Magnetic Mosaics Kids Craft Kit

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  • Adorable sea horses, cute puppies, and precious ducks all come to life on your template with the Orb Factory magnetic cube mosaics for kids!
  • Develops skills: Creativity, Manipulative Skills, Imagination
Adorable sea horses, cute puppies, and precious ducks all come to life on your template with the Magnetic Mosaics Kids Craft Kit by the Orb Factory! Your kids will love to decorate with the small, child friendly, sticky mosaic tiles to create masterpieces unlike any other. A unique way to have fun, whether alone or in a group, this mosaic animal creating kit comes with over 600 vibrant, flexible, 0.5 inch square tiles, as well as 20 different amazing, attention drawing, numbered backgrounds; all waiting to be filled in by the hands of a little artist. This mosaic decorating set also comes with a handy and helpful 11.5 x 16.5 inches easel, perfect to keep work in place! Guaranteed to enhance geometry, pattern creating, color recognition, and artistic skills, this Magnetic Mosaics Kids Craft Kit from Educational Toys Planet is an excellent gift for any young artist! Magnetic mosaics for kids are a fun and creative way to teach children about magnets and how they work. Children can use the magnetic tiles to create pictures, designs, or patterns. The magnets are strong enough to hold the tiles together, but also easy enough to remove so that children can change their creations whenever they want. Magnetic mosaics for kids come with a variety of colors and shapes, so children can let their imaginations run wild.

Kidkraft Mosaic Magnetic Kitchen

If you’re looking for a beautiful and fun kitchen for your child to play in, the KidKraft Mosaic Magnetic Kitchen is the perfect option. This kitchen is made of sturdy wood and has a colorful mosaic tile backsplash. It also comes with a refrigerator, oven, microwave, sink, and stovetop that really work – your child will love pretending to cook up all sorts of imaginary meals. Plus, the magnetic tiles on the refrigerator help keep your child’s pretend food neatly organized. The KidKraft Mosaic Magnetic Kitchen is sure to provide hours of imaginative playtime fun!

Magnetic Mosaic Picture Maker

This amazing machine is called the Magnetic Mosaic Picture Maker. It is a very unique device that allows you to create beautiful pictures out of small pieces of metal. You simply choose a picture from the provided book, or use your own photo, and then use the included magnets to create the picture. The magnets are very strong and hold the metal pieces in place so you can easily create your masterpiece. Once you have finished, you can display your work of art proudly on your refrigerator or any other magnetic surface.

The Orb Factory Magnetic Mosaics

Picking up a magnetic mosaic from the Orb Factory, you can’t help but be intrigued by its beauty. The colors and patterns that swirl and dance across the surface are mesmerizing. Held up to the light, it seems to glow from within. It’s no wonder these little works of art are so popular! Each magnetic mosaic is made up of numerous small tiles that are held together by strong magnets. This allows for a huge range of designs and patterns, as well as nearly infinite customization possibilities. You can mix and match different colors, shapes, and sizes to create your own unique masterpiece. The tiles themselves are also very well-made. They’re thick enough to be durable but not so heavy that they’re cumbersome to work with, and they have a nice smooth finish that makes them easy to stick together. Assembling your mosaic is simple – just hold the pieces in place against the included magnet board until they “stick” (you may need to use a little pressure), then move on to the next section. It’s just as much fun watching your mosaic come together as it is actually having it finished! In minutes you can go from an empty board to a beautiful work of art – perfect for displaying on your fridge or any other metal surface

Kidkraft Kitchen Mosaic

If you’re looking for a kitchen that will inspire your child’s culinary creativity, look no further than the KidKraft Kitchen Mosaic. This adorable kitchen is complete with all of the features a young chef needs, such as an oven with working lights, stovetop burners that actually heat up and a refrigerator that opens and closes. The beautiful mosaic tile backsplash is perfect for budding artists, and the ample counter space provides plenty of room for little chefs to work their magic.

Quercetti Mandala Mosaic Magnetic Art

The quercetti mandala mosaic magnetic art is an amazing creative activity that helps develop hand-eye coordination and color recognition skills. Kids will have a blast creating beautiful designs with this fun set. The pieces are made of durable plastic and feature a magnetic backing, so they adhere to the metal surface of the board. The kit includes a board, 540 colorful pieces, and an instruction booklet.

Mosaic Creations Magnetic Designer

tiles Mosaic creations magnetic designer tiles are a beautiful and unique way to spruce up any living space. The tiles are made of high quality materials and feature a cool magnetic design that makes them easy to use and install. The possibilities for creativity with these tiles are endless, allowing you to create any type of mosaic you can imagine. Whether used as a backsplash in your kitchen, as flooring in your bathroom, or simply as a decorative accent piece, mosaic creations magnetic designer tiles will add beauty and style to your home.

