Top 10 Classic Vending Toys, A Blast from the Past

Finding a unique, one-of-a-kind toy can be difficult. But with vintage vending toys, you can be sure to have a special, collectible piece of history. Vintage vending machines offer a variety of vintage toys that are nostalgic to generations past, providing an opportunity to travel back in time and explore both the past and the present. From classic jacks, to rubber ducks, to miniature clowns, vintage vending machines offer an eclectic range of delightful items that can’t be found anywhere else. Discover the wonder and joy of vintage vending toys today and explore the treasured memories they bring.
11.42”x10.24”x20.87” Vending Machine, Vintage Style Candy Gumball Machine Gumball Bank Candy Vending Machine Prize Machine for 1.18-2.17in Toys/Candies, Perfect for Game/Retail Stores (Yellow)
  • 【High-quality Material】 ▲ This product uses high-quality metal and ABS as raw materials, so it has high hardness and sturdy performance, which can effectively extend the service life of the product.
  • 【Large Capacity】 ▲ With its showcase size of 11.42*10.24*10.63in, it can hold 200*1.77in diameter capsule toys. You can also feel free to put candies and capsule toys inside.
  • 【Easy to Operate】 ▲ Insert a coin (diameter 1.04in), turn the knob 360 degrees to the right, and then you will find candies or small capsule toys at the exit. This process is easy to master and only takes a few minutes.
  • 【Unique Security Design】 ▲ The internal coin bank of this product is designed with a security lock that can only be opened with our matching key, which means you can store your coins safely.
  • 【Installation-free】 ▲ This product has a one-piece design, so you can use it directly after receiving the product without an additional installation.
Candy Vending Machine, Big Capsule Vending Machine for Business, Commercial Candy Gumball Machine Huge Load Capacity, Perfect for Game Stores and Retail Stores Vintage Style, White
  • [Build to Last]: Our candy vending machine is made of high-end ABS and aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, and steel with die-casting and stamping processes, so you can use it for a long time. The rectangular structure makes the product very stable and allows it with a bearing capacity of 13.23-15.43 lbs, allowing it to remain stable even in situations with a large number of toys.
  • [Effortless Operating]: The machine accepts 25 cents and requires a total of $1 to rotate. When making a purchase, you need to simultaneously insert two 25-cent coins into each slot, then rotate the knob, wait for the items inside to fall out, and then remove the items. The entire process can be completed in just a few seconds, which is very fast and simple.
  • [High Security]: This machine comes with exclusive top cover locks and money box locks to prevent your toys and coins from being stolen. The exit is equipped with a baffle and a rotating chassis above the toy exit to prevent accidental dropping of items inside the machine, thereby avoiding loss of items. We have pre-installed the general part of the product, so you only need to assemble it briefly after receiving it to put it into use.
  • [Visual Design]: The clear outer frame allows you to directly see the internal situation, more intuitively feel the flipping and falling process of the product, and add items in time. This Vending Machine will attract the attention of many children and teenagers because of its lovely appearance. It is a fantastic gift machine for children because of its easy operation and unknown gift.
  • [Considerable Storage Space]: This product can accommodate around 250 1.77-inch or 1000 1.06-inch twisted eggs at once, allowing you to have a great time playing. Because this product requires coins for each sale and doesn't need a salesperson without labor cost, this candy vending machine provides you with a great profit opportunity.
Bulk Toys - Acorn-Shaped Animal Figurines for Kids - 100 Pcs Small Figurines for Party Favors Easter Egg Fillers Goodie Bag Supplies Pinata Stuffers - Bulk Gifts for Kids - Vending Machine Toys
  • These small toys are acorn-shaped animal toy figurines for boys and girls. Mini toys feature 8 animals: racoon, dog, sheep, hippopotamus, fox, goat, cow and black cat
  • Mini figurines are excellent prize box toys for kids, goodie bag stuffers and fun gifts for kids. Bulk party favors tiny figurines package will be plentiful at every event you need them
  • Miniature toys are the perfect party favors for kids, pinata stuffers, goody bag stuffers and easter egg fillers. Children would like to get these little toys on any occasion
  • These small figurines for kids are tremendous treasure box prizes, carnival prizes and prizes for kids classroom. Play figurines for kids always make them excited and happy
  • These mini toys are amazing vending machine toys. Miniature figurines are 1.1 inches and can fit in 1.3 inch and 2 inches capsules. Toys bulk package includes 100 pcs
Coin Gumball Machine Toy Vending Machine,11 Inch Mini Vending Machine for Kids,Gumball Bank,Metal Candy Dispenser,Home Vending Machine,Vintage Gum Ball Machine
  • 【Large Capacity】: Our gumball dispenser machine is large enough to hold 500 pieces of 1.26inch balls or candies(with a diameter of 0.39-1.26 inches) and 800-1000 coins without the need to add items or remove coins frequently, and can meet the needs of most game halls and shopping malls.
  • 【Clear Design】: The circular cans of this gumball dispenser machine are made of clear PC, ensuring high transparency and durability. So you can observe the inside items at any time. Moreover, it also enhances the appearance of the product and attracts customers well.
  • 【Wide Application】Toy vending machine is very suitable for soft candy, small gum balls, hard shell fruit flavored candy and small nuts for selling candy, bouncy balls, small capsule toys, etc. Perfect for home use, game stores, retail stores, bars, shopping malls, etc. Also makes a great gift.
  • 【Offer Happiness】: You can provide it to your child and his friends, so that they can play together, not only to enhance the relationship between them but also to make them happy.
  • 【Ready to Use】: You can use this gumball dispenser machine without tedious assembly after receiving it, which saves you time and energy.And the lock on the top lid can be opened with the equipped keys, which can effectively prevent inside items from being stolen, ensuring safe storage.
Great Northern Popcorn Company Vintage Gumball Machine 11-Inch Retro-Style, Coin-Operated Cast Metal Vending Machine with Glass Globe and Free Spin, Red
  • 11-INCH GUMBALL MACHINE - This bubble gum machine is ideal for small gumballs up to 0.62-inches, but can easily accommodate jellybeans, mint candies, hard candies, chocolate balls, or even mixed nuts to customize your snacking preferences.
  • DURABLE DESIGN - The premium cast metal body of this bubblegum machine holds up to heavy-duty use at events and gatherings, while the clear glass globe top offers longevity and high visibility which lets your colorful treats show through.
  • ANTI-SPILL COVER - This gumball machine for kids features a clear flip-top gum door at the bottom of the chute to prevent your treat from spilling out onto the floor after it has been dispensed, while still allowing it to be easily accessed.
