Garden Toys for 3 Year Olds – Outdoor Activities and Discovery

Welcome to Educational Toys Planet, your first stop for finding the perfect garden toys for 3 year olds! We know how important it is to provide our children with age-appropriate toys, and that’s why we’ve carefully curated our collection of the best garden toys for 3 year olds. Every item has been chosen to help foster and encourage playtime, creativity, and imagination. Our selection of garden toys is sure to bring hours of joy and fun, while also helping to teach important skills such as problem-solving, motor skills, hand-eye coordination and much more. Let’s explore the possibilities together!
  1. Flower Garden Building Toy

    Flower Garden Building Toy
    This GILI Flower Garden Building Toy set is great for any 3 year old toddler girl who loves gardening and arts and crafts. They’ll love playing with the colorful pieces, as they build their very own bouquet of flowers. The set even works for kids aged 3-6 years old, so it can grow with them. As an added bonus, it helps them to develop fine motor skills and encourages creativity! The only potential downside is that you may need to help younger kids with the more intricate pieces, although this could be a great bonding experience!
  2. Bright Minds Garden Builder

    Bright Minds Garden Builder
    This garden flower building STEM toy is perfect for 3 year old girls! It comes with 148 pieces, so your child can get creative and construct their own garden. Plus, it comes with a rhyming storybook that helps promote problem solving, language and fine motor skills. This toy will encourage your child’s imagination and problem solving abilities as they have fun constructing their own flowery garden. The only potential downside is that it offers a lot of pieces which can be overwhelming for some children.
  3. Deluxe Flower Building Set

    Deluxe Flower Building Set
    This Flower Garden Building Toy from IQKidz is a great gift for preschool and kindergarten age girls! This set includes a colorful flower garden and insect pegs, so your child can use their creativity to build something unique. It encourages STEM learning, stacking, and pretend play. With this toy, your 3-6 year old can develop fine motor skills, explore spatial relationships, and use their imaginations to create something fun! The only shortcoming with this set is that it doesn’t come with any instructions on how to build or create with the pieces.
  4. Scientoy Abundant Flower Garden Set

    Scientoy Abundant Flower Garden Set
    This set of flower garden building toys is perfect for kids aged 3-7 years old who love to get creative and explore the world of pretend gardening. With 130 pieces, your little one can build an imaginative flower garden of their own, arranging the different parts however they like. They’ll develop their communication and social skills while they play with friends or family members. Plus, it encourages them to use their fine motor skills as they grip and move the pieces around. The only downside is that the pieces may be too small for some, so adult supervision is recommended when playing.
  5. STEM Flower Garden Building Set

    STEM Flower Garden Building Set
    This Flower Garden Building Toy Set is perfect for 3, 4, 5, and 6 year old girls. It’s a great STEM Educational Activity Toy that encourages creativity and problem solving skills. Plus with the colorful pieces your little one can build their own unique flower garden! The toy set also makes a great birthday present to introduce kids to the world of building and construction. The only downside is that it requires adult supervision as it contains small parts that can be a choking hazard.
  6. DIY Flower Garden Playset

    DIY Flower Garden Playset
    This DIY Flower Garden Building Kit is perfect for preschoolers and toddlers between 3-6 years old who love to learn and explore. Kids will have a blast using the kit to create their own flowers garden, learning all about outdoor activities, engineering, STEM and crafts in the process. Not only is it educational and fun, but it also encourages creativity as kids get to design their own masterpiece. The downside of this toy is that a little bit of help from an adult may be needed when setting up the pieces.
  7. Montessori Educational Toys for Toddlers

    Montessori Educational Toys for Toddlers
    This Uncle Nick Montessori toy is perfect for little ones aged 1-3 years old! It combines educational activities with imaginative play and helps develop fine motor skills. Kids will have a blast sorting the different shapes, learning about colors and numbers, and playing with the toy car. Plus, this wooden piece looks great in any garden or backyard, making it a fun outdoor activity for all! The only potential downside is that some of the pieces may be too small for toddlers to handle easily.
  8. Goody King Garden Builder Playset

