10-Piece Fidget Toy Variety Pack – Stress Relief and Fun for All Ages

Introducing the perfect fidget toy pack for those who can’t sit still! Indulge in a variety of stress-relieving, fun, and unique fidget toys to keep your hands and mind occupied. From hand spinners to mice, this Fidget Toys Multipack has all you need to stay entertained and busy. Improve your concentration, focus, and release tension with these anxiety-reducing toys. Read on to discover more about this amazing multipack and how it can help you relieve stress!
MOZACI Fidget Toys, 120 Pack Fidgets Set Stocking Stuffers for Kids Party Favors Autism Sensory Toy Bulk Adults Kids Boys Girls Teens Stress Autistic ADHD Anxiety Carnival Treasure Classroom Prizes
  • PACK OF 120: 4 Pop Bubble, 1 Flip Chain, 8 Mochi Squishies, 9 Stretchy String Fidgets, 6 Mesh and Marble Sensory Toys, 1 Fidget Pad, 1 Snake Cube Twist, 1 Tracks Fidget, 1 Infinity Cube, 1 Soccer Ball, 1 Puzzle Box, 4 Sensory Rings, 1 Squeeze Soybean, 4 Pop Bracelets, 20 Pop Rings, 21 Mini Pop Bubble, 1 Pop Ball, 10 Stickers, 8 Spiky Balls, 8 Foam Putty, 6 Pop Tubes and 4 Fidget Spinners.
  • Our Fidget toys are durable and doesn't break or crack when dropped or twisted. All our products pass US toy standards.
  • Looking for a fun, unique and meaningful gift idea for a party, birthday or special occasion? Give the gift of play! We have an amazing selection of fidget toys in bulk. These fidget toys will keep your hands busy, your mind relaxed and your body happy.
  • Keep your hands busy with our favorite fidget toys! Get the perfect item to let you tangle, twist, pull, and pop for all your fidgeting needs. Never worry about having too much stress again. Get the ultimate bulk pack of fidget toys to share with friends or keep them all for yourself!
  • You deserve the best. That's why we offer a 2-years warranty.
nobasco 60 Pack Sensory Fidget Toys Set, Party Favor Toy Assortment, Birthday Gifts Toys, School Classroom Rewards, Carnival Prizes, Pinata Fillers Goodie Bags Fillers for ADHD Autism Stress Anxiety
  • Pack of 60: 1 Liquid Motion Bubble Toy, 2 Mesh Squishy Balls, 6 Mochi Squishy Toys, 6 Stretchy Strings, 2 Slime Cups, 1 Snake Cube Twist, 1 Track Fidget, 1 Infinity Cube, 5 Marble and Meshes, 3 Speed Cubes, 4 Finger Rings, 1 Squeeze Soybean, 8 Spiky Balls, 2 Spring Toys, 1 World Map Foam Ball, 3 Sticky Hands, 2 Metal Puzzles, 1 Spinning Toy, 4 Fidget Spinners, 1 Pop Tube Dog, 1 Chain Robot Spinner and 4 Pop Tubes.
  • CHILD SAFE: Non-Toxic. Meets US Toy Standards. Safety Test Approved. Durable. Superior Quality. Deluxe Set.
  • POPULAR USES: For Christmas or birthday party favors, classroom projects, novelty gifts and presents, home or school activities. Great design for anxiety, focusing, ADHD, ADD, autism, quitting bad habits, etc. Helps relieve stress.
  • Sensory fidget Toys are amazing for all children, especially for those with extra energy, ADD/ADHD, OCD, autism, or high stress / anxiety levels. These toys help promote a sense of calm, reduce stress, anxiety and can increase focus and attention.
  • Great for Kids Party Favor, Birthday Party, School Classroom Rewards, Carnival Prizes, Pinata, Christmas Stocking Stuffers, Christmas Giveaways, Goodies/Goody Toy Gifts, Miniature, Miniature Novelty Toys, Goody Bag Fillers and Christmas Novelty Toys. Super Value High Quality Collection of Toy Assortment for Boys and Girls.
