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Welcome to Educational Toys Planet! Here you can find the perfect maths toys for 6 year olds that will help teach and develop essential maths skills. Our collection of maths toys for 6 year olds includes exciting and engaging toys that will help kids to understand and apply numbers, understand basic operations, develop problem-solving skills, and foster a lifelong appreciation of maths. Our selection of maths toys includes card and board games, building blocks, counting beads, sorting and matching games, puzzles, and more. These educational toys bring maths to life in a fun and engaging way and help kids to develop a deep understanding of maths concepts. With Educational Toys Planet’s range of maths toys for 6 year olds, your little one can learn important maths skills while having lots of fun!
Math Games for Kids Toys 5-10 Year Old Boy, Talking Math Manipulatives Educational Machine 13 Modes Addition and Subtraction Games, Preschool Learning Activities Best Gifts for Boys Kids Age 6-12
  • 🧮 【TALKING MATH GAMES MACHINE】Let kids learning while playing. Stimulate kids' interest in mathematics through the guidance of interesting games, learn the basic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in number games. Automatic problem setting and automatic correction can save parents' time and effort. 13 modes, 5 difficulty levels, suitable for children of different ages. Take them into the kingdom of mathematics, Exploring Mysteries of Mathematics
  • 💡【KIDS'S PRIVATE TUTOR】Math Enlightenment: Remember numbers, compare sizes (1-2 digits), find numbers rules. Preschool learning activities suitable for kids 3-5, exercise kids' memory and mathematical thinking through games. Listening Pithy Formula: Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division pithy formula. Great math teacher runs through every child's math learning stage, letting them learn while listening, improving math level through gradual accumulation
  • 🧮【MATH PRESCHOOL LEARNING TOYS】The learning games allows kids to learn basic math operations faster. Initial Difficulty: The size comparison of single digit addition and subtraction,single digit addition and subtraction. Medium Difficulty: The size comparison of ten digit addition and subtraction, ten digit addition and subtraction. Advanced Difficulty: Ratio after multiplication and division, multiplication and division.It will accompany children's growth
  • 💡 【Rechargeable and portable】This toys for boys can be used for up to 10 hours after fully charged. Kid toys will automatically shut down after 10 minutes without use, which is very power saving. With timing function, (can be set 5 seconds , 10 seconds timing and non timing) If you in a quiet place like library, long press the timing button can also turn off the sound effect and turn on the mute mode. 2 million questions, portable and easy to carry
  • 🧮 【BEST GIFT FOR KIDS】The math early educationt toy is the perfect boys toys age 4-5-6-8-12. It allows kid to learn in entertainment, and helps children quickly master basic mathematical knowledge and exercise their mental arithmetic ability. It is good toys for 3+4+5+6+year old boys kids. Perfect gift for kids age 3-12 on Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year and birthday, a good toys for 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 year old boy boys kid kids
Felt Board Finger Numbers Counting Toy, Number Counting Toy for Kids, Children Teaching Aids Children Early Education Toys Felt Hand Number Math Toy, Kids Montessori Toy for 2-7 Years Old Toddlers
  • ✅【Learn to Count】This colorful felt toy contains 20 pieces to help your child understand foundational math skills, including counting, number recognition, number bonds, addition and subtraction, doubling, halving and multiplication. Provides children with a fun way to explore number sense and place value.
  • ✅【Montessori Toy for Early Education】 Cultivate creativity and imagination and promote your toddler’s brain development with this engaging toy that helps develop fine motor skills, cognitive abilities, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving skills. Great toy for Preschool and Kindergarten.
  • ✅【Perfect Size】Perfectly sized for toddler's hands and a great choice as a travel toy. Your child will love the bright colors, soft material, different geometric shapes, and engaging design.
  • ✅【Highly interactive】A fun way to promote hands-on learning. Designed by a mom to encourage hands-on learning, this toy helps build a foundation for math skills as your toddler practices counting. The perfect toy to help prepare your child for preschool and kindergarten.
  • ✅【Durable product】Manufactured from non-toxic, non-flammable felt and velcro material. The toy is wear-resistant and dirt resistant. Recommended for ages 3 years and up. DPACGAIVPSILT
HONGID Girls Toys for 3-9 Year Old Girls Gifts,Math Games for Kids Ages 4+,Montessori Toys Autism Sensory Travel Toys Educational Toy,Birthday Stocking Stuffers for Kids
  • 【Math Games EARLY EDUCATIONAL TOYS】Five different modes allow your child to learn while playing. Puzzle and fun game modes can stimulate kids interest in mathematics. Through the guidance of interesting games, learn the basic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in number games, and enter the mathematics kingdom in a way that kids like. This early education machine allows your children to learn basic math operations faster and enhance their math logic skills.
