Magnatab Magnetic Tablet

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  • Develops skills: Helps kids learn how to write and draw, creativity
The magnatab is a magnetic tablet designed for writing and drawing. The device consists of a metal surface with a series of magnets embedded in it, and a stylus that can be used to write or draw on the surface. When the stylus is placed on the surface, it creates an electromagnetic field which interacts with the magnets to create an invisible line. The magnatab can be used to write or draw freehand, or to create straight lines, curves and other shapes. It can also be used as a regular tablet for taking notes or drawing diagrams.

Magnatab Magnetic Tablet And Stylus

The Magnatab is a magnetic tablet and stylus that helps kids learn how to write and draw. The stylus has a magnet at the end that attaches to the tablet, which makes it easy for kids to hold and maneuver. The Magnatab also has a series of bumps on the surface that help guide kids’ fingers as they write or draw. As they trace over the bumps, they create lines on the screen that are displayed in real time.

Magnatab Letters

Magnatab letters are a fun and unique way to learn how to write. The magnets in the letters keep them in place on the metal board, so kids can practice without worrying about the letters falling off. The board also has lines to help kids stay within the lines and keep their writing neat.

Magnatab Glow In The Dark

The Magnatab Glow in the Dark is an amazing toy that will keep your child entertained for hours on end. The Magnatab consists of a cylindrical base with a raised, rubberized grip and a transparent sliding cover. The cover has several small holes drilled in it, through which the child can feed one or more pieces of paper. Inside the base are several powerful magnets and a metal stylus. When the stylus is moved over the paper, it creates patterns of magnetic fields that cause the individual pieces of paper to attract to or repel from each other, depending on how they are aligned. With some practice, kids can use this simple toy to create intricate designs and even write their names! But what makes this toy truly special is its ability to glow in the dark! By exposing it to light (either natural or artificial), any designs drawn on it will light up when darkness falls. This feature makes it perfect for midnight arts and crafts sessions!

Magnatab Alphabet

The Magnatab alphabet is a new and innovative way to learn how to write the alphabet. The letters are formed by metal balls that connect together with magnets. This makes learning how to write the alphabet fun and easy. The Magnatab Alphabet comes with a board that has 26 indentations for each letter of the alphabet, as well as an instruction booklet. The instruction booklet explains how to use the Magnatab Alphabet, and also includes activities and games that can be used to help children learn how to write the alphabet.

Magnatab Pen

The Magnatab is a pen with a unique feature – it has a magnetic surface that can be used to write on metal surfaces. The pen comes with a special stylus that has a magnet in the end, which attaches to the metal surface and allows you to write on it like you would any other paper. The Magnatab also comes with an eraser, so you can easily erase your mistakes.

Magnatab Board

The magnatab board is a fun and innovative new way to write and draw. The board is made up of a plastic base with a magnetic surface. The included stylus has a small magnet on the end, which allows you to attach it to the board or any other metal surface. This makes it easy to keep track of, and prevents you from losing it. The stylus feels smooth as you write or draw on the board, and leaves behind clear markings that are easy to see. You can use the magnatab board for anything from taking notes in class, drawing sketches, or even making your own masterpieces.

Magna Tablet Deluxe

Magna Tablet Deluxe is the latest, most innovative and high-tech tablet on the market today. With its sleek design and state-of-the art features, Magna Tablet Deluxe is sure to revolutionize the way you use tablets. Some of its amazing features include: a powerful quad-core processor for ultrafast speed and performance, a crystal clear 10.1 inch HD display with IPS technology for stunning visuals from any angle, 8GB of internal storage plus up to 128GB of expandable storage via microSD card slot so you can store all your music, videos, photos and more, Android 6 Marshmallow OS for a user-friendly experience and long battery life so you can stay productive on the go all day long. Magna Tablet Deluxe is also equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity for easy pairing with other devices such as headphones or speakers, dual front facing speakers for superior sound quality when watching movies or listening to music and two cameras – an 8MP rear camera with autofocus and LED flash plus a 2MP front camera – perfect for capturing those special moments while video chatting with friends or family. With all these incredible features packed into one amazing tablet, it’s no wonder why Magna Tablet Deluxe is quickly becoming everyone’s favorite!

Magnatab Jumbo

The magnatab jumbo is an amazing device that has completely revolutionized the way people write. Rather than using a pen and paper, this device allows users to write on a tablet using a magnetic stylus. The magnatab jumbo is perfect for writing long detailed descriptions, as it provides a large surface area to work with. Plus, the magnets on the stylus make it easy to keep track of your place on the tablet, so you never have to worry about losing your spot.

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