Fidget Toys Set, 80 Pack Sensory Toys Party Favors Kids Autism Autistic Children, Classroom Treasure Box Chest Prizes Pinata Stuffer Gifts Small Mini Bulk Toy Carnival ADHD
  • PACK OF 80: 3 Pop Bubbles, 2 Mesh Squishy Balls, 7 Mochi Squishies, 6 Stretchy String Fidgets, 6 Marble Mesh Fidget Toys, 1 Snake Cube Twist, 1 Tracks Snap, 1 Infinity Cube, 2 Puzzle Boxes, 2 Sensory Rings, 1 Squeeze Soybean, 1 Pop Fidget Spinner, 3 Pop Bracelets, 15 Pop Rings, 8 Foam Putty, 1 Chain Robot Spinner, 1 Pop Ball, 6 Spiky Balls, 1 Football Foam Ball, 5 Mini Pop Bubbles, 3 Fidget Spinners and 4 Pop Tubes.
  • CHILD SAFE: Non-Toxic. Meets US Toy Standards. Safety Test-Approved. Durable. Superior Quality. Deluxe Set.
  • POPULAR USES: For fun Birthday Party Favors, Classroom Rewards, Carnivals, Prize Boxes, Piñata Filler, Stocking Stuffers, Goodie Bag Fillers.
  • Great Design for Anxiety, Focusing, ADHD, ADD, Autism, OCD, Quitting Bad Habits, etc. Helps Relieve Stress. Get It and Share It with Your Friends for A Fun Christmas or at Party Time.
  • We're just trying to get a little relief in these crazy years of 2023 and 2024. When we press the bubbles down, they make a slight popping sound, then flip over and start all over again.
RALLYPANDA 1200+Party Favors for Kids Fidget Toys Pack Bulk Prize Box Treasure Box Goodie Bag Stuffers Carnival Prizes Classroom Rewards Pinata Fillers for Kids
  • FIDGET TOYS PACK FOR KIDS: More than 1200pcs party favor toys assortments will enhance children's intelligence and social skills.All these stress reliever toys in box are inedible, and all of them meet kid's toy standard, Non-toxic& no smell. Children's safty is always our first important intention!
  • PARTY FAVOR ASSORTMENT: This fidget toys pack is a variety collection of popullar toys, More than 50 kinds of variety party favor toys. That will save much time for parents and teachers to select classroom rewards or pinata stuffers for a party.
  • GOOD GIFT FOR MANY OCCASIONS: Nearly 1200pcs toys in one box, which is enough for vairty of occasions: party favors, classroom prize, goodie bag stuffers, halloween trick or treat toys, stress relief, party return gifts and even giveaway toys bag.
  • SENSORY FIDGET TOYS: Fidget toys pack will be suitable for goodie bag fillers, prize box toys for classroom, pinata filler toys for kids, treasure chest prizes for boys, party favor assortment for birthday, carnival prizes for kids bulk, party favors, school classrooms rewards, birthday party prize, treasure box prizes , goody bags toys
  • HIGH QUALITY GIFTS PRIZES: Each fidget party favors toy is made of high-grade materials. Fidget pop toy assortment has been carefully selected and developed to meet U.S. toy safety standards so you can play with confidence.Best Gift for kid and save much time for parent to select expectful toys for handing out to kids. It can be also used as party favor, prize gift, birthday giveaway, and this is a great candy substitute! Kids will be excited when they are receiving the party favors.