Magnetic Mosaic Design Board

A magnetic mosaic design board is a fun and unique way to display your favorite photos, artwork, or other decorations. The board is made up of small square magnets that can be arranged in any pattern you choose. You can create a simple design or go all out with a more intricate pattern. The best part about a magnetic mosaic design board is that you can change the look of your décor whenever you want. Simply move the magnets around to create a new pattern. This makes it perfect for displaying seasonal decorations or for celebrating special occasions. A magnetic mosaic design board would make an excellent addition to any home décor scheme. It would also make a great gift for someone who loves to experiment with different styles and patterns.

Magnetic Mosaics Jewels

Magnetic mosaics are made out of small, colorful tiles that adhere to a metal sheet. The tiles are held in place by a powerful magnetic force, and can be rearranged to create any design you like. They come in all shapes and sizes, and there are endless possibilities for creating unique designs. One popular use for magnetic mosaics is as jewelry. You can make earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or rings using small magnets and colorful tiles. There are no limits to what you can create; the only thing that matters is your imagination! Another fun use for magnetic mosaics is making art projects. You can create pictures or designs on metal sheets using different colors of tiles. Or you could make three-dimensional sculptures by stacking metal sheets on top of each other. The possibilities are endless!

Mandala Mosaic Magnetic Art

Mandala mosaic magnetic art is a beautiful and unique way to display your love of art and magnets. A mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, representing the universe. In magnetic art, small pieces of colored paper or other material are attached to a metal board with magnets. The artist then creates a design with the magnets, resulting in a beautiful work of art that can be enjoyed by all. The process of making mandala mosaic magnetic art is very simple, but the results are stunning. First, select a metal board to use as your canvas. This can be anything from an old piece of sheet metal to a recycled baking pan. Next, choose some colorful paper or fabric scraps to use for your magnets. You can use any type of adhesive to attach these materials to the board; hot glue gun works well for this purpose. Once the adhesive has dried, start creating your design by placing the magnets in various patterns on the board. Be creative and have fun with it! When you’re finished, stand back and admire your masterpiece!

Magnetic Mosaic Crochet Patterns

Magnetic mosaic crochet patterns are a unique and interesting way to add some color and texture to your crochet projects. Unlike traditional crochet patterns, which use yarns of different colors and textures to create a design, magnetic mosaic crochet patterns use small metal tiles in various colors and shapes. By using a magnet to hold the tiles in place as you work, you can create intricate designs that are both beautiful and unique. The best part about magnetic mosaic crochet is that it is a relatively easy technique to learn. In fact, even beginners can create beautiful projects with just a little bit of practice. The basic steps are very simple: first, select the tile colors you want to use for your project. Next, cut each tile into the desired shape using scissors or a craft knife (be sure to wear safety goggles while cutting). Finally, using a needle and thread or yarn of matching color, sew each tile onto your project one at time. Once you have mastered the basic techniques involved in magnetic mosaic crochet, the possibilities for creativity are endless! You can use almost any type of fabric as your base – from cotton cloths to woolen scarves – and experiment with different shapes and sizes of tiles for truly unique results. So why not give it try? With just a few materials and some creative thinking, you could be creating beautiful pieces of art with this fun new craft technique!

Which Magnetic Mosaics Are The Best For Kids?

There are a few different Magnetic Mosaic sets on the market that would be good for kids. The basic idea is that you have a board with magnets in it, and then you can stick little metal pieces to it. The pieces usually come in different colors, so kids can create designs and pictures. One popular set is called Magna-Tiles. These tiles are colorful and durable, and they create really cool 3D designs. Another option is the Picasso Tiles set. These tiles are also colorful and durable, but they’re designed to look like classic paintings by Picasso.

What Are The Best Magnetic Mosaics For Toddlers?

There are a few different magnetic mosaic products on the market, and each has its own benefits and drawbacks. One of the most popular magnetic mosaic products is Magna-Tiles by Valtech. Magna-Tiles are durable, colorful tiles that can be assembled into a variety of shapes and structures. They also contain magnets on the back so they can attach to one another securely. Another popular magnetic mosaic product is Tegu Blocks. Tegu Blocks are made of hardwood and have magnets embedded in every block. They can be combined to create an endless number of structures. Both Magna-Tiles and Tegu Blocks are recommended for toddlers as they are both durable and educational.

What Are Some Magnetic Mosaics Play Ideas?

There are many different ways to play with Magnetic Mosaics. Here are a few ideas: -Create a picture by arranging the magnets into the desired pattern. -Play “match” by trying to find all of the magnets that match in color and shape. -See who can create the most intricate design within a set amount of time. -Use them as refrigerator magnets, attaching notes, drawings, or photos to the fridge with ease!

How Much Do Magnetic Mosaics Cost?

Most Magnetic Mosaics cost around $20. However, there are a few that are priced higher or lower depending on the size and complexity of the design.

Are Kids Magnetic Mosaics Safe?

Yes, Magnetic Mosaics are safe for children. The magnets are encased in a plastic border and do not contain any lead.

Are Magnetic Mosaics Educational?

Yes, Magnetic Mosaics are educational. They help teach children about colors and shapes, as well as how to create images using magnets.

How Many Peices Are There In Standard Magentic Mosaic For Kids?

There are typically 20-30 pieces in a magnetic mosaic toy.

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