10 best MATH toys. Educational gift ideas

Who said that math is boring? We can assure children and parents that with the right play tools, learning mathematics can be fun! Find these math toys that were hand-picked by preschool and elementary school teachers to help parents and grandparents to shop for the smartest holiday gifts.

1. Math Keyboard – Multiplication

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This educational math toy features 81 keys with math facts on them. To learn your multiplication facts, simply press down the keys and see the answer to the fact under the key! This unique math keyboard is great for learning math facts quickly and efficiently. Children can take the Math Keyboard- Multiplication from Educational Toys Planet anywhere they go so they can learn multiplication facts everywhere! No batteries are required to learn the multiplication facts quickly by using this fun learning toy. This math plaything also has no loose parts so the keyboard won’t break and no parts will be lost. Math Keyboard – Multiplication from Educational Toys Planet will provide lots of exciting math fun for children of all ages!

2. Minute Math Electronic Flash Card Game

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Learning Resources’ Minute Math Electronic Flash Card Game is an easy and fun way to practice adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. The unique triangle tablet design is durable and great for play at home, in school or on-the-go. Chose to play a 60 second timed game mode or a low stress untimed mode. The Minute Math Electronic Flash Card Game from Educational Toys Planet features 3 different levels of difficulty, making this activity toy perfect for children on different skill levels. The Learning Resources toy is great for teaching early math skills, pre-algebra basics, or for learning multiplication tables up to 12! Lights and sounds let you know if you get a question right or wrong. The game even has volume control, making it great for large group play for 2-5 students or for quiet individual practice.

3. Toy Cash Register Teaching Toy

1a21 All children will love to play store or restaurant with this wonderful award-winning Toy Cash Register Teaching Toy! Da-ding! With its lights, sounds and messages the talking teaching cash register by Learning Resources makes every business transaction fun for your child. This interactive educational toy features a realistic colorful cash register, a set of actual size American money, toy credit cards and coupons, built-in scanner, scale, coin slot, volume control, and automatic shut-off. Educational Toys Planet’s Toy Cash Register Teaching Toy is such an amusing tool to introduce money and math concepts: counting, learning numbers and math operations, bills and coins, addition and subtraction.

4. GeoSafari Laptop Jr. Interactive Learning Game

1aa Educational Insights’ GeoSafari Laptop Jr. Interactive Learning Game is an award winning toy that grows with your child. Utilizing famous GeoSafari lesson cards, this cool compact laptop offers endless lessons for all types of learning fun. This travel-friendly electronic keyboard toy from Educational Insights features a sturdy board with tons of learning cards that can be slipped into place on the mini laptop to launch an activity. Including 63 two-sided lesson cards, the GeoSafari Laptop Jr. Interactive Learning Game will never get boring! Featuring tons of activities in language arts, geography, history, biology, and number fun, this unique set from Educational Toys Planet is a versatile toy sure to last! Play with 1 player, 2 players, or set up a head-to-head challenge. Perfect for home use, classroom play, or on-the-go fun!

5. Number Balance Math Learning Toy


Educational Toys Planet welcomes a really exciting toy that solves math problems! Number Balance Math Learning Toy by Educational Insights appeals to the visual learner who’s ready for some number fun. Number Balance scale toy teaches children of all ages important facts about counting, numbers and thinking skills. Your goal is to balance the scale by placing special weights on each side. What’s the trick to balancing? Make each side equal! If you have weights on the 4 and the 2 slots on one side, the other side has got to have a weight on the number 6 slot. Number Balance Math Learning Toy demonstrates number relationships and helps your child better understand addition, subtraction, and comparisons. This math teaching set comes complete with 20 weights, a teacher’s guide and a ton of potential fun!

6. Numbers Wooden Puzzle Cards


The Numbers Wooden Puzzle Cards by Melissa & Doug is an exciting way to introduce your little ones to math fun. Each puzzle card set includes puzzle pairs representing numbers 1-20. Each wooden number piece matches up to another piece with groups of objects that correspond with the number. Match the 3 bananas to the numerical 3 or the 8 cupcakes to the numerical 8. All matching pairs are self-correcting, so you’ll know when you’ve matched the right pairs. The Numbers Wooden Puzzle Cards set from Educational Toys Planet features easy-to-grasp, durable wooden puzzle pieces with smooth edges and meets all the highest safety standards. Each illustration is hand painted with vibrant non-toxic paints. When it’s time to clean up this durable numbers activity toy, all puzzle pieces fit neatly in the wooden storage box. Enhance early math skills, motor skills and problem solving with this family-friendly activity set.

7. Count & Learn ATM Machine Toddler Electronic Toy

1aaa Now your toddler or preschooler can learn how to use their own ATM machine! The Count & Learn ATM Machine Toddler Electronic Toy by the Learning Journey brings the money play to the youngest kids. Play pretend bank, count coins, learn to identify their values with this 3 play modes kids ATM toy from Educational Toys Planet. The kids will have tons of pretend fun inserting the ATM card, entering the PIN number to deposit and withdraw their own play coins. The Count & Learn ATM Machine Toddler Electronic Toy includes 5 different coin values that will help to recognize coin values, colors and numbers. This toddler electronic toy features a great educational value introducing kids to the principles of banking, money concepts, and early math skills.

8. Math Mat Challenge Electronic Game


Learning Resources’ Math Mat Challenge Electronic Game is a cool interactive game mat that combines fast paced games with addition and subtraction. The Math Mat Challenge Electronic Game, offered by Educational Toys Planet, features 3 games with 2 skill levels each, for a total of 6 unique and exciting activities. Learning Resources created this game as the perfect activity for children of all ability levels. Count, add and subtract up to the number 20, the game keeps score for you! Tap, jump or slap the correct numbers to win the game, but remember to act fast! The Math Mat Challenge Electronic Game speeds up as you play, so your kids will always be challenged and engaged. Learning Resources’ cool math game is a great way to encourage mathematical learning and enhance motor skills, keeping your brain and your body healthy! The game mat measures 32 in diameter.

9. Geometric Shapes 3D Building Set


Learning Resources came up with an educational toys that makes geometry truly visible for the young learners! Geometric Shapes 3D Building Set is a building toy, a math learning tool, a 3D model assembly kit, and a terrific brain teaser – all in one! Kids will love to explore geometric shapes with this construction set. Connect the colorful sticks that come in 3 sizes, to the curves and connectors to make 2D and 3D basic and more versatile geo shapes. The Geometric Shapes 3D Building Set includes 90 sticks in 3 sizes (2.5, 3.5, 5.25 inches), 32 curves, and 48 connectors (about 1 inch in diameter). The kids-safe durable building parts from this Educational Toys Planet’s math learning set let children to assemble circles, cylinders, pyramids, and more!

10. Fraction Formula Math Learning Game


The Fraction Formula Math Learning Game by Educational Insights challenges you to add up fractions as you try to get as close as you can to the number 1, without going over. This exciting activity game from Educational Toys Planet asks players to draw a fraction card, find the corresponding fraction tile and drop the tile into your game cylinder. If you think you can get closer to 1 without going over pick up more cards to add more fraction tiles. Whoever gets closest to 1 wins the round. The Fraction Formula Math Learning Game is designed for up to 4 people to play. So, gather your friends, family or classmates and start the fraction fun. A great way to practice critical thinking skills and mathematical thinking!