  • 【Travel Toys GAME MODES】There are 3 different games in the game mode, the first is to remembering the numbers, the second is to comparing the numbers, and the third is to finding the rules out. There are 5 levels in each game and each level has 5 questions, and the difficulty of each level will gradually increase. Puzzle number games can stimulate children's interest in learning. Exploring the mysteries of mathematics, and exercising children's memory and mathematical thinking through games
  • 【Toys for 3+】This early education toys has four basic algorithms,including single-digit addition and subtraction,single-digit addition and subtraction size comparison,two-digit addition and subtraction,two-digit addition and subtraction size comparison,multiplication and division within 1-10 method,multiplication and division size comparison within 1-10.Kids can easily master and learn the basic operations of mathematics Each algorithm will have corresponding exercises as reinforcement
  • 【Gifts for 3+ year old boys girls】: Full charge can be used for 10 hours, Note: If you are in a quiet place such as a library, long press this button to turn off / on the answer sound effect.Automatic shutdown after 10 minutes of not using, very power saving.This early education toy has addition, subtraction, multiplication and division formulas within 1-10, allowing children to easily memorize formulas in a subtle way, and develop a sense of mathematics from an early age.
  • 【BEST GIFTS FOR KIDS】Mathematical early education puzzle machine toy is an excellent gift for children aged 4-10. It allows children to learn in entertainment, entertainment in learning, and interesting learning can help children quickly master basic mathematical knowledge to stimulate children's interest in mathematics. Perfect birthday gift for kids aged 3-10. Best gifts for Easter, Halloween,Thanksgiving,Christmas and New Years.
WhizBuilders Matching Letter Game & Numbers Board Game with 90 Flash Cards : Sight Words & Math Formula Memory STEM Toys for Toddlers , ABC Learning & Spelling Game for kids Age 3-8 Year Old
  • ENGAGING & EDUCATIONAL MEMORY GAME: Your child will spell words and match them with the correct pictures. The game encourages memory development skills for kids 3 and up. Your toddler will also learn hand-eye coordination, critical thinking, word recognition, and focus.
  • ENCOURAGE EARLY LEARNING: Our toddler flashcards matching letter game set is designed to encourage learning from an early age while providing a fun game format for your child. It comes with 1 Tray, 39 Letter and Number Tiles, and 90 learning cards.
  • SAFE TO USE & VERSATILE: The entire game set is made with durable, kid-resistant materials and it is entirely BPA-free. Safe for children of all ages. It is super portable - pack up and play almost anywhere - school, nursery, a picnic or your friends and neighbors.
  • THOUGHTFULLY DESIGNED: The board game set is manufactured with young kids and kindergartners in mind. The pieces are designed to be large enough to prevent any accidental swallowing. Each piece is just the right fit for small hands - perfect for your toddler or young child.
  • MAKE LEARNING SIMPLER: Each pack comes with 90 kids' image flashcards to aid in visual learning development. The preschool-level cards can also be used to create spelling, sentence construction, and other word games. The matching aspect of the game is a unique way to blend education and fun in a simple but active format.
BAKAM Wooden Multiplication Board Math Game for Kids 8-12, Math Manipulatives Set with 100PCS Flash Cards for Kids 6-8 Years Old, Montessori Counting Toy for Boys Girls Preschool Learning
  • 【Excellent Multiplication Learning Toys】 Multiplication board learning toy puts fun math practice right at kid’s hand-eye skill. Composed of 100 pieces multiplication cards and 2 game dice, children need to figure out the calculated results and earn the cards asap to win the game.
  • 【Two Different Play Ways to Have Fun】Comes with 4 color wooden game pieces, kids can play with this multiplication in two ways. This game is included in Multiplication Facts Times Table, kids have to occupy the right calculated result on the board as quickly. Please pair kids/students at the same academic level to compete against each other.
  • 【Having Kids Play Math Games】Learning multiplication facts don’t have to be a dull task for students. Throw two dice with the numbers 1-10, multiply the numbers on them and the first person to find and occupy the answer with the game piece wins.
  • 【Get Kids Motivated With Competitions】Healthy competition gets high levels of Kids/students engagement. Take one card out, quickly find the correct answer on the multiplication board and use the game piece to occupy the answer, the winner wins a card, the one with the most cards wins the game.
  • 【Preschool Learning Set for Toddlers】Learning math games for toddlers for preschool, elementary, kindergarten. Perfect Montessori table to teach your children or pupils multiplication arithmetic.
