10 Commandments to parents from a person who walked into gas chamber with his school children

Janusz Korczak is an outstanding Polish educator, writer, physician and public figure, who refused to save his own life three times. The first time it happened when Janusz decided not to emigrate to Palestine before German occupation of Poland. He refused to leave behind the Orphanage on the eve of the terrible events. The second time – when he refused to escape from the Warsaw ghetto. The third time Korczak refused to save his own life when all the inhabitants of the Orphanage climbed into the railroad car taking them to nazi death camp. Korczak was approached by an SS officer who asked: – Are you the one who wrote “King Matiush the First” ? I read this book as a child. A good book. You can go free now. – And the children? – The children must stay. But you can leave the car. – You are wrong. I can not. Not all people are bastards.   Yanush   A few days later in Treblinka concentration camp Janusz Korczak along with their children went into the gas chamber. On the way to his and children’s death Korczak was holding unsuspecting two of the youngest children and telling them a fairy tale story. An everyday person does not need to know anything more about Janusz Korczak. Just read the 10 Commandments for educating children created by this amazing person.  
  1. Do not expect your child to fulfill your ambitions. Help him to become what he is, not what you are.
  2. Do not expect your child to return everything you invested in him. You gave him his life, how he can repay you? He will give life to another, the third, and this is an irreversible act of gratitude.
  3. Do not vent your resentments on the child in order to avoid disappointment later on in life . For what you sow, so shall rise.
  4. Do not look down on you child’s problems. Everything in life is given according to what one can handle. Be sure, child’s life is just as challenging, it might be even more challenging than yours, since he does not have an experience.
  5. Do not disgrace!
  6. Don’t forget that the most important encounters in life – are encounters with children. Pay more attention to them – we can never know whom we encounter in the face of the child.
  7. Don’t beat yourself up, if you can not do something for your child. Simply remember, it never done enough until everything possible has been done.
  8. The child – this is not a tyrant, who takes over your life. He is not only your flesh and your blood. He is a precious Holy Grail given to you by Life so you could light up their creative fire. The child is a liberated love by mother and father who will not grow “our” or “their” kid, but they will grow a soul given to them to care for.
  9. Learn to love someone else’s child. Never do to someone else’ child what you would not do to yours.
  10. Love your child no matter what they are – not talented, unsuccessful, or an adult. When communicating with him – rejoice, because the child – is a celebration that is still with you.