  • COLLECTS COINS - The candy dispenser machine coin bank accepts pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters, making saving money or collecting event donations more fun. You can also bypass this with the free spin feature to dispense candy without coin insertion.
  • PRODUCT DETAILS - Materials: Cast Metal, Glass, and Plastic. Dimensions: (L) 5" x (W) 5" x (H) 11". Capacity: 2lbs. Use Gumballs 0.62" Diameter or Less. Choking Hazard - Not for Children under 3 Years Old. Color: Red.
Vending Machine, Commercial Candy Gumball Machine, Automatic Capsule Vending Machine for Retail Stores, Round Capsules Bouncy Ball Dispenser for 1.77-1.97in, Suitable for 25 Cent Coin (Green)
  • 【High-Quality Material】The vending machine is made of high-quality metal and ABS as raw materials, with high hardness and sturdy performance, which can effectively extend the service life of the product.
  • 【Large Capacity】The size of the display case is 11.42*10.24*10.63in, which can hold 1.77in diameter capsule toys. You can also place candies and capsule toys in it as you like.
  • 【Easy To Operate】Simply drop 2 25 coins on each side of the coin slot and turn the knob 360° clockwise to retrieve the dropped items at the exit. The process is easy to master and takes only a few minutes.
  • 【Unique Security Design】This product's internal coin slot is designed with a security lock that can only be opened with our matching key, which means you can safely store your coins.
  • 【Thoughtful Design】The safety stopper design above the exit ensures that items will not fall through the exit. Transparent window can better display the goods inside, so that customers can more intuitively feel the process of flipping and falling goods.
Woleigiao Interactive Drink Vending Machine Toy Pretend Play Electronic Drink Machines Early Developmental Toy Develop Common Sense of Life with Music and Light for Boys & Girls
  • 🎁FUN INTERACTIVE TOYS - The mini talking vending machine pretend play toys will bring toddler boys & girls a happy simulated shopping experience of buying drinks, coin-operating, and picking and taking out drinks. By imitating real-life on-demand experience and selection this assists kids to understand the world of vending machine and common sense of life, develop practical life skills and they will enjoy this role-playing game.
  • 🎁PRETEND PLAY FOR TODDLERS- By simulating shopping scenarios, the vending machine toys can promote toddlers' hand-eye coordination, fine motor skill, shape recognition, direction recognition, and enhance their concentration and attraction as well as boost interpersonal communication. It's really an excellent early development toy for preschool toddlers, for both boys, and girls.
  • 🎁EASY TO OPERATE - install 2 AA batteries(not included), put the bottles in, then put a coin into the hole or swipe the toy cards. Your child can then choose the drink selection and press the relevant button. With clear sounds and lights, the little bottles fall down, which is so fun.
  • 🎁THE DOUBLE HAPPINESS OF CHILDHOOD - Bring the beverage vending machine into your baby's childhood, keep the interesting function of the vending machine, increase the sound and light function, and love the modeling deeply! A built-in lighting device is designed in the beverage display window. The light will flicker when the beverage machine is started, making the light colorful.
  • 🎁SAFETY ASSURANCE - amazing pre-school activity vending machine toys include 2x orange juice, 1x blueberries, 3x strawberries, 3x cola,1x beverage storage box and 5x coins. All parts are tested regularly and comply with all national and international toy safety regulations of ISO standards. If you receive the product or have any questions in the process of using please contact us, we will provide you with quality service within 24 hours
Bulk Toys - 1.38 Inch Mini Toys - 100 Pcs Prizes for Kids - Party Favors for Kids - Birthday Favors Tiny Kid Gifts - Pinata Stuffers Goody Bag Stuffers Easter Egg Fillers - Vending Machine Toys
  • Package contains mix of fun toys for children, including bouncy balls, spinning tops, puzzle balls and more. Tiny toys are distributed in random quantity. Bulk toys for kids prizes package is 100 pcs
  • Small bouncy balls, sphere puzzle little toys, spin top small toys and other miniature toys in this mix together makes it tremendous treasure box prizes, carnival prizes and prizes for kids classroom
  • Kids party favors novelty toys are excellent prize box toys for kids, goodie bag stuffers and fun gifts for kids. Bulk party favors package will be plentiful at every event you need them
  • These bulk gifts for kids are tremendous treasure box prizes, carnival prizes and prizes for kids classroom. Kid prizes always make them excited and happy
  • These 1.38 inch bulk novelty toys are also great vending machine toys bulk package. They do not require a capsule and can be self-vended in vending machines
Toy Vending Machine for Kids, Gumball Machine Bubble Gum Machine, Vintage Candy Vending Dispenser Mini Vending Machine for Snacks, for Retail Stores, Amusement Parks, Hypermarkets
  • 【Clear Design】: The top half of this product is clear, which makes it easy for customers to see the items inside to attract customers and enhance the buying experience.
  • 【Beautiful Appearance】: The brilliant colors, as well as the funny design, make it look unique and chic. It's a great decorative piece that can blend in with different decor styles and add color to the space.
  • 【Good Materials】: This product is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, and ABS, which is strong, durable, and not easy to deform. The round jars of the machine are made of PS material, which ensures high transparency and solidity.
  • 【Large Capacity】: The size of this product is 11.42*10.24*20.87inch, which is large enough to store items without frequently adding them and meet the entertainment needs of visitors in most shopping malls and amusement parks.
  • 【Strong Load-bearing Capacity】: The load-bearing capacity of this product is 7kg/15lbs, which is strong enough for you to store toys without worrying about it shaking and tipping.
Sea Animals Mini Toys for Kids - 100pcs Bulk Sea Creatures - Easter Egg Fillers - Mini Toys for Boys and Girls - Toys for Goody Bags, Party Favors, Classroom Prizes - Vending Machine Toys
  • These funny toys for boys and girls are sea-themed mini squishy animal toys. There are 10 different sea squishy animals
  • Cute mini toys are excellent prize box toys for kids, goodie bag stuffers, and fun gifts for kids. Bulk party favors squishy toys will be plentiful at every event you need them
  • Bulk squishies are the perfect party favors for kids, pinata stuffers, goody bag stuffers, and easter egg fillers. Children would like to get these little toys on any occasion
  • These squish toys are tremendous treasure box prizes, carnival prizes, and prizes for kids classroom. Sea-themed squishies animals always make them excited and happy
  • These ocean squishies are amazing as vending machine toys. Kid squishies fit well into 2 inch. Small squishies bulk includes 100 pcs

