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Welcome to Educational Toys Planet! Stimulating a child’s imagination is one of the best things you can do to provide them with a brighter future. We’ve carefully selected a collection of the best toys that will encourage your child to use their creativity, think outside the box, and develop essential skills for problem solving. Our detailed reviews will provide you with the information you need to make a smart purchase for your little one. Read on to learn more about the best toys to stimulate imagination!
  1. Osmo Genius Starter Kit for Kids

    Osmo Genius Starter Kit for Kids
    We’ve tried out the Osmo – Genius Starter Kit for iPad and it’s a great way to stimulate children’s imaginations while they learn! This five-game set offers fun activities like number and letter recognition, problem solving, creative drawing, and more. The games are designed to help kids ages 6-10 improve their math and spelling skills, as well as develop a sense of creativity. The games are intuitively designed so that children can easily pick them up without needing to ask for too much guidance from parents. However, the Osmo system does require access to certain apps on an iPad in order for it to work properly.The Osmo – Genius Starter Kit is a great way to get your child’s imagination running while they learn valuable skills. As parents we want our kids to have experiences that help them grow in new ways–the Osmo provides just that!
  2. Magnetic STEM Building Blocks Set for Kids 3+

    Magnetic STEM Building Blocks Set for Kids 3+
    We are excited to present Magnetic Tiles Building Blocks STEM Magnet Blocks Toys as an entertaining and educational way to stimulate your child’s imagination. Not only do these blocks help to build problem solving skills, but they also encourage creativity and critical thinking. Kids can have fun making different structures and shapes, while also understanding the science behind it.The benefits of this product include developing children’s ability to observe, imagine, practice and develop fine motor skills. It is compatible with other brands of magnetic tiles so you can expand your selection as your child grows; plus they are durable so they don’t break easily! The cute colors also make it more attractive for children. The downside is that these blocks do require adult supervision due to their small size; however, it’s worth the effort when you see the joy in your child’s face as they explore their new toy! To sum up: Magnetic Tiles Building Blocks STEM Magnet Blocks Toys provide a great way for kids to learn important cognitive skills while having fun at the same time! Every parent should consider adding this amazing toy set to their kid’s collection.
  3. TOMYOU STEM Building Blocks Set

    TOMYOU STEM Building Blocks Set
    We’re excited about TOMYOU Building Blocks! These STEM toys are perfect for getting your kids engaged in imaginative play. They’re made of safe materials for children ages 3 and up. It includes 200 pieces that can be used to create all kinds of structures, from towers to castles and more. With its interlocking discs, kids can build anything they can dream up! Plus, it helps them learn colors, shapes, and sizes while having fun. The only downside is that it may take some time to put the pieces away when playtime is done. But with an activity this engaging, we think the extra few minutes of cleaning up will be worth it! In short: TOMYOU Building Blocks are a great way for kids to get creative with their playtime while learning about geometry and coordination skills. Plus, it helps promote imaginative thinking – something that’s important for all ages no matter where you are in life!
  4. Educational STEM Creative Building Blocks Set

    Educational STEM Creative Building Blocks Set
    We all want toys that help our kids learn and grow while having fun, and Jasonwell STEM Toys Building Blocks fit the bill! This 168 piece set provides endless opportunities for creative playtime. With bright colors, shapes and sizes, kids can build castles, bridges, animals or whatever their imaginations create. Plus, this kit disciplines kids’ fine motor skills and helps them practice counting and problem-solving. The one potential downside is that there are a lot of pieces to keep track of! All in all though, this is an excellent educational toy that encourages children to use their imaginations while learning a range of skills. It’s definitely worth it for those times when your toddler needs something fun yet stimulating.
  5. Lite-Brite Ultimate Imagination Toy

    Lite-Brite Ultimate Imagination Toy
    We are excited to introduce the Lite-Brite Ultimate Classic Retro and Vintage Toy, Gift for Girls and Boys, Ages 4+. The set includes 206 pegs in 6 different colors to bring your creations to life. It encourages your little one’s creativity by allowing them to create colorful designs that light up the room. It helps kids develop problem solving skills and hand-eye coordination as they insert the pegs into the board, as well as stimulate their imagination when crafting unique designs. Plus, it comes with a convenient carrying case for easy travel fun. Although it is a great product that offers a fun and creative activity for kids, keep in mind that you have to provide your own light source in order for the designs to work properly. The Lite-Brite Ultimate Classic Retro and Vintage Toy is perfect if you’re looking for an engaging toy that will help foster your child’s creativity while providing them with hours of entertainment. We remember playing with this toy growing up and know it’s sure to provide your little one with just as much enjoyment!
  6. Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit

    Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit
    We recently purchased the Osmo-Little Genius Starter Kit for our preschooler, and it’s been a great way to stimulate her imagination while teaching her important skills. The kit provides six exciting educational games that focus on counting, shapes, and phonics. With the tablet base included, she can use our own Fire Tablet to explore STEM subjects in an intuitive way. Our daughter has been having a blast learning about the world around her with this innovative toy! The only downside we’ve noticed is that the tablet base doesn’t work with certain Android tablets. However, if you have an Amazon Fire Tablet, this kit is perfect for your child. Overall, we think the Osmo-Little Genius Starter Kit was a perfect choice for our daughter — it helps her learn while using something familiar (the Fire Tablet) in creative ways and encourages imaginative thinking. We highly recommend it!
  7. Inno Pad Smart Fun Lessons

    Inno Pad Smart Fun Lessons
    We’ve found the BEST LEARNING INNO PAD Smart Fun Lessons educational tablet toy to be an excellent way to stimulate our toddler’s imagination. The interactive lessons teach essential skills like the alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes and animals in a fun and engaging way. Our toddler loves pressing the buttons to see what’s next! Plus, with songs about transportation and time, it helps build a strong foundation for future learning.The one potential shortcoming is that there is only one user profile feature so sharing amongst siblings isn’t possible. However we are still happy with our purchase as it has kept our little one entertained for hours on end.Overall, this educational tablet toy was an excellent investment for us: it’s bright enough to keep our toddler’s attention and teaches important lessons in a fun way – all while stimulating her imagination!
  8. Papo Figurines: Inspire Imagination

    Papo Figurines: Inspire Imagination
    We picked up Papo’s 33107 Mini Knights Castle Hand-Painted Figurine Collectible for Children, suitable for boys and girls from 3 years old. It encourages imaginative play, with its detailed figures, castle walls and doors that open and close. This figurine set can also help children learn more about history while they play.On the downside, it’s a bit pricey considering there are only five figurines included in the set. However, we feel confident that this item will bring hours of fun and education to our kids!
  9. Clixo Rainbow Magnetic Building Blocks

    Clixo Rainbow Magnetic Building Blocks
    We’ve found the perfect toy for stimulating imagination: Clixo Rainbow 42 Piece Pack. These flexible, durable, and modern magnetic building toys provide hours of STEM play with modular designs. Plus, they’re a multi-sensory magnet toy that’s travel friendly so they can come along on long car rides! Each piece is designed to interlock in any configuration allowing children to build up their problem solving skills while creating anything they can think up. The only potential downside is that the pieces are small, so it may not be suitable for preschoolers.Clixo Rainbow 42 Piece Packs offer a world of creative possibilities right at your fingertips. With an easy-to-use design and endless configuration options, your kids will love dreaming up new playscapes and watching their creations come to life – something we all need more of these days!
  10. Mystic Ocean Shape Shifters

    Mystic Ocean Shape Shifters
    We’ve seen it all when it comes to engaging toys that stimulate our children’s’ imagination, but the SHASHIBO Shape Shifting Box has definitely taken the top spot. This award-winning, patented fidget cube comes complete with 36 rare earth magnets and can be transformed into over 70 different shapes! With the free Download Fun in Motion Toys mobile app, you can unlock even more shapes and get creative! The only downside is that these SHASHIBO boxes are so popular that they are often sold out! But if you manage to snag one, there’s no doubt your child will have endless hours of fun with this unique toy. Not to mention, the experience of transforming a flat shape into something three dimensional is truly an incredible feat that teaches problem solving in a fun and engaging way. As parents, we always want our kids to do something educational while having fun at the same time. The SHASHIBO Box helps accomplish both goals easily – and anyone who has tried it will tell you just how addictively entertaining it is!
  11. Jurassic Adventure Journey Toys