Schylling NeeDoh Teenie Gobs of Globs - Sensory Fidget Toy - 18 Mini Groovy Globs - Ages 3 to Adult
  • It’s gobs of globs of 18 itsy bitsy teenie weenie squooshy wushy tiny Nee Doh stress balls
  • Nee Doh is the unique stress ball taking the world by storm, the perfect fidget toy to help you find a calm, peaceful centeredness as you lose yourself in its mesmerizing manipulation
  • It’s the Nee Doh multi-pack you’ve been looking for, perfect for gifts, party favors, informal gatherings or a unique dinner party
  • A durable cover with a unique, mysterious gel-like center, they won’t leak. Easy to clean with soak and water
  • A great gift for everyone ages 3+
VNAMO Fidget Toys, 28 Pack Sensory Toy Set Relieves Stress and Anxiety for Children Adults, Special Toys Assortment for Birthday Party Favors Classroom Rewards Prizes Carnival Goodie Bag Fillers
  • PACK OF 28: 3 Mochi Squishies, 3 Stretchy String Fidgets, 2 Mesh and Marble Sensory Toys, 1 Infinity Cube, 1 Fidget Pad, 1 Soccer Spinner, 1 Tracks Fidget, 2 Snake Cube Twist Puzzles, 1 Puzzle Box, 1 Star Bouncy Ball, 1 Finger Massage Ring, 1 Spiky Ball, 1 Football Foam Ball, 1 World Map Foam Ball, 1 Fidget Puzzle Cube Box, 3 Mini Pop Tube, 1 Flip Chain and 3 Fidget Spinners.
  • CHILD SAFE: Non-Toxic. Meets US Toy Standards. Safety Test-Approved. Durable. Superior Quality. Deluxe Set.
  • Fidget and Sensory Toys: A Perfect Way to Relieve Stress - Small Toys to Hold in the Palm of Your Hand. It's A Fun Way to Keep the Brain Focused and The Hands Busy.
  • POPULAR USES: For fun Birthday Party Favors, Classroom Rewards, Carnivals, Prize Boxes, Piñata Filler, Stocking Stuffers, Goodie Bag Fillers.
  • Great Design for Anxiety, Focusing, ADHD, ADD, Autism, OCD, Quitting Bad Habits, etc. Helps Relieve Stress. Get It and Share It with Your Friends for A Fun Christmas or at Party Time.
75 pcs Fidget Toys Kids Pack - Pinata Stuffers, Party Favors, Classroom Stress Relief Prizes - Treasure Chest Goodie Bag Rewards with Pop its for Autistic ADHD - Autism Bulk Fidgets Box Gifts for Kids
  • ✨75 PC Ultimate Fidget Toys Pack: Our comprehensive package includes an assortment of fidget toys such as pop sensory, push popper, squishy pea, and wacky tracks, perfect for children with autism, ADHD, OCD, and more. Designed to calm restless minds in stressful situations, these fidget toys are ideal for therapy sessions, classrooms, church, car traveling, and beyond, helping hands stay busy and minds stay focused.
  • 🥳Must-Have for All Ages: Whether you're a parent seeking a moment of quiet, a teacher looking to encourage concentration in the classroom, or simply someone needing stress relief, this fidget toy set is for you. Suitable for kids 8-12, kids 3-5, kids 5-7, teens, and adults. From popit party favors to mini unicorn spinners, dinosaur marble mesh to monkey noodle squishy, this package has it all to keep kids, girls, boys, and even adults entertained.
  • 🪅Party Fun and More: Perfect for pinata fillers, rewards, prizes, or as gifts throughout the year. The bulk jumbo box includes pocket-sized twiddle toys like infinity cubes, fidget rings, and bubble-popping figit toys. Whether it's a birthday goodie bag, stocking stuffer, or a Halloween giveaway, these stimming toys make amazing presents. Their novelty and amusement value ensure a hit with kids and teenagers alike.
  • 🪀Stress Relief Anywhere: Whether stretching, squishing, or squeezing, these stimulating toys provide relieving sensations for children and adults alike. Tuck them in goody bags, use as stocking stuffers, or share them as unique Christmas gifts, gag giveaways, or elementary school favors. From imaginative play to stress relief, these versatile widgets offer a wide range of amusements, ensuring hours of entertainment for everyone. Perfect for doctors office toys or dental office toys.
  • 🎁Sensory Exploration: The set features a variety of textures and shapes, from stretchy tubes to cool new poppers, offering tactile satisfaction for toddlers and autistic children. Our carefully curated stim toy pack features a delightful combination of popets and poppers, making them the perfect trinket, gift, prize, or favor for any occasion.
