Top 10 Toys That Help Teach Kids Social Studies

At Educational Toys Planet, we believe that social studies toys provide an amazing opportunity to help kids learn about the world around them. From role-playing games to interactive puzzles and books, our selection of social studies toys is designed to help kids build a strong foundation of knowledge in this important subject. With engaging activities that introduce cultural diversity, historical events, geography and more, these educational toys make it easy for children to explore their curiosity and discover the fascinating world of social studies. Whether your child is interested in exploring different countries or learning about ancient civilizations, you’ll find the perfect toy that teaches kids social studies here at Educational Toys Planet!
GeoToys — GeoBingo World — Board Games for Kids — Geography Bingo Game Learning Resources and Educational Toys — Kid Toys for Ages 4 and Up
  • Classic, Fun Games | GeoBingo is a new twist on a classic game and a new way to make geography fun! Get 5 countries in a row on a GeoBingo Board, then yell BINGO!
  • Educational Games for Kids | GeoBingo World contains 50 country cards, representing the world’s most populous nations, that show each country’s capital, land area, population and geographic location.
  • Family Games | This makes for a great girl toy and boy toy for family board game night. Easy for the whole family to play and learn more about our complex world.
  • Great for Travel | Keep everyone engaged and learning with travel games for kids that focus on developing new skills and vocabulary.
  • Home, School and Camp | Play GeoBingo World at home, school and camp. Great for big groups and teams. Make playing with small groups even more fun by having each player use multiple bingo boards!
Super Duper Publications | Auditory Memory Social Studies Fun Deck | Listening Comprehension Flash Cards | Educational Learning Materials for Children
  • 60 illustrated social studies cards (3" x 4") each present a factual story and three questions about the details
  • Includes storage tin, content cards, answer key, and game ideas
  • Educational - Helps children improve their listening skills and ability to remember facts from short stories
  • You might also enjoy our "Auditory Memory for Science Stories" Fun Deck Cards - also available on Amazon
Social Studies Mastery Pack - States & Capitals and U.S. Presidents Flashcards with Educational Games - Basic USA Trivia for Kids, Ages 8 and Up - Memory, Studying, & Teaching Aids & Activities
  • Learn In A Flash: Give your child or students a head start with two sets of social studies flashcards filled with material even grown-ups have trouble remembering
  • United States Presidents: Includes all presidents to date, from Washington to Trump, plus their term dates, vice presidents, birth and death dates, political party, birthplace, and fast trivia
  • States & Capitals: Learn each state's capital, abbreviation, nickname, establishment & join date, region, motto, shape, 2 state symbols, and fast facts
  • Jumbo-Size Cards: Each pack includes 50 jumbo-size 5.25" x 3.25" cards. Great for classroom games and teaching. Easy to see from a distance and easy to read for educators
  • Enriching Games & Drills: Both include multiple study games to make sure kids truly know their stuff. Great for the classroom learning, tutoring, or homeschooling. Great holiday gift idea for the young history buff
World Geography Board Games | Mapology Country Educational Learning Game for Kids & Adults | Montessori Learning Gift Idea for Teenage Boys & Girls
  • [Designed for World Learning]:Easy for kids to learn world & geography. kids learning fast and have a good grasp of basic knowlege of 48 main countries in a few days.
  • [Plant Flags with Fun]: With 48 colorful wooden flags, kids love finding the position of countries and then inserting flags into the world map, learning with fun.
  • [Family Board Game]: Have a good time with your kids and help him/her to learn world & geography. The 48 flash cards with basic country knowlege inside also help a lot.
  • [Geography Game Gift]: Great educational board games for kids 8-12. Great birthday gift idea for teen boys and girls.An award-winning world learning game toy.
  • [Great Quality & Large Size]: Great quality with 48 colorful wooden flags, world map by hardboard (14inch * 28inch) and 48 waterproof flash cards inside.
Professor Noggin's History of The United States Trivia Card Game - an Educational Trivia Based Card Game for Kids - Trivia, True or False, and Multiple Choice - Ages 7+ - Contains 30 Trivia Cards
  • PLAY & LEARN: Professor Noggin’s series of educational card games encourages kids to learn interesting facts about their favorite subjects.
  • FUN FACTS: Get ready for a fun card game that teaches about famous discoveries, people of the Revolution, and African Americans in history!  This kids card game makes learning history fun for all ages!
  • CARD GAME: Each of the thirty game cards combines trivia, true or false, and multiple-choice questions. A special three-numbered die is included which adds an element of unpredictability.
  • TWO-LEVELS OF PLAY: Easy and hard levels keep kids interested and challenged while of course having fun.
  • INCLUDES: 30 trivia cards, one three-sided die and instructions. ( 2 to 8 players ages 7 and up)
Mark Twain - U.S. History Maps, Grades 5 - 8
  • Maps for grades 5 and up
  • Covers topics such as the discovery of America, Spanish conquistadors, the New England colonies, wars and conflicts, westward expansion, slavery, and transportation
  • Maps are designed to be easily reproduced, projected, or scanned
  • Classroom activities and brief explanations of historical events are included
  • Includes answer keys
Qiaojoy Bilingual Interactive World Map for Kids Learning and Educational Toys, Talking Electronic Kids World Map i-Poster Geography Games Ages 3 to 12 Years Old, Custom Talking Birthday Gifts Card
  • 【MULTI AWARDS WINNING INTERACTIVE MAP】- Seal of Approval from the National Parenting Center 2021! 2022 Tillywig Brain Child Award Winner! 2022 NAPPA Award Winner! 2022 CREATIVE CHILD MAGAZINE Award Winner! The most popular electronic talking kids map. Children's favorite Christmas Birthday Gifts!
  • 【Bilingual World Map & DIY Magic Wand】- Educational talking world map great for children studying in both English and Spanish. The stylus is applicable in all Qiaojoy products; Supporting personalized start-up sound; Supporting recording: kids can use recording function to tell stories, sing songs etc. Imaginatively and interactively design kids own creative world!
  • 【Encyclopedic Learning】- The interactive world map helps kids learn 3500 fun facts about 195 countries all around the world! Help children to explore world and learn countries knowledge, flag, capital city, population, language, animal, ocean and so on.
  • 【Anti-boring Design】In addition to learning the knowledge of the each continent, in order to increase the fun of learning, clicking each icon on the map will make a different sound. For example, the sound of pandas, elephants, whales in the sea, seagulls and so on.. It will bring you an unusual immersive auditory scene, making children more interested in learning.
  • 【Challenging Games】World Map has designed three game modes from easy to difficult to better exercise children's abilities and strengthen children's memory of knowledge. From the first level of memory training, the second level of matching ability training, to the third level of reflection ability training, each level is progressive and challenging, which can better cultivate children's thirst for knowledge. You will be amazed how fast your kids know about the world when learning is made fun!
Skillmatics Science Snippets Kit - The Human Body, STEM Learning Resource & Educational Toys for Boys & Girls, 70+ Double-Sided Interactive Cards, Gifts for Ages 7, 8, 9 & Up
  • SCIENCE MADE FUN!: Make learning fun with 70+ colorful, double-sided cards that answer the "what," "why," and "how" of the human body!
  • INCLUDES: 70+ double-sided cards and a box that transforms into a tri-stand card holder for convenient storage and impressive display.
  • INTERACTIVE STEM LEARNING: Engage in hands-on STEM learning with interactive and vibrant cards that promote a deeper understanding of the human body.
  • TEACHES: Covers a wide range of topics, including anatomy and systems, health, hygiene, immunity, growth and development, blood circulation, and the body's defenses.
  • FAMILY-FRIENDLY: Designed for multiple kids or family members to learn about the human body together, fostering group engagement and discussions.

