5 Reasons Kids Need to Take Recess in their Day to Day Life

Kids need a break from their day-to-day life. They deserve a chance to let loose and have fun! That is why it is important for parents to make sure that they are giving their children the opportunity to play outside, at least once per day. This blog post will provide 5 benefits of including a recess in your child’s daily routine.

Reason #01: Recess Allows Kids to Burn Calories

Did you know that kids can burn up to 150 calories during a 30-minute recess period? That is a lot of energy expenditure! This means that kids are getting the physical activity they need to stay healthy. Additionally, when kids have more energy, they are able to focus better during the rest of their day, which is important for learning!

When kids have a break from their day-to-day routine, they are able to release all that pent-up energy from sitting still. This is not only good for the children’s mental health, but it also helps them to feel more relaxed at home and in school. This is why including a recess in your child’s daily routine is so important!

Reason #02: Recess Helps Kids Develop Important Social Skills

Sitting in a classroom all day can make it difficult for kids to develop the social skills needed for success. However, in a 30-minute recess period, kids will be able to practice these skills in a safe environment with their peers. This helps them develop skills such as sportsmanship, teamwork, and even conflict resolution!

When kids have the opportunity to play with their friends, they are able to learn how to socialize in a positive way. This is important for their future success in both middle school and high school. Additionally, recess provides an opportunity for kids to work together towards a common goal, which can help them form lasting friendships!

Recess is also a safe place for kids to explore new relationships and develop their social skills. In a world where technology often dominates our interactions, recess provides a valuable opportunity for kids to talk face-to-face and learn how to interact in a meaningful way.

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Reason #03: Recess Provides Mental Health Breaks

Recess is a great way for kids to take time out of the school day and focus on their own well-being. When teachers incorporate recess into their daily schedule, it provides an opportunity for them to relax mentally while giving students opportunities to play outside! This helps parents by providing both physical activity and mental health breaks that are necessary for healthy children!

Recess allows kids to let loose and have fun with their friends. This is important for mental health because it helps them reduce stress while keeping themselves healthy in the process. It provides an opportunity for kids to release any pent-up frustration, which can help prevent future emotional problems or meltdowns due to overwhelming amounts of stress.

Kids need to have mental health breaks throughout the day because it allows them to reset and refocus. This helps individuals feel energized with a positive attitude, which can help them be more attentive and productive during classroom time!

Recess provides opportunities for students to recharge their batteries so they’re able to learn effectively later on. It provides mental breaks, which help students focus on tasks more clearly and with less frustration. This is a great way for teachers to recharge as well!

Recess gives kids an opportunity to get away from the classroom in order to reduce anxiety or stress that may be present during class time. Not only does it provide opportunities for physical exercise, but it also allows kids to socialize with their peers in a positive environment. This is important for mental health because it helps students feel supported by others and can prevent them from feeling isolated or alone.

Reason #04: Recess Can Help Kids Learn New Skills

Recess is a great way for kids to learn new skills. When children are given the opportunity to play, they are able to explore their interests and try new things! This can help them develop new passions that they may not have otherwise discovered.

Recess is also a time when kids can learn new skills that they may not be able to learn in a classroom setting. For example, many schools offer recess-time classes such as dance or martial arts. This is a great way for kids to try something new and see if they have an interest in it!

Recess can also help kids learn new academic skills. For example, if a child is struggling with math, they may be more likely to understand the concept if they can try it out in a fun game during recess.

Recess provides children with many opportunities to learn and grow! It is an important part of their day and should be protected.

Reason #05 : Recess Helps Kids Develop a Healthy Relationship with Food

Recess is important for kids because it provides them time to eat! When students have opportunities during the day to take a break, they are also able to sit down and enjoy their lunch. This can be an essential part of learning how to develop healthy eating habits as well as respect food throughout their lives.

In addition, recess can help kids develop a healthy relationship with food because it provides them with opportunities to be active. When children are active, they are more likely to crave healthy foods instead of unhealthy snacks!

So, in addition to providing a time for students to refuel, recess can also help promote healthy eating habits. Let’s encourage our kids to take a break and enjoy their lunch – it will help them in the long run!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does recess during the day affect my child’s body?

No, it does not. In fact, recess can actually help children stay healthy and have a good diet. Recess gives children a chance to get some exercise, which is important for maintaining a healthy body. It also allows them to take a break from sitting in class, which can help them focus better when they return to their seats. So go ahead and let your child enjoy

Can I opt out of recess if my child has special needs?

Yes, but you will need to make a request. Many school have a provision that allows parents to opt their child out of recess. Parents who are concerned about the lack of body movement at home or for medical reasons may request an exemption from the standard 25 minute morning break and/or lunch breaks, which is usually taken once per day. Children with special needs such as ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) may be at risk for injury because of the lack body movement during play. If you are concerned about your child’s body movements, it is important to discuss this with your school principal and/or district administrator before requesting an exemption from recess time.

Does the body require rest during the day?

Yes, it does. If your body is not provided with sufficient periods of rest and relaxation this can affect growth hormones which could cause problems in development later on in life.

But doesn’t the body get rest during sleep?

Yes, it does- but not all children receive enough sleep and there are other benefits to taking breaks during the day. Some benefits of recess include improved focus in class, socializing with friends, getting exercise, and fresh air.

Can my child bring a drink to recess?

Usually yes, but it must be in a closed container.

What should children not do during recess?

Children should not use their cell phones during recess, and they should not fight or bully other students. These behaviors are not allowed at school.

In Summary

Recess is an important part of every child’s day and should be protected! It helps kids learn new skills, develop mental health, and more. Not only that but it helps them develop a healthy relationship with food as well!