Science Experiments for 9 Year Olds – Exciting and Educational Fun

Welcome to Educational Toys Planet – the one-stop-shop for science experiment kits for 9 year olds. Our selection of science experiment kits offer a wide range of fun and educational activities that will stimulate the interest of any young scientist. With these science experiments, your nine year old can explore the fascinating world of science and gain a better understanding of its principles. Each kit includes everything you need to start exciting science experiments right away, and all of them are designed specifically for 9 year olds. Whether your child is interested in building a model volcano, creating crystal gardens or growing bacteria cultures, our selection of science experiment kits has something to offer. So let your child discover the amazing world of science with these amazing educational kits!
Playz Edible Candy Making Science Kit for Kids Ages 8-12 Years Old - Food Science Chemistry Kid Science Kit with 40 Experiments to Make Your Own Chocolates, Educational Science Kits for Boy & Girls
  • YUMMY TREATS - Inspiring young kids to learn has never been easier or more delicious with the best candy making kit for kids! Serve a buffet of chewy jelly candies, crystal rock candy, chocolates, lollipops, test for sugar, see how everything dissolves, and much more through these kids science experiments.
  • EASY TO FOLLOW - The fact-filled colorful lab guide in our DIY kids chemistry set is full of pictures and information presented in a children-friendly way. It's like an easy bake oven for kids, making it one of the best kids science toys for boys and crafts for girls ages 8-12.
  • EXCITING EDUCATION - Combine STEM concepts to unleash a massive amount of learning potential in children and teenagers with our science kit for kids 8-12 and up. Best Christmas and birthday gift for boys, girls, & teens who love an unforgettable chemistry kit packed with amazing science stuff to create dreamy delicious snacks.
  • LOADED WITH VALUE - Filled with over 40 experiments, a 32 page activities and lab guide, and over 21 tools & ingredients, our Edible Candy/Gummy making kit offers only the best science projects for kids ages 8-12. The ideal "my first science kit" with a real science lab feel. STEM for kids has never been this tasty! (Some additional common household supplies may be necessary for some experiments)
  • TRUST OUR PLAYZ PROMISE - Do your research! You know the quality you will get when purchasing a Playz educational science kit. If you are unhappy with your purchase, contact us anytime for a refund.
Doctor Jupiter Science Kit for Kids Ages 8-10-12-14| Birthday Gift Ideas for 8,9,10,11,12,13,14 Year Old Boys & Girls| STEM Learning & Educational Toys with 135+ Experiments
  • ✅Most Comprehensive Science Kit: Introducing Doctor Jupiter Ultimate Science Kit for kids with over 135 amazing science experiments ranging from changing colors and glowing water to setting up underwater volcanoes, making magic potions & many more. Boys and girls will feel like real scientists with easy-to-follow instructions & have a blast exploring the natural wonders of life.
  • ✅Stem-Based Kid-Friendly Learning: This Science Kit will help your kids develop imaginative thinking and empower them to become future problem solvers. Watch your child's creativity flourish while they perform these experiments and foster a lifelong love for science. You can even download the instruction manual from the given link in the product description.
  • ✅Gift Of a Lifetime: The Ultimate Science Kit is an ideal gift for birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving or any other occasion. It's a fantastic way to introduce children to the wonders of science and provide them with 100+ hours of learning & educational fun. Not only this, but children also get free access to 90+ bonus experiments in this kit which can be performed with everyday household items.
  • ✅Parent-Child Bonding: Join your child on their scientific journey and create long-lasting memories. This science kit offers a fantastic opportunity for you to bond with your child & see them cherish the natural wonders of life.
  • ✅Easy to Follow Instructions: Our unique experiments guide comes with clear step-by-step instructions & illustrations for each experiment, making it simple for parents & kids to conduct these science experiments together. We deliberately put the chemical materials in separate leak-proof bottles. Kids can efficiently perform experiments multiple times without creating a mess!
AESGOGO STEM Projects 12-in-1 Creation Solar Robot Kit,Science Experiments Toys Gifts for Kids Ages 8-12,Educational DIY Building Robotics Kit for 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Year Old Boys Girls Teens
  • 【12 Different Robots to Build 】The supporting components can be built into 12 different types of robots, which have their own characteristics. The shape of the robot is creative and very cute. It can move not only on land, but also on water. The difficulty levels of building robots vary. For beginners, children can start with simple robots and then challenge more difficult robots.
  • 【STEM Science Experiment】This set of robot toys integrates stem education and physical science experience. It can well show the construction of a machine, including power parts, transmission parts and machine style. Most importantly, children can complete the construction with the help of the manual, and this process can bring children fun.
  • 【Learning & Educational Toy 】Building robots can keep children focused. Complex construction process can exercise children's thinking. Rich types of robots can stimulate children's imagination and creativity. The process of practice can improve children's practical ability and self-confidence.