    Jurassic Adventure Journey Toys
    We’ve found an amazing set of toys for kids ages 3-5 that will stimulate their imaginations and keep them entertained for hours. The TEMI Dinosaur Toys come complete with a play mat, trees, and realistic dinosaurs, including a T-Rex, Triceratops, and Velociraptor. Kids can use their imaginations to create a dino world – perfect for budding paleontologists!The set is well-made and encourages imaginative play. Plus, the dinosaurs are incredibly life-like. A potential shortcoming is that there are only three types of dinosaurs included in the set; however, this can be remedied by adding additional dinosaurs from other sets or purchasing extra pieces. This dinosaur set is great for any child who loves to pretend they’re exploring the wild prehistoric times! It’s an excellent way to foster creativity while having fun at the same time – what more could you ask for?
  12. Imagination Stimulating Teacher Set

    Imagination Stimulating Teacher Set
    We’ve been looking for a toy that stimulates imagination. We recently found the Alritz Pretend Play Teacher Set which has provided hours of imaginative play. This set encourages kids to explore different roles, like being a teacher or student, and interact with classmates. It also provides plenty of props such as a bell, clock and white board to help kids create an immersive experience. The only downside is that the pieces can become scattered around during playtime so it’s important to have an area designated for quick clean up afterwards. Overall, this is an ideal toy for encouraging creativity in our little ones while having fun! With its classroom setting, it provides more than just entertainment but also potentially educational value as well.
  13. Kids Air Fryer Playset

    Kids Air Fryer Playset
    We have found an amazing set of toys that will stimulate your child’s imagination while they have fun playing. This set includes a toy air fryer, play kitchen playset accessories, and a pretend play kitchen appliance with fun lights, sounds and more. They can pretend to cook food on the grill and learn about the kitchen utensils as they go along. It encourages creativity and open-ended pretend play that can help expand their cognitive skills as they grow.The only potential downside is that your kids may not want to put it down! That said, this is a great way for them to stay entertained for hours at a time in a creative, learning environment. And parents don’t need to worry about safety since these are kid-friendly toys made from non-toxic materials.At the end of the day, you want your kids to be safe but also enjoy their childhood – and this amazing toy set comes pretty close! It’s perfect for encouraging imaginative play and having an all-around great time with friends or siblings – plus no mess afterwards!
  14. LEGO DUPLO Amusement Park 10956

    LEGO DUPLO Amusement Park 10956
    We love LEGO DUPLO Town Amusement Park for its ability to inspire a world of imaginative play. The set comes with five vehicles, two figures, and a variety of building blocks that can easily be snapped together to create a fairground full of rides and attractions. Your kids will love the bright colors, spinning ride and thrilling Ferris wheel. They’ll have hours of fun pushing the vehicles around and creating new games.The downside is that the pieces are small and not suitable for children under 3 years old due to choking hazards, so it’s important to keep that in mind when buying this building toy set.LEGO DUPLO Town Amusement Park is an amazing way to stimulate your little ones’ imaginations while they create their own unique fairground full of exciting rides and attractions! The colorful pieces make it easy for them to build whatever they can dream up – with your help if necessary – allowing them to explore their creativity in an incredibly fun way!
  15. Garden Building Set (148 PCS)

    Garden Building Set (148 PCS)
    We’ve found the perfect flower garden building toys for your little one! These toys are great for stimulating imagination, encouraging creative play and learning. With pieces of different shapes and bright colors that easily fit together, your child can create their very own unique flower garden.In addition to providing hours of fun, these toys also help develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. They encourage learning about shapes, colors and problem solving skills as your child creates her special flower garden. Plus, you don’t need any extra tools or batteries to get started!The only potential downside is that these toys don’t come with instruction manuals to guide your child through the process of creating the flower garden – it’s up to them to use their imagination and put things together however they want! Overall, these UREC Flower Garden Building Toys are a great way for your 3-6 year old daughter to explore her creativity in a fun and educational way. They make a great gift for Christmas or birthdays too!
  16. Melissa & Doug Imagination Shoes Set

