Top 10 Fidget Toys to Help Manage Dermatillomania

Welcome to Educational Toys Planet’s list of Dermatillomania Fidget Toys to help manage stress and anxiety. Dermatillomania, also known as skin-picking disorder, is a mental health condition that causes individuals to compulsively pick their skin. This can lead to physical damage and significant distress. Our list of dermatillomania fidget toys provides creative solutions for managing the urge to pick, helping individuals struggling with this disorder find relief and comfort. From tactile fidgets and spinners, to weighted lap pads and soothing stress balls, these dermatillomania fidget toys provide an outlet for those with the disorder while teaching them positive coping skills in the process. Browse our selection of dermatillomania fidget toys today to help improve both physical and mental wellness!
Pick Stone for Anxiety Relief, Pick Peel Calming Stone, Reduce Stress Fidget Picky Stone kit with Display Stand for Dermatillomania, ADHD, OCD
  • FidgetGone Fidget Stone Kit offers not a lot more than you expected. Making use of this kit helps you improve your psychosocial needs. From improving calmness, to relieving boredom, anxiety and stress. It is great in removing cuticles, scabs and excess akin you want to get rid of. Moreover, it helps in improving ones focus.
  • With natural and excellent characteristics, the stone is carefully selected with nooks having pouched aperture for the filler. The filler, being made from latex rubber, with the aid of the hook helps and is great in pulling. Although pores vary in sizes, some are small and some are large, this kit enables you to enjoy the thing you do and will you satisfied with the result. Even more, you become more busy.
  • You can do things freely to this kit, whether you like the filler to be thin or thick as you desired. you can squeeze the filler on the stone surface or deep on the hole. Either way, it can be done. The waiting time for the product to dry depends on how deep the holes are. The deeper the holes, the more product you put, the more waiting time is required for it to dry.After eight hours for the thin layer, the product is already ready to be picked or pulled.
  • Having 2.3 ounces stone filler. This is capable in filling up six to seven sides. With one steel grade picking tool and tweezers. We have filmed usage videos to help the user get familiarize on how to properly set up and use the kit. The pick is sharp, thus proper precaution must be observed once handling the kit. Furthermore, it is very essential to watch the video and not just disregard it right away. Be sure to use eye protection as the filler can fly out as you are picking!
  • Kids below 12 years old are prohibited in handling the kit for it can be dangerous, especially when no adult intervention. It is dangerous for reasons like the filler is sharp, an accident can occur when kids wrongfully thought the kit is a toy, placed with it and get hurt. Furthermore, the filler is made from latex rubber, But don't worry, we added a special flavor to the filler, it will make children have no interest in eating it. Please be assured that the filler has been certified by SGS.
Stim Toy for Hair and Skin Picking Support | Crystal Hand Spinner Fidget Toy for Impulse Control
  • Handmade, sturdy and small enough to carry around with you and make the play inconspicuous.
  • Better your finger coordination by passing it around your fingers.
  • Spin the beads around for a nice sound and satisfying motion.
  • Carry around your roller to keep the properties of the gemstones close by.
Skin Picking Fidget Toys, Stress Ball Fidget Toys Stretchy Sensory Stimulation Finger Play Toy Massager for Calming Tactile Fidget and Stress Relief Toy
  • 【Perfect Alternative】Try this handheld fidget for finger play or pocket fiddling as an alternative to skin picking, hair-pulling, nail-biting, or pencil chewing.
  • 【Relieve Stress and Anxiety】This stress ball is made for use as calming tactile fidget and stress relief toy.
  • 【INNOVATIVE & UNIQUE】It makes for a great desk toy for sensory stimulation and finger play for those who experience dermatillomania and trichotillomania.
  • 【Adult Safety】This fidget pack is made of high-quality silicone rings and stainless steel safety material, durable and suitable for all-day play. Size: 2.36inch, 2.65oz
  • 【MULTIPLE WAYS TO PLAY】Use this sensory play toy for potential distraction from skin picking. It can be used rolling around in the palm of the hand, fiddling between thumb and forefingers, passing back and forth from hand to hand, fingering in a pocket, lightly juggling, rubbing a finger over the woven mesh around the ball bearing, squeezing silicone rings, or rolling it over skin to gently massage.
Fidget Picking Stone Kit for Anxiety Relief ADHD OCD Dermatillomania, Fidget Toys,Adult Fidget Toy for Anxiety Relief Therapy,Picking Peel Calming Stone,Fidget Toy Great Gift for Adults
  • 【Perfect Anxiety Idea】Daiuyvol fidget picking stone kit brings much more than you expected. By picking or peeling this fidget toy with tools or fingers,you can meet your psychosocial needs. To relieve from boredom, anxiety and stress. It is perfect to stop people from picking cuticles, scabs ,hair pulling,nail bitting,OCD,ADHD. Moreover, it helps to stay focus on things.
  • 【All in One】The fidget picking kit comes with everything you need .All the lava rocks measuring 4x3 inches with carefully selected with multi nooks having pouched aperture for the filler. The filler with 2.5ounce is made from natural latex rubber and certified with CPC SGS SDS .The wooden stand allows the filler dry faster other than sit on the table.The picking hook and tweezer offer you different picking methods.