What are vintage vending toys?

Vintage vending toys are a type of toy that were originally sold through vending machines. They were small and usually made of plastic or metal, and were designed to fit in the narrow slots of a vending machine. Many of them were also designed to be low-cost, which is why they were often sold in vending machines instead of other retail outlets. Examples of vintage vending toys include pocket-sized plastic figures, plastic rings, plastic whistles, and metal coins. The popularity of these toys peaked in the 1970s and 1980s, and today they are often sought after by collectors.

Where can I find vintage vending toys?

Vintage vending toys can be found in a variety of places. Online marketplace websites such as eBay and Etsy are good sources for finding vintage vending toys. In addition, there are many online forums and discussion boards dedicated to vintage vending toys, and these can be a good place to ask questions and find out more information. Finally, local flea markets and antique stores may have vintage vending toys for sale as well.

How much are vintage vending toys worth?

The value of vintage vending toys can vary greatly depending on the condition of the toy, its rarity, and the demand for it. Generally speaking, the more rare and in demand a toy is, the more valuable it will be. It is important to note that condition is an important factor in determining the value of a vintage vending toy. A toy that is in excellent condition can be worth much more than a toy that is in poor condition. Additionally, some toys may be worth more if they are still in their original packaging, or if they come with any accessories or additional parts.Vending Machine Capsules - 50 Pcs Toy Capsules - 7 Colors 1.3 Inches Oval Plastic Capsules - Prize Container Vending Capsule - Plastic Party Favor Containers