Doman math – does it work?

Out of all Doman programs math seems the most… intriguing? Astonishing? Definitely, unbelievable. Tiny kids as true math geniuses, doing sophisticated equations in their heads? Is it really possible?1rb Apparently, it is. There are lots of parents who had a remarkable success with this program. So what is the mystery behind this program? Do babies really learn quantities, manipulating them, solving sophisticated problems, and get an amazing math foundation for the rest of their lives? I think they can. And if you still have many questions, check this wonderful article by Elizabeth at WordsBestEducation: The Math Mystery. In this article the blogger describes her own quest for understanding on how the math program works for the kids, how successful it is and what are the reasonable expectations. Elizabeth, the author of the article, cites a phone conversation with IAHP institutes where they answered many of her questions, and then shares her own suggestions on how to make this program successful. So far I don’t have a successful math story of my own – my older one never liked the dot cards to begin with, and quantities never won neither his heart, nor, apparently, his brain, since at 3 and 1/2 he is still having hard time differentiating 4, 5, 6 and other more obvious numbers. For him we are trying the Right Start Math that appears to be working better for him. Nevertheless, I am planning to try again with his baby brother and I hope we have better results this time. So, do you think it would work? Please share your opinions and success stories!