What kind of animal are you? Introduction to zoology.

1b4 After we finished Botany, we jumped right into the Zoology. I was surprised by how much we managed to cover, diving as deep as the vertebrates/invertebrates! However, we’ll cover them in more detail in the next unit. We are still using the same PPT presentation about all the things we’ve learned: Vertebrates/invertebrates deserve a separate presentation but in the meantime, let’s get going with the first social mingling in zoology… Other Categories and how we use these materials. Categories – Materials and ToDo lists (MS document)

Materials Useful for Learning Zoology

Books: (we are great fans of some series that will follow. Great books that we fell in love with and don’t belong to any series are listed first) Web: DVD: Toy list: PowerPoint Presentations:


Unit 1: Introduction to Biology & Botany.

I really liked having these prerequisites: Introduction to Biology, Botany (Unit1) and Anatomy (Bones). We used the following materials from the WorldWideMontessori class by Karen: Books: DVD: Toys: PPT: Web: Hands On Experiments:
  1. Sorting animals, identifying their needs
  2. Local Aquarium field trip: plenty of vertebrates and invertebrates!