15 Toys that Teach Manners – Instructional Fun for Kids

Welcome to Educational Toys Planet’s review of the best toys that teach manners! We have carefully selected a collection of the most engaging and educational toys for teaching children about social etiquette. Our collection includes toys that focus on teaching children polite language and behavior, how to be respectful of others, and how to show good manners. These toys also help children develop empathy and understanding for others, as well as making them aware of what is appropriate in social situations. With the help of these toys, children will learn to be more courteous, kind, and thoughtful toward the people around them. Read on to find out more about the toys in our collection and why they are the ideal way to teach your children good manners.
  1. STEM Learning Social Skills Card Game

    STEM Learning Social Skills Card Game
    Playing with STEM Learning toys in early childhood is important for many reasons. First, it helps young children explore and understand the world around them. Secondly, it helps children develop social and communication skills. Finally, it helps kids make positive choices. One great example of a STEM Learning toy is the Shoulds and Should Nots Card Game. This game helps kids develop social and communication skills by teaching them polite manners. It also helps kids make positive choices by providing them with guidance on how to behave properly. The game is perfect for children with autism, ADHD, or who need help developing social skills.
    What we like:  This card game helps to nurture positive social and communication skills in kids, making learning fun!
  2. Good Manners Conversation Flash Cards

    Good Manners Conversation Flash Cards
    eeBoo: Good Manners Conversation Flash Cards help children learn the basics of polite behavior. These cards cover essentials such as saying please and thank you, introducing oneself, speaking politely on the phone, and more. The cards are colorful and engaging, making it fun for kids to learn important social skills.
    What we like:  These eeBoo Conversation Flash Cards are perfect for helping kids learn communication and social skills while having fun!
  3. Moods/Feelings Flipbook: STEM Learning

    Moods/Feelings Flipbook: STEM Learning
    The Thought-Spot I Know What to Do Feeling/Moods Products are a fun and interactive way for young children to learn about different emotions and how to handle them. The products come as a flipbook with different moods/emotions on each side, and helps kids identify how they are feeling, what to do when they are feeling that way, and how to make positive choices. These products are perfect for children who have autism, ADHD, or who are just starting to learn about feelings and emotions.
    What we like:  This product helps kids identify their feelings and make positive choices, providing a beneficial learning experience.
  4. Alphatales Learning Box Set

    Alphatales Learning Box Set
    Introducing the Alphatales Box Set! This 26-book set builds phonemic awareness while teaching each letter of the alphabet. The stories are irresistible and the accompanying teacher’s guide provides all the support you need to get the most out of these stories.
    What we like:  The Alphatales Box Set is a great way to teach kids important life lessons about manners in an engaging and fun way.
  5. Value Emotion Learning Toy Set

    Value Emotion Learning Toy Set
    The VALUE EMOTIONAL LEARNING TOY is perfect for kids who want to learn how to express their emotions. The toy comes with two face boards with two skin tones, 28 facial expressions, and 12 emotion cards. The card holder is wooden, and the hourglass is a helpful teaching tool. The toy is PP OPOUNT, making it a great choice for social emotional learning.
    What we like:  This product is great for teaching children about emotional literacy and understanding the range of human emotions.
  6. Sesame Street Elmo Manners Books Set

    Sesame Street Elmo Manners Books Set
    If you’re looking for a fun and educational way to teach your child manners, look no further than the Sesame Street Elmo My First Manners Books set. This set includes eight storybooks, each of which focuses on a different polite behavior. Your child will love learning with Elmo and his friends, and you’ll love knowing that they’re picking up some valuable social skills at the same time. The coloring and illustrations in these books are delightful, and they’re perfect for kids and toddlers alike.
    What we like:  This set of 8 Manners Books from Sesame Street Elmo is a great way to help kids and toddlers learn manners in an entertaining and interactive way.
  7. Tater Toss: Music Potato Passing Game for Kids

    Tater Toss: Music Potato Passing Game for Kids
    Bring the fun of a potato toss game to your next family gathering with Toss the Tater. This electronic plush musical potato is perfect for kids of all ages. The game is simple – toss the Tater to the beat of the music and try to beat your opponent. Toss That Tater is a great game for parties and family gatherings.
    What we like:  Tater Toss encourages family play time while teaching manners in a fun and entertaining way.
  8. Laugh & Learn Puppy First Words

    Laugh & Learn Puppy First Words
    The Snuggly Puppy is a plush toy that helps teach your child over 100 first words. With 75 songs, tunes, and phrases, this toy will keep your child entertained and engaged. The puppy’s hands, feet, ear, and heart light up when touched, responding to baby’s touch. The toy is also equipped with Fisher-Price’s Smart stages learning content, making it a great tool for teaching your child their first words.
    What we like:  This plush toy is great for teaching kids over 100 first words, with fun sounds and phrases to keep them engaged.
  9. Morningtoys Talking Flash Cards for Manners