  • 【Gift for Kids】The main material of the toy is made of ABS material, which is long-lasting and suitable for children.Ideal gift for Birthday,Christmas,Easter,STEM,Back to School.
  • 【Robot Powered by Solar】The robot can move without batteries, because it uses solar panels, which is very in line with the concept of green science. The robot can move under the direct sunlight, and can also move under the illumination of more than 100W bulbs indoors.
NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Mega Science Lab - Science Kit for Kids with 75 Easy Experiments, Featuring Earth Science, Chemistry Set, and Science Magic STEM Projects for Boys and Girls (Amazon Exclusive)
  • THREE SCIENCE KITS IN ONE - This kit contains 45 of our most popular Earth science, chemistry, and science magic experiments along with a bonus guide that's packed with 30 additional experiments using common household items.
  • EXPLORE EARTH SCIENCES - Kids will build and erupt a volcano, grow a glow in the dark crystal, create water tornadoes, and dig up a real fossil! They'll also receive an awesome selection of real rock, mineral, and crystal specimens for their collection.
  • DIVE INTO CHEMISTRY - The chemistry set in this kit has everything kids need to make gooey worms and worm eggs, create bubbling reactions, launch a rocket with gas, make pop crystal fireworks, and much more.
  • EXPERIENCE THE MAGIC OF SCIENCE - This kit also has a variety of science experiments that double as magic tricks. Some of the science magic kids will learn includes changing the color of water, catching bubbles in their hands, and making coins float!
  • HIGH-QUALITY EDUCATIONAL TOYS - National Geographic is proud to make the highest quality hands-on science toys, and all our products are backed by exceptional service. If your experience is anything less than extraordinary, let us know so we can make it right for you!
NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Science Magic Kit – Science Kit for Kids with 50 Unique Experiments and Magic Tricks, Chemistry Set and STEM Project, A Great Gift for Boys and Girls (Amazon Exclusive)
  • MAGIC SCIENCE YOUR KIDS WILL LOVE! These 20 science experiments are mind-blowing! Girls and boys will bend metal with water, create a vanishing test tube, make a coin float, and much more! You won't find experiments like these anywhere else
  • SHOW OFF FOR FRIENDS AND FAMILY - Each experiment is specially designed to be performed as a magic trick! The included magic wand and white gloves let your children dress the part, too. Magic for kids has never been this fun and educational
  • EVEN THE EXPERIMENT GUIDE IS AWESOME! Our one-of-a-kind experiment guide has illustrated, kid-friendly instructions as well as insight into the science that creates the magic, techniques used by real scientists, and loads of fascinating facts
  • BONUS EXPERIMENTS - Because we know your kids will want to conduct even more science experiments after their magic show, we include a bonus experiment guide with 30 additional experiments that can all be done with common household items
  • HIGH-QUALITY EDUCATIONAL TOYS - National Geographic is proud to make the highest quality hands-on science toys, and all our products are backed by exceptional service
Japace 100+ Experiments Science Kit for Kids Age 4-12 Year Old, Cool Boy Christmas Birthday Gift Ideas, Chemistry and Physics Set Toys for Boys Girls
  • 100+ COOLEST SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS FOR KIDS: Japace science kit conforms to stem projects that includes over 100 experiments - create fizzy reactions, underwater volcano, soap making, crystal growing tree, make wiggly worms, and more. When children play in these science experiments, they're creating all sorts of powerful cognitive anchors, may make science geeks out of your kids yet!
  • LITTLE SCIENTIST IN THE MAKING: This 100+ piece set includes plenty of scientific lab tools like a beaker, measuring cups, test tubes, droppers, googles, gloves and more materials necessary to conduct over 100 cool and fun experiments, which encourage children to pretend and become real scientist.
  • EASY TO FOLLOW & KEEP KIDS ENTERTAINED FOR AGES: The kit includes step-by-step instructions with photos that are easy to understand. I have a 5 year old daughter who loves to figure out how the world works so I sent this set to her as 5th birthday gift. She loves it and being entertained for ages. The great thing is that it is not only entertaining but also a learning experience all in one.
  • COMPLETELY SAFE TO DEVELOP SCIENCE SKILLS AND CURIOSITY: Japace STEM toys conforms to US Toy Safety Requirements. It is a safe way for kids to learn scientific concepts and skills they can apply to everyday situations as they journey from childhood to adulthood: problem-solving, experimenting, decision-making, dealing with failure, gaining perspective, and persevering. Scientific principles are a framework for "how-to" navigate life.
  • AN EDUCATIONAL GIFTS FOR CURIOUS LITTLE MINDS: This STEM set makes excellent gift ideas for Christmas, birthdays, summer boredom, school breaks, and weekend fun. The kids will get a good way to learn through play, and parents will get some quality science time in with kids, even grandparents can get in on the fun with using Japace science kits with the grandchildren.
Doctor Jupiter Girls Science Kit for Kids Ages 8-10-12-14 | Gift Ideas for Birthday for 8,9,10,11,12 Year Old Girls| 6-8 Experiments of Different Sciences| STEM Learning & Educational Toys
  • ✅ MOST COMPREHENSIVE SCIENCE KIT FOR GIRLS: Introducing Doctor Jupiter Ultimate Girls' Science Kit for girl kids with over 135 amazing science experiments ranging from volcano and explosive science to water and crystal growing science.
