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  • Play the Frog Hoppers Game and try to toss your frog pieces with flipping them with your fingers into the bucket.
  • Develops skills: Manipulative Skills, Concentration, Cooperative Play
  • Awards: Oppenheim Toy Portfolio - Gold Seal

Jump with joy as you leap and flip your colorful little frogs into their bucket pond! Play the Viking Toys Frog Hoppers Game and challenge yourself to toss your frog pieces with a flip of your fingers into the bucket. The more you can get in, the better! Invite your friends to race you and see who can get the most plastic jumping-flipping frogs in the bucket. Educational Toys Planet’s award-winning Frog Hoppers Game includes 16 frogs in 4 vibrant colors – green, red, yellow, and blue – and comes with a multi-functional storage bucket to keep your frogs safe in between games. Practice motor skills and enjoy exciting action games at the same time with the Frog Hoppers Game!

Viking Toys Frog Hoppers Game – Promote Motor Skills and Enjoy Exciting Action Games for All Ages

The Frog Hoppers Game from Viking Toys is a fun and engaging game that promotes fine motor skills and encourages players to challenge themselves. Players can have a blast flipping their colorful frogs into the bucket. The frogs come in four vibrant colors – green, red, yellow, and blue – and the game includes a multi-functional storage bucket to keep them safe when the game is over. The goal of the game is to see who can toss the most frogs into the bucket in the shortest time. This game is perfect for parties, family gatherings, or any time you want to have a fun and exciting challenge. Players can also work together to see how many frogs they can get in the bucket. With Frog Hoppers, the possibilities are endless! Kids and adults alike will have an amazing time playing this fun game. So grab your frogs and get hopping!

Hoppers Logic Game Critical Thinking

Hoppers Logic Game Critical Thinking

If you’re looking for a game that your kid will love and learn from, the Think Fun Hoppers Logic Game may be just what you’re looking for. This 96-piece puzzle comes in six colors, making it easy to match with any décor – and it’s loved by families worldwide because of its fun gameplay and ability to help kids develop critical thinking skills. Assemble the blocks according to specific instructions given on each board, then use logic (and some strategy) to make your way through obstacles towards the goal. It doesn’t get much more engaging than this.

Develops Skills: logic, critical thinking, problem solving

12pcs Jumping Frog Finger Pressing Toy

12pcs Jumping Frog Finger Pressing Toy

This is a great toy for kids to play with. The 12-piece set comes with 3 different colors of frogs and a bucket that you can use for storage. Kids will love bouncing these frogs around and pressing their fingers on the sides to make them jump. This is also perfect as party favors or gifts, especially if you are looking for something unique that your guests will enjoy. Reviewers note that this toy makes an excellent teaching tool since it encourages hand-eye coordination, problem solving skills, and more while being fun at the same time.

Develops Skills: finger dexterity, hand-eye coordination, bouncing, pretend play, sensory stimulation

130 Pack Jumping Frogs

130 Pack Jumping Frogs

This toy is perfect for children who love jumping around. It comes in a variety of colors and includes 130 frogs that jump when you press them. Kids will have hours of fun making their own games with this classic toy.

Develops Skills: cognitive skills, fine motor skills, imaginative play, jumping, coordination, social skills

TOMY Mr Mouth Feed Frog Game

TOMY Mr Mouth Feed Frog Game

This classic frog game is a lot of fun for both adults and kids. Adults will remember happy childhood memories while Kids will have loads of fun flicking the fly to make Mr. Mouth’s mouth open and close. The head on this amphibian is really funny, making it challenging yet entertaining enough that even very young children can play without getting frustrated. Reviewers appreciate how family-friendly this game is – perfect for rainy days when there’s nothing else to do.

Develops Skills: math, problem solving, spatial reasoning, pondering

Whack A Frog Game 5 Modes 45 Levels

Whack A Frog Game 5 Modes 45 Levels

This Whack A Frog game is great for toddlers and young kids because of its five modes- Single Player, Multiplayer Mode, Practice Game with Friends (2 Players), Race Against the Clock Mode. In Singleplayer mode you try to hit as many frogs as possible before time runs out; in multiplayer mode two players can compete against each other; in practice game with friends you just try to avoid getting whacked by your buddy while trying not get hit yourself; race against the clock mode has a set amount of time that either player has to complete three rounds or it’s Game Over. The frog light up music spray adds an extra layer of fun and excitement– perfect for birthday parties or special events.