PP PHIMOTA Sensory Toys Set 55 Pack, Stress Relief Fidget Hand Toys for Adults and Kids, Sensory Fidget and Squeeze Widget for Relaxing Therapy - Perfect for ADHD Add Anxiety Autism
  • PACK OF 55: 1 Liquid Motion Timer Bubbler, 2 Mesh Squishy Balls, 2 Bike Chain Fidget, 6 Mochi Squishies, 6 Stretchy String, 3 Unicorn Stretchy String, 1 3x3 Speed Cube, 1 Infinity Cube, 3 Snake Cube Twist, 2 Tracks Fidget, 4 Mesh Marble Toys, 8 Spiky Balls, 1 Football Foam Ball, 1 Puzzle Box, 4 Finger Rings, 1 Spring Rainbow, 1 Bean Fidget, 4 Pop Tubes and 4 Fidget Spinners.
  • CHILD SAFE: Non-Toxic. Meets US Toy Standards. Safety Test-Approved. Durable. Superior Quality. Deluxe Set.
  • Fidget and Sensory Toys: A Perfect Way to Relieve Stress - Small Toys to Hold in the Palm of Your Hand. It's A Fun Way to Keep the Brain Focused and The Hands Busy.
  • POPULAR USES: For fun Birthday Party Favors, Classroom Rewards, Carnivals, Prize Boxes, Piñata Filler, Stocking Stuffers, Goodie Bag Fillers.
  • Great Design for Anxiety, Focusing, ADHD, ADD, Autism, OCD, Quitting Bad Habits, etc. Helps Relieve Stress. Get It and Share It with Your Friends for A Fun Christmas or at Party Time.
24 PCS Pop Fidget Toys Bulk Its Party Favors for Kids Toys 3 Shape Mini Pop Keychain It Birthday Goodie Bag Stuffers Fidgets for Kids Classroom Prizes End of Year Student Gifts Sensory Fidget Toy Pack
  • Kids Party Favors Goodie Bags Stuffers: This pop fidget keychain pack is perfect for kids party favors or as fidget toys for kids. When pressed the sensory fidget toys will make a POP sound. Mini fidget toy light also perfect as pop keychain, party favors for kids 8-12, you can play the bulk fidget toys for kids anytime cool fidget toy set bring you unlimited fun. This fidgets for kids an excellent alternative to other fidget toys pack and sensory toys girl fidget toys for toddlers 3-5.
  • Pop Fidget Toys for Kids Carnival Prizes: Our pop fidget toys bulk made of high-quality silicone material, waterproof and washable, 100% safe, CPC certified and child safety tested. The small fidget toys easter basket stuffers for toddler most popular fidget toys for anxiety stress relief party favors for kids 4-8 teens and girls fidget toys for kids 8-12 It is a fidget toy pack for kids toddler sensory toys age 3-8, exercises the practical ability, stimulates the imagination.
  • End of The Year Gifts for Students Classroom Prizes: Fidget toy for kids party favors are suitable for kids prizes fidget toys children and adults with autism sensory toys for kids 8-12, ADHD, Obsessive-compulsive disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. When pressed the mini fidget toys pack make clear sound, small fidgets toys is stress-relieving, relaxing. This fidget toys for adults stress relief sensory toy, cool fidgets for teens relieve stress, improve concentration.
  • Valentines Party Favors for Kids: It is a unique valentines gift option for kids boys girls. valentines day decorations, valentines day gifts for toddlers girls, mini pop bulk its valentines day, kid valentines day gifts for teenagers, valentines day card for kids classroom, valentines day cards for kids school boys, valentines day classroom gifts, class valentines day gifts for kids, valentines day cards gifts, toddler valentines, cminecraft valentines, valentines day card for kids classroom.
  • Birthday Party Favors for Kids: These cool fidget toy pack keychains girls toys are suitable for all ages. Fidget toys for teens Pop keychain pop toys bulk fidgets gifts are perfect for friends to spend a happy stress-relieving time together. Fidget toys for classroom.The best fidget toys Gifts for kids party favors goodie bags stuffers,school classroom prizes, Christmas fidget, and various other holidays with the party favors for kids 3-5, fidget packs,toddler sensory toys for 3 year old.