  • ✅ STEM-BASED LEARNING MADE FUN: The kit is carefully curated for the girl children aged 8-12 years where they will learn diverse concepts of the scientific world broadening their thinking abilities and strengthening problem-solving attitude.
  • ✅ EASY-TO-FOLLOW: The kit contains a detailed Instruction Manual which is designed in such a way that it is super easy to conduct all the science experiments with the equipment and materials provided inside the kit and basic materials at home.
  • ✅THE ULTIMATE SURPRISE: Ultimate Girls' Science Kit is the perfect gift for your girl kids for their special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas Day, New Year, etc. This memorable gift will not only let them explore the wonders of science but also interact with the real-life applicability of scientific experiments.
  • ✅PARENT-CHILD BONDING: This kit is an endeavor towards building lifelong memories for parents and daughters by engaging in performing science experiments on different areas such as water science, color science, volcano science, etc. The experiments are curated while keeping the age group of 8-12 years in mind.
Island Genius Chemistry Extreme Science Experiment Kit for Kids Boys and Girls Ages 12 13 14 15 Years Old and Up
  • Kit Includes: 1 Blacklight Pen, 7 chemicals (tartaric acid, baking soda, sodium tetraborate, sodium acetate, litmus powder, calcium crystals, and zing sulfide glow in the dark powder), 1 fuzzy stick, 1 measuring cup, 1 measuring stick, 1 plastic spoon, 1 pipette, 2 test tubes and 1 bottle of white glue with a bonus table of Elements poster included. For kids ages 12 years and up.
  • Experiments: The Extreme Chemistry set provides kids with 40 various experiments to try, including two bubbling tests, three water experiments, and a fascinating egg experiment. Get your hands dirty and participate in some fun science activities with your friends.
  • Become a Scientist: Who says science can only be done in a school setting? Boys and girls may explore, discover, and delve headfirst into a whole new science universe directly in the comfort of their own homes, all while encouraging learning, assisting their experiment partner, and watching their incredible reactions.
  • Teachers and Students: Kids can bring some fun experiments straight to the classroom or let mom and dad get their hands dirty with you. Have fun exploring all that Chemistry brings to the world through experiments.
  • Make it a science gift: Do you have a student or child who loves to connect chemistry to the world, learn scientific processes, experience hands on learning, and understands smart STEAM concepts? This is the gift for them. With such easy-to-follow instructions, and 40 different experiments to choose from, this Extreme Chemistry Set makes for a perfect gift.
UNGLINGA 250+ Science Experiments Kits for Kids, Boys Girls Toys Birthday Gifts Ideas, Chemistry Set, STEM Activities Educational Project, Volcano and More Scientist Kit
  • 250+ MIND BLOWING EXPERIMENTS: Exciting and interesting activities including. create your own lava lamp, creative snow and volcano science kit the favorite of every child.Cause some awesome chemical reactions.Earth, surface tension, physics and more.
  • EASY-TO-FOLLOW MANUAL: The detailed clear color manual will teach your children to complete the science experiments with easy to follow step-by step instructions.
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR SCIENCE FUN: Kit includes everything you need besides common household items.Walk in the footsteps of a real scientist by using real chemistry tools like pipettes, test tubes, and more to conduct all of your experiments!
  • SCIENCE MEETS FUN: Unleash your inner mad scientist and conduct 250 awesome experiments with the Extreme science set by UNGLINGA! the number of amazing science experiments for kids your children will have many hours of educational hands on stem learning.
  • LEARNING & EDUCATIONAL SCIENCE GIFTS IDEAD: Learning Through Play.for Christmas, birthdays, activities, school breaks, and weekend fun. Kids can start to build science concepts just by doing these activities with you.
Dinosaur Crystal Growing Kit - STEM Science Experiment for Kids Ages 8-12, Grow Your Own Crystal Terrarium, DIY Gift for Christmas or Birthdays
  • CRYSTAL GROWING DINOSAUR - For children who love dinosaurs, this is definitely a novel gift. By observing the generation of crystals through experiments, children can feel like a true scientist and experience the charm of science.
  • SCIENTIFIC ACTIVITY KIT - The Crystal Growth Kit includes plaster dinosaurs, color, brush and detailed operation tutorials, providing children with a complete scientific experimental experience and opportunities to exercise hands-on skills.
  • IMPRESSIVE & SURPRISING - Children can freely use their imagination to paint crystal dinosaurs with their favorite colors. Each of which is a unique existence. Create a mini dinosaur world with decorative trees, volcanic rocks, and simulated volcanoes.
  • STEM EDUCATIONAL TOYS - Every child is a natural scientist, full of curiosity. Educational STEM toys will promote children's curiosity and stimulate their spirit of exploring the world. This is also a great family activity, very interesting and able to learn new knowledge. Suitable for 8+ years old boys & girls.
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR KIDS - If you are really looking for a meaningful toy as a gift for your child, then the crystal growing dinosaur toys will be your best choice. Children can complete tasks with their families and spend a meaningful and happy time together. Perfect Christmas gift, birthday, Easter, Halloween.