    Melissa & Doug Imagination Shoes Set
    We all know how much kids love to dress up! The Melissa & Doug Role Play Collection – Step In Style! Dress-Up Shoes Set will keep their imaginations running wild. With four pairs of dress-up shoes, each with their own unique style, your child will have plenty of options for creating new and exciting stories. The set includes a variety of shoes such as heels, sneakers, sandals and boots – perfect for any occasion! This set also includes a drawstring bag for easy storage.This Melissa & Doug dress-up shoe set is sure to spark the creativity of young minds! It encourages imaginative thinking by giving children the opportunity to create their own unique storylines during playtime – something that all parents should want for their children. Although the Melissa & Doug Role Play Collection – Step In Style! Dress Up Shoes Set provides a great imaginative experience, it’s important to note that it may be best suited for children aged 3 and up. These Melissa & Doug dress-up shoes bring out our child’s inner fashionista while making sure they’re having fun! With this collection of four pairs of dress-up shoes, your little one will be able to express their own unique style while developing new storytelling skills and refining their imagination.
  17. Interactive Learning Stacker Toy

    Interactive Learning Stacker Toy
    We picked up a baby spinning toy for our toddler, and it has been an amazing addition to their playtime! The stacking toy encourages their imagination, helping them to create stories with the spinning wheel and colored blocks. It also helps them develop their focus, dexterity, and brain development in a fun way that they really enjoy. Some of the blocks are on the small side, so we make sure to keep it away from younger siblings who might accidentally swallow pieces. All in all, this toy is fantastic way to keep our toddler engaged and entertained while helping them learn!
  18. Magnetic Blocks STEM Educational Toy Set

    Magnetic Blocks STEM Educational Toy Set
    We are excited to introduce the Magnetic Blocks Basic Set, a STEM toy that is perfect for stimulating young imaginations! This fun set includes 28 pieces and number kits, allowing children to stack, build and create endless structures. Not only is this educational toy great for developing problem-solving skills and hand-eye coordination, but it also encourages creative play.The magnetic blocks are recommended for 3-7 year olds, both boys and girls. As an added bonus, these durable blocks are designed to last through many years of play! The only potential shortcoming is that some of the pieces may be too small for younger toddlers or children with developmental delays. The Magnetic Blocks Basic Set provides hours of exciting playtime that help foster imagination and critical thinking skills in little ones. Whether you’re looking for a gift for your own child or looking to surprise someone else’s kids with a special present – we can guarantee that the Magnetic Blocks Basic Set will be a hit!
  19. Melissa & Doug Pet Vet Play Set

    Melissa & Doug Pet Vet Play Set
    We recently bought the Melissa & Doug Examine and Treat Pet Vet Play Set for our kids, and they absolutely love it! With 24 pieces, this veterinarian play set provides ample opportunity for imaginative play. Kids can take care of their stuffed animals or pretend to be a real vet at their own ‘clinic’. The set comes with realistic tools such as a stethoscope, thermometer, syringe, clippers, and more. Our kids also appreciate that the pieces are stored in a conveniently portable carry case. The only downside is that some of the pieces are quite small and could present a choking hazard. However, we always supervise our kids when playing with this set to ensure safe use of all components. All in all, we highly recommend the Melissa & Doug Examine and Treat Pet Vet Play Set. It’s allowed us to witness our kids explore their imagination in ways we never thought possible—it’s truly been an amazing experience!
  20. Magnetic Building Block Sets with Ball Track

    Magnetic Building Block Sets with Ball Track
    We recently discovered magnetic building blocks, an innovative toy that stimulates imagination and encourages the development of critical thinking skills in kids ages 4-8-12. These colorful magnetic blocks interlock together to make fun and creative structures, from castles to tunnels, as well as a 3D ball track for added playability. The STEM educational toys also develop problem solving and motor skills as children explore their creative potential. The only potential downside is that these magnetic building blocks can be quite pricey. Yet, the value of toys that support your child’s imaginative play and learning development make them a great investment for parents who want to give their kids something educational yet still fun. In conclusion, magnetic building blocks are the perfect toy for encouraging your kids’ creativity while also providing educational benefits such as STEM learning and problem solving skills. We know firsthand how much our children enjoy this toy, which is why we highly recommend it!
  21. Musical Learning Turtle Toy