    Goody King Garden Builder Playset
    This Flower Garden Building Toys set looks like a great way for 3 year olds to explore the joys of gardening! The playset will teach them about STEM concepts and help them develop pretend play skills. It’s educational, interactive, and lots of fun. Plus, it’s designed for toddlers so it’s sure to be age appropriate. On the downside, this set may require some adult supervision to help kids with assembly or clean up afterwards.
  9. Build-A-Bouquet Floral Playset

    Build-A-Bouquet Floral Playset
    This fun and educational STEM stacking toy game from Rosykidz is the perfect gift for girls and boys aged 2-4. They can use the pieces to build their own beautiful flower garden, encouraging children to develop their creativity and problem solving skills. Plus, all the pieces are made of safe and durable materials, so parents can rest assured that it’s a safe choice for their little one. However, it does require some adult supervision for assembly – so make sure you have time to help out!
  10. Kawaii Flower Fairy Plush Doll Safety 1

    Kawaii Flower Fairy Plush Doll Safety 1
    Let your little one enjoy the sweetest cuddles with the HWD Kawaii Flower Fairy Stuffed Soft Plush Toy Doll Girls Gift. This beautiful 18-inch doll comes in a lovely pink color and is made of a soft material to ensure extra comfort and safety. It meets federal safety standards, giving you peace of mind that your child is safe while playing. One potential downside is that this toy may not last as long as some other more durable options. However, it can still provide hours of fun for your 3-year-old!
  11. Kids Garden Tool Kit Set

    Kids Garden Tool Kit Set
    This CUTE STONE Kids Gardening Tool Set is the perfect way for your 3 year old to get into gardening! Including a wheelbarrow, watering can, gloves, hand rake, shovel, trowel, double hoe and even an apron with pockets; this set has everything your little one needs to explore the world of gardening. It’s great for both indoor and outdoor playing so you can stay active even on rainy days. The best part? They’ll be developing important motor skills as they learn about plants and nature. The only potential shortcoming is that you might have to help them out while they’re using some of the tools.
  12. Grow Your Own Garden Playset

    Grow Your Own Garden Playset
    This fun garden playset is perfect for three-year-olds who are interested in learning about growing vegetables. It includes 13 pieces, including carrots, beets, potatoes, mushrooms, a trowel, seeds, fertilizer and a caterpillar. Not only will your little one gain an early understanding of gardening concepts but they will also have fun roleplaying with the play pieces included. With this set your child can learn important skills such as problem-solving and fine motor skills while having a blast! The only potential downside is that some of the parts may be too small for younger children so adult supervision is recommended.
  13. Kids Garden Tool Set

    Kids Garden Tool Set
    This ROCA Home Kids Gardening Tool Set is perfect for any toddler who loves to explore the outdoors! The set comes with a cute shark-shaped watering can, gloves, and other garden tools. It’s a great way for kids three years old and up to get creative in their own backyard, developing their motor skills as they learn about gardening. Plus, the shark-shaped watering can will add a touch of fun to any gardening project! One potential shortcoming could be that the size of the tools may not be suitable for smaller children.
  14. Kids Garden Tool Set 20pcs

    Kids Garden Tool Set 20pcs
    This set of INNOCHEER Kids Gardening Tools is perfect for 3 year old gardeners! It includes a comprehensive guide book to help them learn the basics, along with all the necessary tools like a watering can, gloves, shovel, rake, trowel and even a smock and hat! Everything your kiddo needs to get started on their own garden full of flowers and vegetables. Plus, it’s great for teaching them responsibility as they tend to their plants. The only possible downside is that these tools are made for smaller hands so may be too difficult for an older child or adult to use comfortably.
  15. Montessori Wooden Learning Toys

