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  • Giant Roly Polys (Also called Potato Bugs, Isopods, or Pill Bugs)

This personal sidekick will stay in your pocket and go wherever you go, making it the perfect first pet for children. It is meant to be used with a Pocket Pet Habitat and Roly Poly Farm, both of which are available on Amazon. Manufactured by Pocket Pets, young Hippos are shipped 4-6 weeks old and can grow to over one inch long. If all exotic Pocket Pet Roly Poly species are ordered together, shipping costs will be combined to save you money. Giant Roly Polys (also known as Potato Bugs, Isopods, or Pill Bugs) are also available.

Giant Roly Poly Isopods – An Educational and Fun Pet for All Ages

Giant Roly Poly Isopods, also known as pillbugs, are an exciting and educational pet for all ages! These small, crustacean-like creatures are easy to care for, with little maintenance required. They require no food or water, and are able to survive in a terrarium filled with soil, wood chips, and pieces of wood for them to hide in. They’re nocturnal, so you’ll be able to enjoy watching them scurry around in the evening. Not only that, but these isopods are also quite entertaining, as they roll up into a tight ball when they feel threatened. Children are especially drawn to them, as they can observe the isopods have fun and explore their terrarium in a safe and educational environment. Additionally, isopods can be a great teaching tool, as they’re a great resource to help kids learn about the environment and biology. You can even purchase isopod habitats online that come with educational materials, such as books, pamphlets, and activity sheets, to increase the educational experience of owning these creatures. In short, Giant Roly Poly Isopods are an educational and fun pet for all ages.

Live Giant HippoPolyus Roly Poly Isopods

Live Giant HippoPolyus Roly Poly Isopods

If you’re looking for a unique and high-quality live pet, the 10 Live HippoPolyus from Pocket Pets is perfect. These Giant Roly Poly Isopods are approximately 3 inches long and come in at about 1 pound each. They are healthy and deliver live, healthy Rollies (Hippopotamuses). Although this particular shipment contains 10 units, we always aim to have a minimum of 20 available because demand often outpaces our supply. We recommend waiting if your low temperatures forecast falls below 20 degrees due to potential shipping delay issues..

Develops Skills: cognitive skills, problem-solving, sensory stimulation, gross motor skills

Roly Poly Farm Tower

Roly Poly Farm Tower

If you’re looking for an ant farm that’s a little more fun and easier to care for, the Roly Poly Farm Tower may be just what you need. This tower is designed with fast-moving roly polys in mind, making it great for younger children who struggle with keeping up with slower farms. Plus, this farm comes complete with 10 common ants. You can also use your own Roly Polys if you have some extra lying around – they will even send them along when ordered.

Develops Skills: math, counting, sorting, basic farm skills, problem-solving, spatial awareness

Roly Poly Farm Vivarium/Terrarium

Roly Poly Farm Vivarium/Terrarium

This is the perfect toy for budding naturalists. The Roly Poly Farm Vivarium/Terrarium by Pocket Pets (Assorted Colors) will let your child experience what it’s like to be an ant on a real farm. Just place roly polies inside and watch them crawl around, feed themselves with food you provide, and even reproduce. This fun terrarium also comes with instructions that explain how to care for your little farmer friends.

Develops Skills: animal care, plant care, environmentalism

LED Light Up Aqua Dragons Tank

LED Light Up Aqua Dragons Tank

This is a great gift for kids who love animals and fish. The dragon habitat comes with LED light up tank, hatch that will release the baby dragons into the water, and grow toy to keep your little ones entertained while they wait for their new friends to arrive. You can also buy additional eggs so you have more babies.

Develops Skills: aquatic animals, learning, STEM, pretend play

Live Orange Powder Isopods Cleanup Crew

Live Orange Powder Isopods Cleanup Crew

Bugzy Bugs has been creating high-quality, eco-friendly pet products for years. This Insect Terrarium set includes 10 counts of live Powder Orange Isopods to help keep your terrarium clean and healthy. These isopods are part of the Porcellio pruinosus species, which boast a natural ability to disinfect surfaces in an indoor environment. They’re also a great source of bioactive substances that can improve your pets’ overall health.*

Develops Skills: natural sciences, insect identification, pet care, cleaning

1. How long do Giant Roly Poly Isopods live?

Giant Roly Poly Isopods are terrestrial isopods that can live up to three to five years in captivity. In the wild, they may live shorter lives due to environmental conditions and predation. Under ideal conditions, with proper care and nutrition, Giant Roly Poly Isopods can live quite long lives.

For example, in one case, a Giant Roly Poly Isopod named “Bruce” lived to be over five years old. Bruce was owned by an online hobbyist and was well taken care of, with a proper enclosure and diet. Bruce’s owner also made sure that his tank was kept clean and that he was given plenty of space to move around and explore.

In another case, a group of Giant Roly Poly Isopods owned by another hobbyist lived for three years. This hobbyist kept their tank at a consistent temperature, provided a variety of nutritious food, and kept the tank clean and free from pests.

Given the proper care and nutrition, Giant Roly Poly Isopods can live to be three to five years old in captivity.

2. What type of environment do Giant Roly Poly Isopods prefer?

Giant Roly Poly Isopods, also known as Pill Bugs or Woodlice, prefer a dark and damp environment. They thrive in areas with high levels of moisture and humidity, such as leaf litter and rotting wood. They also prefer a dark environment, as they are nocturnal creatures and are sensitive to light. Isopods are also found in caves, as they need cool and humid conditions to survive.

Isopods do not like to be exposed to the open air or direct sunlight for long, and will quickly seek out a dark and damp environment. They also need plenty of food, such as decayed organic matter, to survive. Isopods are able to adapt to different environments and can survive in a wide variety of habitats, from forests to deserts.

In captivity, Isopods can be kept in a terrarium or aquarium and should be provided with moist soil and plenty of hiding places such as bark, moss, or other natural materials. The temperature should be kept between 65-75F and the humidity should remain around 70%. It is also important to provide plenty of food and water, as well as a shallow water dish for the Isopods to drink from.

Overall, Giant Roly Poly Isopods prefer a dark and damp environment with plenty of food and water. They need a cool and humid environment to survive, and should be kept in a terrarium or aquarium that can provide these conditions.

3. Are Giant Roly Poly Isopods dangerous to humans?

No, Giant Roly Poly Isopods are not dangerous to humans. Giant Roly Poly Isopods, also known as pill bugs, are members of the crustacean family, and they lack the ability to bite or sting. They are nocturnal scavengers who feed on decaying plants and fungi, so they are not harmful to humans or other animals. They can also be helpful in composting, as they mix and aerate the soil while they feed.

Giant Roly Poly Isopods can be quite entertaining to watch, as they curl up into a tight ball when they feel threatened or when they are touched. They are not aggressive and will not attack humans. In fact, these creatures are quite gentle and can even be kept as pets.

Overall, Giant Roly Poly Isopods are not dangerous to humans. However, it is important to use caution when handling them as their exoskeleton is quite delicate and can easily be damaged.

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