Teach your child with multimedia

Why not? There myriad of options available! However, if you are worrying for early TV/computer exposure? 1b4 Power Point Presentations Special Computer Programs Websites DVDs Toys If you are looking for multimedia solutions for teaching Spanish, read more in Teaching Spanish: resources.

Power Point Presentations

The links to files and further resources are available in the Jump Start Teaching Your Baby To Read description of Glenn Doman’s method

Special Computer Programs

For initial Math operations – quantities, simple ision, multiplication, subtraction and addition operations I used the plugin into Power Point by Matt Hudson. It also allows to randomize the existing presentations, even if they contain pairs (word on one slide, picture on the next). See more information on Matt Hudson’s randomizer and other randomizing options: Randomizers for PowerPoint – problems resolved! Once we got to three-four member equations, someone recommended the following program: Geenogee Prodigy Reader – Prodigy Math CD I’ve tried the Math section of this CD, the equations. Looks good. You can find more information about it at the seller’s site and there is a video about a cd. They don’t have any information about math component at their site, but math is included to the same cd. I liked that it was actually counting the number of times to show the lessonnette per day for each user that you enter: pretty neat. Unfortunately it doesn’t have inequalities (4+1 not equals 6+8), so we’d have to go back to cards for that. I was not really happy with their “Reading” program: I find the text too small and the options too limiting. I didn’t find a way to customize their list of words and really wish I could insert pictures. May be I just didn’t spend enough time with the program. My son was completely turned off by flashing small words, so to get his attention, I just started creating my own lists of words in Power Point, with sound effects and loud pronunciation of every word (you can download them in our Jump Start Teaching To Read article). Now he is really excited about English words again! Little Reader by BrillKids. I haven’t tried this program but I’ve heard lots of wonderful comments about it. Their site says: “Little Reader is a flash card program for parents and educators who wish to teach children to read in an easy, powerful and efficient way.” Apparently, they have a database of images, you can customize your wordlists, create new presentation sets and even teach multiple languages with it. It seems that you can use it similarly to PowerPoint presentations, but you already have “templates” and some word lists preloaded. I already have so many PowerPoint presentations, and there are much more of them available online, while the circle of people using this software and sharing their presentations is quite limited, so I didn’t see the need to spend money on another software, but if you are considering something anyway, it is definitely worth checking out! Rosetta Stone Software is the most highly recommended by other parents and by Doman’s institutes program for learning other languages. I am totally in love with it. The vocabulary and simple phrases come naturally, are easy to remember, and fun to learn! I still feel that I need some simple grammar book, since grammar rules elude and mystify me with just sentences. Still, this program is the best thing I’ve seen. Spanish language ebook by Patricia Parten: I don’t know anybody who has used it already, so if you have any comments, please share!


For web sites where you can get more power point presentations or other similar resources go to Jump Start Teching Your Baby To Read article. Below you can find a list of sites where you child can click himslef, enjoying the internet based learning experience:


I personally haven’t tried many of these, since my baby doesn’t watch TV at all (at two he actually was still convinced that remote controls are cell phones), but others have recommended the following dvds:

Love and Learning vs Dr. Titzer

You can find my review of Your Baby Can Read DVD here: Your Baby Can Read! – DVD by Dr. Titzer. Special thanks to Laurie Tiemens for comparing Love and Learning and Dr. Titzer dvd sets:

Monki See Monki Doo

Italian Lyric Language DVD

The Complete Lyric LanguageĀ® CD & DVD French o German o Italian o Spanish Penton’s dynamic live-action music video – with bilingual lyrics subtitled on-screen. Now available in this complete, 70-minute DVD format. Also includes an audio CD with all 21 bilingual songs with a full color Lyric Book in U-print format on DVD U-print lyric Book is on the DVD

Baby Einstein: My First Sings, Baby Van Gogh, etc.

Singing Time

Leap Frog DVDs

DVDs that Teach Music