Electronic Math Game for Kids Ages 4+, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication & Division Learning Educational Toys, Gifts for Girls Boys 4 5 6 7 8 9 Years Old, Classroom Supply
  • More Multifunctional Than Flashcards, Children Can Learn Independently: This math learning toy has 3 functions(math operation practice, math games, math formula), which help children improve basic math skills in a more fun way. The voice playing math formula can be easily memorized by kids at any time during daily activities.
  • Built-in Over 2,000,000 Math Problems, Improve Math Skills In Stages: single digit/ten digit step-by-step arithmetic practice, your little boys/girls gradually improve the skill levels in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The number operation size comparison mode further exercises children's arithmetic thinking, so that they can solve the math problem more faster and more flexible.
  • Electronic Math Games Spark The Passion For Learning: Three built-in breakthrough games (memorize numbers/compare sizes/find the rules between numbers), each game has five or six different levels with 5 or 10 problems, with increasing difficulty. Children can gain the joy of success while consolidating their mathematical knowledge.
  • Automatic Answer Correction and Wrong Question Review: This educational toy will automatically correct the question at the end of each answer, and the kid will get a chance to answer again if the answer is wrong. After two wrong answers, the system will display the correct answer and automatically enter the next question. After all questions are answered, the system will automatically review the wrong questions to help children memorize unfamiliar knowledge points in time.
  • Answer Timer, Adjustable Volume: the answer time can be set to 5 seconds/10 seconds or not, which can improve the children's math operation agility and make them count quickly and accurately. Two volume selection can reduce the interference of long-time sound to people around. At the same time, placing this electronic learning toy flat on the desktop can also effectively reduce the volume of the product.
Lydaz Montessori Math Manipulatives Toys, Kids Wooden Number Blocks Toys, Kindergarten Learning Education Toy, Preschool Classroom Must Haves, STEM Counting Puzzle Toy Gift for Toddler 3 4 5 6 Years
  • 👉🏻Montessori Toy for Preschool Education:This wooden sorting and stacking puzzle contains including counting blocks of 5 colors,5 pictuer puzzle and 1-9 number.when babies try to match the blocks to the target or make various combinations.It helps to build early shape, color and size differentiation skills establishing color,number counting recognition for toddlers, developing fine motor skills, curiosity, enhanceing memory with patterns.
  • 👉🏼Learning Number Counting:Stacking the colors circle on the wooden sticks and match the numbers to learn the basic math. Also learning counting by placing different math wooden chips.
  • 👉🏽Puzzle Board: Match colors circles with five cartoon cards to complete the picture. Also possible to take out the colors circle separately and placing it to different shapes.
  • 👉🏾Kids Back to School Gift: Wooden math learning toy gift for kids. The simple design and bright colors make children interested, also learning math basic addition and subtraction.
  • 👉🏿Safe materials:Non-toxic and tasteless kids education wooden stem toys. Each part of the material is rounded and polished, soft and delicate.
Treelab Studio Wooden Montessori Math Board - Helps Kids Learn Addition and Subtraction with Numbers 0-20 | Kindergarten Preschool Math Learning Toddler Toys | Montessori Gift for 3 4 5 6 Year Old
  • 【Helps Kids Learn Basic Math Concepts】This Montessori Math two-sided board game is designed to help kids over the ages of 3 learn counting, addition, subtraction, and numbers comparison in a fun and engaging way.
  • 【Unleash Your Child’s Creativity】This Wooden Montessori toy encourages tactile learning and enhances fine motor skills in 3-5 year olds. One side of the board is designed in a way that enables kids to do various math concepts such as number comparison or numbering counting. The other side of the board is for kids to learn addition and subtraction.
  • 【Highly Rated by Parents and Educators】 Supports the Montessori teaching method, promoting independent learning and critical thinking. It is a preschool learning classroom must haves and kindergarten learning activities for toddlers.
  • 【Math Game Set】 Includes one two-sided educational board, 0-20 wooden numbered tiles, - + < > = tiles, 30 multicolor handmade balls for number visualization, and a storage craft bag to fit all the tiles when your toddler is done playing.
  • 【Made of High-Quality Materials】 Our wooden toy is meticulously crafted using only the finest acacia wood and it is certified non-toxic child safe.
PlayShifu STEM Toy Math Game - Plugo Count (Kit + App with 5 Interactive Math Games) Educational Toy for 4 5 6 7 8 Year Old Birthday Gifts | Story-Based Learning for Kids (Works with tabs/mobiles)
  • PLUGO COUNT is an AR-powered STEM gaming kit. It turns your device into a hands-on learning system and takes your kids through a series of story-based challenges that need to be solved with a combination of numbers and arithmetic operators (math manipulatives). Watch the video to catch it in action!