  • 【Easy To Use】You can squeeze filler in each deep hole separately to make sure not grab the whole coating off at one time.let it stay for 4-6 hours (overnight) until it dry and ready to pick. If the holes are deep, it might take longer because the drying time depends on the holes' depth.The target group for this toolkit is children and adults above 15 years. The users should be careful when using the pick because it is sharp and can cause damage when mishandled.
  • 【Great Gift Idea】Daiuyvol fidget picking stone is perfect for adults and teens who struggle from ADHD OCD Dermatillomania and mental anxiety for all festivals like Christmas,Thanksgiving Day,Mother's Day,Valentine's Day,etc.
  • Buy With Confidence】Our customer service team work on 24/7.Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions with our fidget picking stone .And a satisfying solution will be provided within 27hrs.
Yogi Fidget Toy, Adult Fidget Spinners, Anxiety Relief, Perfect for ADHD, ADD, and Autism, Quiet Fidget Toys for Adults and Kids, Cool Gadgets, Five Ring Sizes, Easy to use Sensory Toys - Moonlight
  • 🏆 A NEW PREMIUM FIDGET TOY – Cool Adult fidget toy that will make you want to spin it for eternity. anxiety relief items, a Sensory fidget toy that is playable with one hand, allowing you to be free to do other things while playing.
  • 🔥 THE NEW EVOLUTION OF THE FIDGET SPINNERS. An extremely fun fidget rings for anxiety. The YOGI package comes with 5 different sizes that you can switch whenever you want, play with different fingers or give a friend or family member to try it out
  • 😎 RELIEVE STRESS AND ANXIETY - ADHD tools for adults, Spinners Fidget toys help children with sensory issues. Great for ADD, ADHD, and Autism. Helps to calm you down quickly. Excellent fidget spinners for kids
  • 👨‍👧 The Best Fidget spinners for adults - can be played while doing other activities like listening in class, reading, writing, working, participating in sports activities, and more. Quiet fidget toys.
  • 💪🏼 HIGH-QUALITY PRODUCT – Strong ABS plastic body with a smooth silicone bearing cover and ring sizes. Silent fidget toys for adults and fidget toys for teens
Pick Stone Filler for Anxiety Relief, Pick Peel Calming Stone Filler, Reduce Stress Fidget Picky Stone Filler for Dermatillomania, ADHD, OCD #18 PeachPuff
  • 22 COLORS LATEX BASED FILLER FOR PICKY STONE - After a long period of research, we have carefully selected 22 different colors. Each bottle comes with 15ml/ 0.5 fl.oz. filler. Now you can decorate your own FidgetGone Fidget stone with these colorful fillers. PLEASE NOTE This filler WILL stain fabric – couches, clothing, shoes, carpet, your favorite pair of jeans…be careful!
  • DIY YOUR OWN FILLER WITH 22 COLORS - Add your favorite color together to produces a unique blend of colors. Then decorate your unique FidgetGone fidget stone with the new color, gently drop the filler on the stone and use the FidgetGone spreader smooth out the filler. Allow to dry for 6-8 hours prior to picking or just be a decor.
  • CAREFULLY SELECTED PREMIUM MATERIAL - The Fillers are made out of a natural latex formula which is non-toxic. But let's NOT eat them, so please take precautions if you are allergic or sensitive, it will easily wash off hands and any surface other than fabric with soap and water. These products are NOT intended for children if there is no adult around.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE FILLERS - FidgetGone filler does not only intend to be the refillment for our fidget stone, but also for the painting and modeling. Just sketch first, then use the colored filler as you would use puffy paint. Wait until dry, you will get a beautiful art craft of your own.
  • PLEASE NOTE - We added a special flavor to the filler, it will make children have no interest in eating it. Please be assured that the filler has been certified by SGS. And do NOT squeeze the bottle aginst to the face, eyes, mouth. We strongly recommend that you wear glasses while picking the stone to prevent accidents.
MUCAL Fidget Rings for Anxiety 8pcs Stainless Steel Spinner Ring Anti Anxiety Ring Spinning Moon Star Cool Stress Relieveing Rings for Women Men
  • 【Cool and Stylish】Spinner rings for anxiety are full of personality and cool, Suitable for women or men, unisex. Whatever the occasion, this exquisite Fidget spin ring are sure to be well-received: Anniversary, Wedding, Gift, Party, Casual, Date.
  • 【Smooth and Comfortable】Made of hypoallergenic stainless steel, anxiety ring for women men are highly polished smooth and shiny surface, durable and tarnish resistance. Perfect size fits your finger. While spinning, this anxiety fidget ring will help to re-focus on yourself instead of the anxiety.
  • 【Accessorize Easily】Our anxiety rings spinner are unisex design, size 6 7 8 9 10. Elegance, faith, confidence, delicacy, low profile. 8 Different Style Easy to meet different daily wearing needs. Just enjoy, look stylish and feel free!
  • 【Unisex Gifts】You will get 2 moon star ring, 1 sandblast finish ring, 1 triple interlocked rings, 1 chain rings fidget, 1 bali stress rings, 1 flower ring, 1 cubic zirconia ring[Gift Box]Best gifts for yourself, friends, lover and families for Birthday, Holiday, Anniversaries, Christmas Day, Valentine's Day and More.
  • 【100% Guaranteed】We provide this stainless steel fidget rings pack with the highest standard customer service. If you are not satisfied with the purchase, just contact us, we will solve your problem within 24 hours.