What Science Experiments Can a 9-Year-Old Do?

At 9 years old, a child is ready to explore the world of science through fun and safe experiments. There are many experiments that are suitable for this age range, allowing the child to gain a better understanding of the scientific process. Some of the most popular experiments include the classic baking soda and vinegar volcano, testing the pH levels of different samples, making a homemade compass, observing the effects of different liquids on plants, and creating a lemon battery. In each of these experiments, the 9-year-old will have the opportunity to observe, analyze, and draw conclusions about what they have seen. Additionally, these experiments can be adapted to fit different levels of difficulty and complexity, allowing the child to expand their knowledge and understanding of scientific concepts.

Are Science Experiments Safe For a 9-Year-Old?

Yes, science experiments can be safe for a 9-year-old, as long as the child is supervised and given clear instructions. As with any activity involving hazardous materials, it is important to follow safety guidelines and use appropriate protective gear when necessary. Additionally, it is important to make sure that the child understands the purpose of the experiment and what they are expected to do before they begin. By providing clear instructions and supervising the experiment, it is possible to ensure that the child is safe and has a positive experience.

How Can I Encourage My 9-Year-Old to Participate in Science Experiments?

Encouraging a 9-year-old to participate in science experiments can be done by making the experience fun and engaging. It is important to ensure that the child is interested in the topic and understands the purpose of the experiment. Additionally, it is helpful to provide the child with clear instructions and guidance as they work. By making the experiment fun and providing the child with the necessary resources, it is possible to create a positive learning environment that encourages the child to explore the world of science. Additionally, it is beneficial to provide the child with positive reinforcement and praise when they complete the experiment successfully.Science Experiment For 9 Year Olds