    Musical Learning Turtle Toy
    We have the perfect toys for little ones ages 6-18 months! Our baby toys are designed to stimulate imaginations and encourage development. Brightly colored light up baby toys with musical elements help babies learn letters, numbers and phone skills while they play. Plus, our infant baby toys are sized at 6, 9, 12 and 18 months to suit your child’s developing needs.However, these toys can be loud when turned on so parents may want to take that into consideration when purchasing. These toys are great for encouraging young minds to explore and create as they grow. Whether you’re looking for a gift or something special just for your little one, these fun and engaging baby toys are sure to make lasting memories!
  22. Robot LED Eyes Toy

    Robot LED Eyes Toy
    We have found the perfect toy to stimulate your child’s imagination: Hamourd Robot Toys! These rechargeable remote control robots are designed with flexible head and arms, dance moves, music, and shining LED eyes that will captivate your little one. Not only can these robots move around and perform for your children’s amusement, but they also possess auto-demonstration features that provide hours of entertainment. The only potential shortcoming of this toy may be its price point. But when you consider the sheer level of imaginative fun your kids will have with this unique robot toy, it is most definitely worth the investment. So if you’re looking for an amazing toy that provides endless playtime possibilities for your childrens’ imaginations, then look no further than Hamourd Robot Toys!
  23. Art Activity for Kids: Inspire Creativity

    Art Activity for Kids: Inspire Creativity
    We are always looking for ways to foster our kids’ imagination and creativity. This Art Activity for Kids provides an interactive and fun tool that encourages our little ones to play, explore, and create. With a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes at their disposal, our kids can express themselves freely without any limitations. This educational learning activity for kids also allows them to take part in important developmental activities such as sensory exploration and fine motor skill development. The art tool gives children the opportunity to discover their own unique form of artistic expression which will assist them in discovering themselves more. The only downside is that this activity can get quite messy! Even so, it’s a great way to spend quality time with your little ones while helping them reach their full potential. As parents ourselves, we know how important it is to boost our kid’s confidence by providing positive reinforcement and allowing them the freedom of creative expression through fun activities like this one.
  24. Smart Sensing Crab Toy

    Smart Sensing Crab Toy
    We are loving the Crawling Crab Baby Toy! A hands-on, interactive toy that encourages your little one to be active and use their imagination. It’s perfect for helping babies 3-18 months get used to tummy time while they watch the crab crawl and dance around. The music and lights make it a fun experience that will undoubtedly keep them entertained and engaged. The only potential downside is that it might be a bit hard for younger babies to move the crab around themselves. But with a little help from parents, they’ll soon learn how to use it! Overall, this is an exciting toy that we believe encourages playtime in an enjoyable way. We think this infant tummy time toy will provide hours of entertainment – just don’t be surprised if you find yourself dancing along too!
  25. 1. What kind of toys stimulate imagination?

    Toys that stimulate imagination are those that are open-ended and encourage creative play. This could include things like blocks, building sets, puppets, art supplies, dress up clothes, and role playing toys. These kinds of toys allow children to explore their own ideas and use their imaginations to create something new. For example, blocks can be used to construct a castle or a rocket ship, while puppets can be used to tell a story or act out a play. Art supplies allow children to express their creativity, while dress up clothes can be used to explore different roles and identities. Role playing toys, like a pretend kitchen set, can be used to act out various scenarios, such as running a restaurant or hosting a tea party. All of these toys are great ways to stimulate imaginative play.

    2. How can toys help children learn?

    Toys that stimulate imagination can be a great way to help children learn. By allowing children to explore their own ideas and use their imaginations to create something new, they are building on their problem-solving skills, developing their creativity, and learning to think critically. Through these activities, they are able to practice making decisions, learning how to work towards a goal, and understanding cause and effect. By engaging in imaginative play, children can also learn about the world around them, such as by pretending to be a doctor or a firefighter. Through this kind of play, they can learn new skills, such as communication, collaboration, and empathy.

    3. What are some tips for choosing toys that stimulate imagination?

    When choosing toys that stimulate imagination, it’s important to look for toys that are open-ended and encourage creative play. This means avoiding toys that have a single, predetermined outcome, such as electronic games or toys that already have a story built in. Instead, look for toys that have lots of pieces and are versatile. For example, blocks can be used to construct anything from a castle to a rocket ship, while dress up clothes can be used to explore different roles and identities. It’s also important to look for toys that are age-appropriate, so that the child can fully engage with the toy and be challenged by it. Finally, look for toys that can be easily modified or adapted, so that the child can continue to use the toy in different ways as they grow and develop.