Develops Skills: logic, problem-solving, fine motor skills, auditory discrimination, memory, creativity, imagination

Interactive Whack A Frog Learning Game

Interactive Whack A Frog Learning Game

This playful frog game is perfect for toddlers who are just starting to develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. By whacking the fleeing amphibian, your child will learn how to coordinate their movements and focus on tasks at hand. With two hammers included, you can also help support your tot’s early developmental milestones by practicing their grip strength as they pummel poor Mr. Frog. Ages 3+, 4+, 5+

Develops Skills: problem solving, reasoning, memory, hand-eye coordination, creative thinking

1. How many frogs come with the Frog Hoppers game?

The Frog Hoppers game comes with 6 frogs. The game is designed for 2-4 players, so each player gets 1-2 frogs to use in the game. The frogs come in a variety of colors, including green, yellow, blue, and pink. The frogs are made of plastic and have a suction cup on the bottom for easy hopping on the game board. The game also comes with game pieces, a game board, and instructions.

To play the game, each player places their frog on the start square and then take turns hopping their frogs around the game board. The object of the game is to be the first person to have all of their frogs reach the Finish line. The frogs hop over each other and around the board until someone wins.

This game is great for family game night and is appropriate for kids ages 4 and up. So, if you’re looking for a fun and interactive game, you can’t go wrong with Frog Hoppers!

2. What colors do the frogs come in?

Frogs can come in a variety of colors, depending on the species. Common colors include green, brown, black, and yellow. Some frogs are even brightly colored, such as the Red-eyed Tree Frog which has bright green bodies with red eyes and orange stripes. Other species can be shades of blue, pink, or even purple. Some frogs, like the Poison Dart Frog, can even come in a variety of colors, such as blue, yellow, green, and black. In some cases, the color of a frog can even change depending on its environment. For example, the White’s Tree Frog can be green in the wild, but can turn a bright yellow when kept as a pet.

3. What is the purpose of the multi-functional storage bucket that comes with the game?

The multi-functional storage bucket that comes with the game serves multiple purposes.

First, it is a convenient way to store game pieces and components. With the bucket, you can easily organize and store all the pieces and components of the game in one place, preventing them from getting lost or misplaced.

Second, the storage bucket can be used as an aid when playing the game. For example, if the game involves rolling dice, the storage bucket can be used to hold the dice, making it easy to pick them up and roll them.

Third, the storage bucket can also be used to store the game board and cards when the game is not in use, making it easy to store and transport the game.

Finally, the storage bucket can also be used to store other items, such as pencils, paper, score sheets, etc. This makes it a versatile and useful accessory to have on hand when playing the game.

