bright colors are sure to keep your child entertained while they learn. The only downside might be that the pieces are quite small, so you’ll want to keep an eye on them during playtime!
  20. Deli Fresh Pretend Sandwiches Set

    Deli Fresh Pretend Sandwiches Set

    This Melissa & Doug Wooden Slice & Stack Sandwich Counter is perfect for pretend play! It comes with a deli slicer and 56 pieces of wooden food toys, making it the ultimate kitchen food set for toddlers and kids. This set encourages imaginative play, helping to improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Plus, the pieces are easy to store away when not in use. The only potential downside is that some of the pieces may be too small for very young children.
  21. Police Officer Role-Play Set Toy

    Police Officer Role-Play Set Toy

    This JOYIN set provides your little one with all the tools they need to become their own police officer! Featuring 14 pieces of pretend play toys, including a hat and uniform outfit, this set is perfect for any 3 year old who loves pretend play. Kids can role-play and let their imaginations run wild while they dress up as a police officer. Not only will they have fun, but this set can also help teach them about responsibility and problem-solving. The only potential shortcoming is that kids may outgrow the costume quickly as they grow faster at this age.
  22. Kids Pretend Tea Party Set

    Kids Pretend Tea Party Set

    This Tea Party Set is perfect for imaginative play! Your little one can put on a royal tea party with pretend desserts, a teapot, and even a tablecloth and carrying case! It’s the perfect way to get creative with 3 year olds. With this set, they can have hours of fun learning about etiquette and manners. Plus, it will help them develop fine motor skills as they learn how to serve tea and desserts. However, they may need parental help to assemble some of the pieces.
  23. Kids BBQ Grill Set

    Kids BBQ Grill Set

    This JOYIN 34 PCS Toy BBQ Grill Set is a great way to encourage pretend play and imaginations in 3 year olds. With 34 pieces in this set, it’s the perfect comprehensive way for kids to role-play as little chefs or have a cook-off with their friends! The included accessories such as the utensils, condiments and pretend food pieces will help keep them engaged for hours of enjoyment. As an added bonus, this toy BBQ grill is designed to look just like the real thing so it’ll be a fun way to teach your little one about fire safety and how to safely handle a BBQ. The only downside is that there isn’t actually any heat generated from playing with this set so it can’t be used for making actual food.

What types of pretend play toys are suitable for 3 year olds?

Pretend play toys are a great way to encourage creative and imaginative play in 3 year olds. Suitable pretend play toys for 3 year olds include dolls and dollhouses, kitchen sets and play food, tool sets, dress-up clothes, and toy vehicles. Dolls and dollhouses provide a great way to stimulate imaginative role playing and storytelling, while kitchen sets and play food help kids develop their social skills as they practice sharing and taking turns. Tool sets give children the opportunity to imitate their parents and caregivers as they hammer and screw, while dress-up clothes allow them to express themselves and their individuality. Toy vehicles like cars, trucks, and airplanes provide the perfect way for kids to explore different roles and scenarios as they zoom around the house.

What are the benefits of pretend play toys for 3 year olds?

Pretend play toys are beneficial for 3 year olds in many ways. Pretend play helps kids develop their social skills, language skills, creativity, problem-solving skills, and motor skills. As kids role-play and explore different scenarios, they learn to express themselves, think critically, and cooperate with others. Pretend play also encourages creativity and imaginative thinking, as kids use their imaginations to create stories and explore different roles. Lastly, pretend play toys help kids practice their fine and gross motor skills as they use their hands and bodies to manipulate the toys.

What safety considerations should be taken when selecting pretend play toys for 3 year olds?

When selecting pretend play toys for 3 year olds, safety should always be a top priority. Look for toys that are age-appropriate and made from non-toxic materials. Check for any sharp edges or small parts that could be a choking hazard. Make sure the toys are sturdy and well-made, as kids will be playing with them vigorously and may even drop them. Lastly, look for toys that are easy to use and have simple instructions, as 3 year olds may need help understanding how to use the toys.

How can I help my 3 year old get the most out of pretend play toys?

To get the most out of pretend play toys for 3 year olds, parents and caregivers can provide guidance and support. Parents and caregivers can help 3 year olds develop their social skills by teaching them how to share and take turns with others. They can also provide guidance and help kids understand the toys and how to use them. Encouraging kids to use their imaginations and explore different scenarios and roles can help expand their creative and imaginative thinking. Lastly, parents and caregivers can help kids develop their problem-solving skills by asking questions and helping them think through difficult scenarios.

How can I encourage creative and imaginative play with pretend play toys?

Encouraging creative and imaginative play with pretend play toys is easy and fun. Parents and caregivers can provide guidance and support as kids explore different scenarios and roles. Asking questions and providing positive feedback can help kids think outside the box and come up with creative solutions. Parents and caregivers can also provide props and materials to help kids create their own stories and scenarios. Setting up a play space with a variety of toys, props, and materials can also help kids explore different roles and scenarios. Lastly, having regular pretend play sessions can help kids develop their creative and imaginative thinking.