What is Dermatillomania?

Dermatillomania, also known as excoriation disorder, is a mental health disorder characterized by the repetitive urge to pick at one’s own skin, resulting in skin lesions and tissue damage. It is classified as an obsessive-compulsive spectrum disorder and is often accompanied by feelings of guilt, shame, anxiety, and depression. The disorder can have a profound effect on self-esteem and interpersonal relationships, and can even result in physical scarring. Treatment for this disorder typically involves cognitive-behavioral therapy, medications, and the use of fidget toys.

Q2: What are Fidget Toys?

Fidget toys are small items that can be used to help with concentration, focus, and stress relief. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, and can be used for a variety of purposes. Fidget toys are often used to help with ADHD, anxiety, and other mental health conditions. They can also be used to help with sensory processing, motor skills, and even relaxation. Fidget toys can be beneficial for those with dermatillomania, as they can provide a distraction from the urge to pick at one’s skin.

Q3: How Do Fidget Toys Help with Dermatillomania?

Fidget toys can help with dermatillomania by providing a distraction from the urge to pick at one’s skin. When a person feels the urge to pick, they can instead focus on the toy, allowing them to redirect their attention and break the cycle of picking. Additionally, the tactile sensation of the toy can provide a calming and soothing effect, helping to reduce feelings of anxiety and stress. Fidget toys can also help to increase focus and concentration, allowing the person to better manage their thoughts and emotions. By providing a distraction from the urge to pick, as well as a calming effect, fidget toys can be a valuable tool in managing dermatillomania.Dermatillomania Fidget Toys