    Montessori Wooden Learning Toys
    This is a fun and educational wooden toy set for 3 year olds! It includes a wooden shape sorter and a carrot harvest game, both of which help little ones develop their fine motor skills. They’ll love to sort the shapes into the corresponding holes and practice picking up carrots with the tongs! Plus, it’s made from sturdy wood that will last for years. The only potential shortcoming is that it may be challenging for very young children to use the tongs.
  16. CENOVE Toddler Flower Garden Toy Set

    CENOVE Toddler Flower Garden Toy Set
    This CENOVE Flower Garden Building Toy is perfect for 3-6 year old kids. It promotes STEM education and encourages creative play. As a building toy it helps young kids develop motor skills, problem solving, and critical thinking. This fun flower garden set comes with 130 colourful pieces that can be used to create almost anything imaginable. The best part is the endless possibilities of creations that can be made with this set! However, since there are smaller parts involved with this toy, it might pose a choking hazard for toddlers under 3 years old.
  17. Deluxe Garden Tools Playset

    Deluxe Garden Tools Playset
    This deluxe 16-piece Liberty Imports My First Garden Wagon and Tools Toy Set is perfect for any 3 year old who loves to get their hands dirty digging in the garden. It has 8 gardening tools, 4 pots, a water pail and a sprayer, so there’s lots of ways to play. The water pail and sprayer are great for keeping plants watered while they grow. The wide variety of tools also means they can have a go at planting their own garden or helping Mom or Dad with theirs. Plus, they’ll love being able to wheel around all their supplies in the garden wagon! The only downside could be that it might take some time to show them how to use each item safely.

What types of garden toys are suitable for a 3 year old?

When shopping for garden toys for a 3 year old, there are a variety of options available. Outdoor play sets, such as playhouses and climbing frames, are great for encouraging physical activity and promoting imaginary play. For younger children, sand and water tables are fun and engaging, while ride-on toys, like tricycles and scooters, are ideal for developing balance and coordination. Balls, hoops, and other sports equipment can help with hand-eye coordination, while bubble blowers and water blasters can provide hours of fun. Additionally, there are a variety of tool sets, gardening sets, and other educational toys available that can help to foster a love of nature and the outdoors.

What safety precautions should be taken for garden toys for 3 year olds?

When it comes to safety, it is important to ensure that all garden toys for 3 year olds are age appropriate. Toys should be checked for any sharp edges or hazards, and should be large enough that they cannot be swallowed. Additionally, it is important to keep an eye on your child when they are playing outdoors, as even the safest toys can present a risk if not used properly. If the toy contains small parts, or the child is playing with a sharp tool, it is important to provide close supervision to ensure that the child is using the toy safely.

Are there any educational garden toys for 3 year olds?

Yes, there are a variety of educational garden toys available for 3 year olds. Gardening sets, such as trowels, gloves, and watering cans, can help to foster an early appreciation for nature and the outdoors. Additionally, there are a variety of outdoor science and nature sets that can help to promote an understanding of the natural world. These sets usually contain magnifying glasses, bug catchers, and other tools that can help to explore nature in a fun and engaging way.

What materials are garden toys typically made from?

Garden toys are typically made from plastics, wood, and metal. Plastic toys are often the most affordable and durable option, and are ideal for outdoor play as they are waterproof and easy to clean. Wood toys are often more aesthetically pleasing, and can be stained or painted to match the look of your garden. Metal toys are often the most durable, but can be prone to rusting if not cared for properly. It is important to consider the material when selecting a toy to ensure that it is suitable for your child and for the environment.

What should I consider when buying garden toys for 3 year olds?

When buying garden toys for 3 year olds, it is important to consider the size and age appropriateness of the toy. Toys should be sized appropriately so that they are not a choking hazard, and should be age appropriate to ensure that they are engaging and fun. Additionally, it is important to consider the materials used in the toy and ensure that they are safe and durable. Finally, it is important to check for any potential hazards, such as sharp edges or small parts, to ensure that the toy is safe for your child.