1000 Pcs Party Favors for Kids, Fidget Toys Bulk, Birthday Gift Toys, Fidgets Stocking Stuffers, Treasure Box Birthday Party, Goodie Bag Stuffers, Carnival Prizes, Pinata Filler Stuffers for Classroom
  • 【FIDGET TOYS SET】The new upgraded version of 60+ styles fidget pop sensory toy set,The toys pack contains a variety of novel bulk fidget toys.Toys for kids have the right size,bright colors.Fidget toys make all kids irresistible toy gifts,kids love it!
  • 【MULTIFUNCTION】Sensory Toys pack can treat and soothe children with autism, ADHD,and anxiety.Our fidgets pack includes some toys for stretching,squishing,popping,and squeezing.These mini toys can help kids, boys, girls,teens,and adults and relieve stress,anxiety,relax,improve concentration,and quit bad habits.
  • 【SAFE AND FUN】High quality fidget party favor set for kids. Every fidgets party gift toy is made from good materials. It has passed rigorous safety tests and the toy meets US toy safety standards. Very safe for children and adults. Fun toys for birthday party favors,classroom prize,school classroom rewards,carnivals,prize boxes toys,piñata filler,stocking stuffers,goodie bag stuffers,kids christmas presents,bulk fidget party favors for kids,party supplies.
  • 【BEST GIFT FOR KIDS】No need to worry about choosing a gift.These fidget toys perfect for kids birthday party favors,classroom return gifts,Halloween party giveaway,Halloween party toys,Christmas stocking stuffers,Christmas giveaways,Easter basket stuffer,miniature novelty toys,Valentines day gifts for kids.Christmas gift stuffers,carnivals prizes.Best gift toys for parents and teacher classroom must haves.
  • 【PRODUCTS INCLUDE】Such as Animal fidget poppers(Dinosaur,Elephant,Turtle,Cat,Puppy,Giraffe),mini fidget keychain toys,fidget tubes*4,pop bracelet*2,butterfly poppers*1,pop fidget spinner*1,mochi squishy*4,sensory rings*5,chains*10,puzzle ball*4,sticky hands*2,squishies ball*1,building blocks*100,maze*1,tumblers*5,stickers*100,pull back car*5,time hourglass*1,jumping frog*20,fidget snake cube*2,slap bracelet*5,stretchy string*6,fidget spinners soccer ball*2,spinning top*50,spiky ball*10,etc

What is a Fidget Toy Multipack?

A Fidget Toy Multipack is a collection of toys designed to help people with ADHD, autism, and other neurological issues focus and concentrate. The toys are designed to be easy to manipulate, providing tactile stimulation and calming effects to the user. The multipack includes a variety of different fidget toys, such as a stress ball, a mini slinky, a mini trampoline, a mini foam cube, and more. Each toy is designed to help with different aspects of focus and concentration, such as helping to reduce stress, calming nerves, and increasing focus. The multipack is a great way to sample a variety of fidget toys in one package.

What are the Benefits of Fidget Toys?

Fidget toys have a variety of benefits for people with ADHD, autism, and other neurological issues. They provide a tactile stimulation that can help with focus and concentration, as well as calming nerves and reducing stress. The toys also provide an outlet for restless energy, allowing people to keep their hands busy while still being productive. In addition, these toys can help to improve fine motor skills, as the user has to manipulate the toy in order to achieve the desired result. Finally, fidget toys can help to improve social skills, as the user has to interact with the toy in some way.

What Age Group is Fidget Toy Multipack Suitable for?

The Fidget Toy Multipack is suitable for people of all ages. The toys are designed to be safe for children and adults alike, and can provide benefits for anyone who needs help with focus and concentration. However, it is important to note that the toys are not designed as a substitute for professional help, and should not be used as such. It is always best to consult with a medical professional before using any type of fidget toy.Sensory Fidget Toys Pack - 35pcs Stress Relief and Anti Anxiety Toys for Kids - Cool Fidget Packs with Stress Balls, Fidget Cube, & More for Party Favors, Prizes, Travel, & Pinata Stuffers