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ThinkFun Hoppers Logic Game - Enhances Critical Thinking Skills | Vibrant Multicolor Design | Fun and Educational Gameplay | Perfect Mind Teaser for Kids and Adults | ASIN: 76347
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  • COMPREHENSIVE GAME SET: Comes with a game grid featuring storage drawer, 40 unique challenges with solutions, and 12 vibrant green hopper frogs - everything you need for hours of brain-teasing fun
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  • 🐸Jumping frog party favors great for having fun with your kids or friends and let them develop fine motor skills.
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24 Pieces Jumping Frog Toy with A Bucket Plastic Finger Pressing Funny Bouncing Frog Toys Assorted Colors Frogs Toys Fun Party Favors Gift (12Pcs)
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  • 🐸Unique Design: The size of the frog stack attack game set is 14*7cm / 5.5*2.76 in. 3D balance games includes 50 frogs, balance board pillar base, adventure wheel, dice, and storage bag for easy storage after the game ends. Swing stack balance game is a two-player battle game, with this frog stacking game, anyone can effortlessly master balance in just 1 minute. The cute frog shape balance game adds more fun to the party. Perfect for party favors for kids, family games, parent-child games, etc.
  • 🐸Board Games Rules: In the first game, 2 or 4 people take turns to release frogs, if one side loses balance, it will fail. In the second game, the player places the little frog in a designated position based on the rolling of the dice, adding an opportunity element to the game. Finally, spinning the big adventure wheel determines the loser who will face punishment. Explore various interesting games and play an exciting game with your friends or family, making you the king of games at parties.
  • 🐸Educational Toy for Kids: The frog balance math game is an kids puzzle games. Frog shaped balance game math counting toys can stimulate children's curiosity. Building up kids interest in study through balance educational toys, improves memory and helps develop fine motor skills. Use this frog balance tree two person games parent-child interactive puzzle toy to promote interaction and bonding between parents and kids. Educational counting number kids toys are the perfect Christmas gifts for kids.
  • 🐸Creative Gift: Stack attack game is a fun and challenging game. Surprise your child with this fun filled stack game because learning arithmetic in this way is fun! Frog swing stack balance game is also a teaching tool for parents and teachers, great for encouraging and reinforcing multi-dimensional learning at home, school, nursery during tutoring session. Kids balance games is a Christmas gifts for preschool girls and boys aged 3+, birthday, Easter, Thanksgiving gift and party favors for kids.
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  • Multiple colors: you will get 12 pieces of frog toys in 6 colors, including blue, red, purple, yellow, green, orange, 2 pieces for each color, which are enough to meet your personal preferences, bringing you a different kind of fun, you can share with others to play games together
  • Quality material and portable: these jumping frogs toys are made of plastic materials, which are sturdy, not easy to deform or bend, you can play them for a long time; Lightweight and portable for you to carry, you can put them in your pocket so that you can have fun anywhere and anytime
  • Interesting toys: these plastic frogs toys have rich colors and interesting shapes that attract people to play, especially suitable for boys and girls, whoever plays far is the winner of the game; It can enhance the relationship between friends
  • Simple to play: you just need to put these assorted colors frogs on a flat surface, and then, you only need to press the end of frogs, and frogs will jump far away, it is a very interesting and exciting game for teenagers
  • Multiple uses: these cute frog toys are a good choice for playing with friends, especially at Halloween parties, birthday parties, school events, Christmas, games and competitions, family games, and can also be applied as small gifts for family or friends
KEJIH Classic Feed Frog Board Game,Multiplayer Athletic Game,Frog Eating Bugs Game,Exercise The Speed of The Reaction Game,Surprise Exciting Family and Friend Party Games,Suitable for Kid
  • 🐸【INTERESTING GAME OF FEEDING FROGS】Exciting surprise frog big adyenture, multiplayer competition, popping flying bugs can bring unlimited fun to children and adults door
  • 🐸【PLAY INTRODUCTION】One person choose a color, turn on the switch, let the frog turn up, put the bug on the catapult, and pop the bug into the frog's mouth, whoever pops in the most wins.
  • 🐸【QUALITY MATERIALS&INTERESTING MOVEMENTS】High-quality materials, cute cartoon shape, turn on the switch, the frog's big mouth a turn, the eye will also wiggle together
  • 🐸【MULTIPLAYER COMPETITIVE FAMILY GAME】frog big adyenture is a Montessori education family board game for children. It helps children develop hand and eye coordination and exercise intellectual thinking. The classic frog game can teach children healthy competition and effective communication.
  • 🐸【IDEAL TOY】This fun and exciting game always brings unexpected fun. Perfect for family game nights and gatherings with friends, or as a birthday, Easter or Christmas toy for children and adults of all ages.
Franklin Feed The Frog Kids Target Game - Fun Interactive Game for Indoor and Outdoor - Play with Friends and Family - Includes Frog Target, 3 Flies and 1 Bee
  • FEED THE FROG by throwing flies into his mouth! The frog target features a HUGE spiked target that will catch insects as they're thrown!
  • EASY & FUN FOR EVERYONE! Earn points for each fly that makes it in! When it's your opponent's turn, use the bee to try knock out your opponent's flies!
  • INDOOR OR OUTDOOR PLAY! Challenge your friends and family to Feed the Frog anywhere! Play it in your living room, in the backyard, or even at the park!
  • 2+ PLAYERS! Teams can be formed with 2+ players!
  • INCLUDES (1) Frog Target, (3) Flies and (1) Bee
Frog balance Game,Balance Board Game,Two-Player Balanced Tree Board Game, Montessori Frog Balance Tree Educational Toys, Children Desktop Game Gift for Boys Girls
  • Frog Balance Game: Stack balance toys features a cute frog theme.The size of the frog stack attack games set is 14*7cm / 5.5*2.76 in. Sets includes 50 frogs, balance board pillar base, adventure wheel, dice, and storage bag. The frog balance game adds more fun to the party, perfect for party favors family games, parent-child games, etc.
  • Eco-Friendly Choice: After strict quality testing, our Frog Balance Game is crafted from non-fading, environmentally friendly ABS materials, smooth design ensures the safety of kids and durability of the toy, allowing kids to fully enjoy the balance stacking games without any concerns.
  • Interactive Family Games: Designed for 2 player games, this frog tree balance games promoting parent-child interaction. Place little Frogs by points on the balance scale in Frog Balance Math Game. Play with a friend and see who can last without tipping the scale. This promotes children's competitive and cooperative spirit, while also enhancing their math skills. stacking games of fidget toys will bring hours of fun to kids and adults of all ages.
  • Educational Toy For Kids: This balance stacking games provides the perfect opportunity for family game night, party games, and other social gatherings, everyone will enjoy the fun. Frog balance tree two person games parent-child interactive puzzle toy to promote interaction and bonding between parents and kids.
  • Wonderful Gift: The Frog Balance Game is the perfect choice for parents looking to gift their kids a fun and educational game. With its unique qualities, it helps improve hand-eye coordination, motor skills and counting abilities. Kids balance games is great for party favors , Easter toys and prizes, school classroom rewards, party bag fillers, birthday gifts for boys and girls, goodie bags stuffers and other party activities.