Toys That Teach Reading

Inspire an interest in reading and literature with our fun phonics toys, spelling activities, quiz games, and word matching games. Learning to read toys will transform ABCs and first words into advanced language arts skills your children will benefit from in all academic years to come. Our kids learning to read games and toys will ease your children’s resistance and turn time to learn reading into time to play. It’s never too early to introduce your child to the wonderful world of reading! Educational Toys Planet presents a group of unique and exciting learning to read toys helping children to make first steps in reading.

Our Choice of 4 Best Toys That Teach Reading

Parents of toddlers, are you looking for the perfect toys to help your toddler learn to read? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ve rounded up the top 4 toys that aim to make reading fun and easy for your little one. From interactive books to educational games, these toys are sure to give your toddler a head start in reading. So get ready to explore our list of the best educational toys that will teach your toddler important reading skills.
  1. Wooden Reading Spelling Toy Set

    Wooden Reading Spelling Toy Set
    This wooden spelling toy is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers who are learning to read. The toy includes a wood tray with 5 handheld sets of rotating blocks, each with 3 letter movable blocks. Along with 48 sight words flash cards, this toy also has 24 foldable words. The short vowel rods spelling games are a great way to help kids with their reading skills, and the flash cards allow for further practice. The rotating letter puzzle is a fun way for kids to learn their ABCs, and the sight words Montessori spinning alphabet learning toy is a great addition to any child’s learning tools.
    What we like:  This wooden spelling toy is an engaging and fun way to help kids learn letters, words, and even sight words.
  2. DIY Reading Toys

    DIY Reading Toys
    This book is a great resource for parents and teachers who want to make toys that help teach reading skills. With clear, step-by-step instructions and plans, this book provides everything you need to know to make toys that are both fun and educational. From simple toys like alphabet blocks to more complex toys like a puppet theater, this book has something for everyone.
    What we like:  This book provides step-by-step instructions and plans to make fun toys that help children learn to read.
  3. Reading Blocks: Learn to Read

    Reading Blocks: Learn to Read
    The Learn to Read set is perfect for teaching children how to read and rhyme. The movable blocks feature different consonants, vowels, and consonant blends, allowing children to create their own words. The rotating letter blocks also create 60 different phrases, providing children with a fun and interactive reading experience. The wooden toy set is perfect for beginner readers, and is a great way to help kids learn the basics of phonetics.
    What we like:  This toy set is a fun and interactive way for young readers to learn how to read and develop a love of literacy at an early age.
  4. Kids Educational Spell & Match Toy Set

    Kids Educational Spell & Match Toy Set
    The Puzzle Enlightenment And Stimulate Interest Preschool games for ages 3 8 is an excellent choice for parents who are looking for a way to help their children develop their brains. This game comes with 28 double sided word cards and 52 colorful lowercase letters to help children learn how to read. In addition, the game also encourages children to exercise their left and right brains. The LET’S GO! Educational Toys for 3-8 Year Olds Girls Boys, 80 PCS See and Spell Learning Toys, Matching Letter Spelling Game Sight Words Games Educational Preschool Toys – Ideal Gifts is also an excellent choice for parents who are looking for a way to help their children learn how to spell. This game comes with 80 different pieces that will help children learn how to match letters and spell words.
    What we like:  This educational toy is a great way to teach children reading by providing multiple engaging activities.
  5. 1. What age should children start using toys to learn reading?

    The best age to start introducing toys that teach reading will vary depending on the child. It can be as early as 18 months when children first learn to recognize letters and sounds. For older children, ages 5 and up, more complex toys may be appropriate. It is important to note that there is no one size fits all when it comes to introducing reading toys. Each child will develop at their own pace, so parents should be aware of their child’s individual level of development and adjust the type of toys accordingly.