    Morningtoys Talking Flash Cards for Manners
    Vision Protection-The Talking Flash Cards design of the morning reader reduces screen time and takes care of children’s eyesight. Get them off their phones and tablets and cut down on the amount of blue light exposure with these talking flash cards. Educational Toys- The Toddler Learning Educational Toys Speech Therapy Toys for Autistic Children is perfect for children who are learning to speak or need help with their speech. The toy set includes 112 flash cards and 224 words.
    What we like:  These talking flash cards provide a great way to reduce screen time while still teaching manners and providing educational benefits.
  10. Manners & Emotion Learning Game

    Manners & Emotion Learning Game
    Introducing the newest way to help children strengthen their emotional intelligence! With this Fun Express Match an Emotion Game – 30 Pieces – Educational and Learning Activities for Kids, students will be able to match different emotions with the corresponding ladybug shape. This will help them to better understand and identify their own emotions, as well as the emotions of those around them. The game is perfect for ages 4 and up, and is sure to keep kids engaged while they learn.
    What we like:  This fun game helps kids learn to recognize different emotions, boosting their emotional intelligence.
  11. Dressy Kids Plush Toy

    Dressy Kids Plush Toy
    Dressing up is a favorite pastime for many little girls, and with this cute plush toy, they can have a lot of fun pretending to get ready. There are five different outfits to choose from, and each one comes with its own accessories. The toy is great for practicing manners, since it encourages kids to take turns and be patient. It’s also a lot of fun to play with, and the soft fabric is perfect for cuddling.
    What we like:  This toy helps children learn important life skills, such as manners and getting dressed, in an enjoyable way.
  12. InnerIcons Mindfulness Games: Social Skills Toy

    InnerIcons Mindfulness Games: Social Skills Toy
    Our mindfulness education games help people of all ages learn important social skills that can improve communication and self-care. Our games are designed by experienced teachers and therapists who understand the importance of mindfulness in learning. Our decks of cards are perfect for play therapy, and our games are sure to help kids, teens, and adults alike learn how to manage stress and improve their lives.
    What we like:  I appreciate that these mindfulness therapy games are designed by teachers and are socially conscious and eco-friendly.
  13. Emo Rol Man: Anger Management TEACH

    Emo Rol Man: Anger Management TEACH
    Introducing the perfect way for kids to learn how to cope with anger – the Anger Management Board Game! This fun and exciting game is perfect for kids of all ages, and helps teach children how to calm down when angry. With a variety of activities and challenges, the Anger Management Board Game is a great way to help kids learn about emotions and how to deal with them in a healthy way. So start your journey to anger management today – with the Anger Management Board Game!
    What we like:  This board game helps children learn how to manage their emotions in a fun, engaging way.
  14. Social Skills Board Games

    Social Skills Board Games
    The Junior Learning Social Skills Board Games are perfect for developing and learning new social skills and behaviors. With different gameplays, such as action games and sentence building games, these games are perfect for playing with friends and family. Laugh and play while learning important social skills!
    What we like:  This product is great for teaching children important social skills while making learning fun and enjoyable.
  15. Touch & Teach Word Book: Toddler Learning Toy

    Touch & Teach Word Book: Toddler Learning Toy
    Introducing the Touch & Teach Word Book, an educational toy perfect for toddlers! This book features 12 touch sensitive pages that teach children over 100 words in six categories: animals, colors, fruits, numbers, toys, and manners. With its large, easy-to-read letters and brightly colored illustrations, the Touch & Teach Word Book is a great way to introduce your child to the world of words.
    What we like:  The VTech Touch & Teach Word Book is an interactive and educational toy that helps teach toddlers important life lessons like manners in a fun and engaging way!
  16. 1.What age are these toys appropriate for?

    These toys are generally targeted towards children between the ages of 3 and 8. This age range is ideal for teaching children the basics of manners such as saying please and thank you and using polite language. Younger children may find it difficult to understand the concept of manners, so it is important to choose toys that are age-appropriate and not too advanced for them. Older children may already know the basics but can still benefit from toys that reinforce good manners and provide additional lessons in etiquette.

    2.What are some examples of toys that teach manners?

    Some examples of toys that teach manners include board games, dolls, and role-playing toys. Board games such as Etiquette and Manners can provide an interactive way for children to learn and practice good manners. Dolls that come with accessories such as tea sets can be used to teach children how to act politely at the dinner table. Role-playing toys such as dress-up clothes and play kitchens can help children to understand the importance of being courteous to others.

    3.How can these toys help children learn good manners?

    These toys can be very beneficial for teaching children good manners. Through interactive play, children can learn about the importance of saying please and thank you, using polite language, and being courteous to others. By providing fun and engaging activities, these toys can help to reinforce these important lessons. In addition, these toys can provide an opportunity for parents and caregivers to discuss good manners with their children and help to reinforce the lessons in an enjoyable way.