  • AGES 4-10 - Plugo app has 5 free STEM games for Count, with 250+ progressive levels. Select your child's grade to adjust the difficulty of the games. Kids indulge in various story-based math activities solving word problems, math puzzles, timed trials, and arithmetic questions.
  • Spark STEM skills - Plugo Count triggers auditory, visual, and tactile senses in kids and spurs their comprehension abilities, critical thinking, logical reasoning, and mathematical intelligence. It is the perfect gift for kids who love numbers, or for those who havn't fallen in love with Maths yet! Kids practice counting, sequences & patterns, place value, comparison, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
  • IN THE BOX - Plugo Count comes with 1 foldable gamepad, 1 Count Spike, 4 arithmetic operators (+ - x/), and 2 sets of digits 0-9. No Bluetooth and no electronics. The gamepad and Count Spike connect through embedded magnets. A help guide with step-by-step instructions is also included.
  • COMPATIBLE DEVICES - iOS - iPad 5th gen or newer, all models of iPad Pro (except Pro 12.9"), all models of iPad Air, iPad Mini 2nd gen or newer, iPhone 6 or newer | Samsung devices: 2015 and newer, 2GB RAM and above [Samsung Tab A7, A 10.5, S7 and S7+ not supported] | Amazon - Fire 7 (9th gen 2019 release only), Fire 8 (8th gen 2018 release, 10th gen 2020 release); [Fire 10 not supported]
HT HONGTENG Balance Counting Cool Math Game for Kids - STEM Toys for 3 4 5 6 Year Olds Boys and Girls Educational Kindergarten -Astronaut Number Learning Material
  • Mathematical Balance Toy Set: This 64-piece toy set includes: 19 astronaut, numbers 1–10, 30 double-sided cards, astronaut scale, base, 2 scale pans and an easy-to-read instruction leaflet.Rich materials provide children with a variety of playing methods.
  • Safety Material: The Astronaut Balance toys are made of ABS which is safe, non-toxic and tasteless. They are carefully carved durable and long-time use. While playing safely, the rich color also can enhance children's cognitive ability.
  • Math Balance Scale Count Toy for Boys Girls: The math counting toys with cute astronaut shape can stimulate kid's curiosity. Building up children's interest in study through game is perfect for children ages 3 and up and is the ideal teaching tool for parents, families, and teachers looking to encourage and reinforce multi-dimensional learning at home, school, nursery, and during tutoring sessions.
  • Easy to Set Up + Instructions: Astronaut Balance has everything kids and families need to having hours of math and counting fun! This STEM game is easy to assemble,so children and families can start playing instantly.This game teaches basic counting and beginning math skills and encourages retention through stimulating multi-level math games.
  • The Ideal Gift for Boys and Girls: This Math Game toy set is a perfect gift for both boys and girls ages 3 & up on any occasion.

1. What Maths Toys Are Suitable For 6 Year Olds?

Math toys are a great way to help young children learn basic math concepts in an engaging way. For six year olds, there are a variety of toys that can help them develop an understanding of basic math principles such as counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Popular math toys for six year olds include counting and sorting toys, shape sorters, math games, and educational apps. Counting and sorting toys can help them learn to recognize numbers and practice counting, while shape sorters can help them learn shapes and basic geometry. Math games can help children practice a variety of math skills, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Educational apps can also be a great way for kids to practice their math skills in a fun and interactive way.

2. How Can Maths Toys Help With Development?

Maths toys can help children develop their math skills in a fun and engaging way. Maths toys help kids learn basic math concepts such as counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Counting and sorting toys can help kids learn to recognize numbers and practice counting, while shape sorters can help them learn shapes and basic geometry. Math games can help children practice a variety of math skills, while educational apps can be a great way for kids to practice their math skills in a fun and interactive way. Maths toys can also help children develop problem-solving skills, logic, and critical thinking. By playing with maths toys, children can gain a better understanding of mathematics and the world around them.

3. What Types Of Maths Toys Are Available For 6 Year Olds?

There are a wide variety of maths toys available for six year olds. Popular maths toys include counting and sorting toys, shape sorters, math games, and educational apps. Counting and sorting toys can help kids learn to recognize numbers and practice counting, while shape sorters can help them learn shapes and basic geometry. Math games can help children practice a variety of math skills, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Educational apps can also be a great way for kids to practice their math skills in a fun and interactive way. In addition to the traditional math toys, there are also a variety of educational books, puzzles, and building blocks that can help kids develop their math skills.Maths Toys For 6 Year Olds