What are some examples of toys that teach kids about social studies?

A great example of a toy that teaches kids about social studies is a map puzzle. These puzzles come in a variety of sizes and can help children learn the geography of their home country or the world. They can learn the names of different countries, states, and cities, as well as the major bodies of water and mountain ranges. Another example of a toy that teaches kids about social studies is a history board game. These board games often feature questions about historical events, famous people, and cultures from around the world. Playing these games can help children learn a variety of facts and sharpen their knowledge of history. Finally, a great toy to teach kids about social studies is a culture-based craft set. These sets come with supplies to make traditional crafts from different countries, such as masks from Mexico, paper dolls from Japan, or dreamcatchers from North America. By learning about the traditional crafts of different cultures, kids can gain a more rounded understanding of the world.

Q2: How can parents use toys to teach their children about social studies?

Parents can use toys to teach their children about social studies in a variety of ways. A great way to start is by getting a map puzzle and having their child put it together. This will help them learn the geography of their home country or the world. Parents can also introduce their children to history board games, which can help them learn facts and sharpen their knowledge of history. Additionally, parents can use culture-based craft sets to help their children learn about traditional crafts from different countries. Finally, parents can use toys to teach their children about social studies by having them research the topics they are interested in. This can include researching the history of famous people, cultures, or countries.

Q3: What are the benefits of using toys to teach kids about social studies?

There are many benefits to using toys to teach kids about social studies. First, it can help children learn about geography, history, and cultures from around the world in an engaging and interactive way. Additionally, it can help them sharpen their knowledge of facts and become more familiar with the world. Furthermore, toys can help children develop an appreciation for different cultures and traditions, which can help them become more understanding and tolerant of others. Finally, using toys to teach social studies can also help children develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills, as they will need to use these skills to complete puzzles, board games, and crafts.Toys that Teach Kids Social Studies