Top 10 Child-Proof Sliding Door Locks for Home Safety

If your home has sliding glass doors, they are probably some of the hardest areas to child-proof. However, there is an easy solution to this problem. Child proof sliding door locks keep children safe without compromising the style of your home. These locks provide an easy to understand and effective way to keep curious hands and feet away from the dangerous door and ensure they stay securely locked while you are away. Learn more about child proof sliding door locks and why you need them in your home today!
Burglabar 2 Pack for Sliding Door Locks for Sliding Glass Doors & Windows, Child Proof
  • Enhance Your Home Security: Instantly add additional security to patio doors and windows with this unique hinge-style sliding glass door lock; Not only does this door security device keep your space safe, it can also be used to childproof your home
  • Easy To Install: The Burglabar patio door lock is simple to install - no tools required - and its crystal-clear design easily blends in; This versatile child-proof door lock can be used as a sliding door security bar or a sliding window lock
  • Adjusts To Your Door: Our sliding glass door security bar can easily be adjusted to fit different doors sizes; Secure your home with a Burglabar security bar for sliding glass doors and windows and enjoy added peace of mind
  • Sturdy & Reliable: These durable security door locks come equipped with strong adhesive that adheres to glass like a weld for maximum strength; When properly applied, our sliding door and window security bars provide additional safety and security
  • 20 Years of Experience: The creators of the original Addalock and Burglabar, Rishon Enterprises Inc. is dedicated to promoting safety, security, and privacy; Protect your spaces, whether at home or away, with our safety locks for doors
Sliding Glass Door Child Lock - OKEFAN 4 Pack Baby Safety Slide Window Locks for Kids Proof Patio Closet Doors No Drilling Tools Needed (Blue)
  • CHILD PROOF SAFETY DEVICE – Keep valuable belongings from young child proof sliding door or hung window with durable and effective lock. This kid stopper has been proven to withstand the pulls and tugs of babies and children, keep doors and windows opened in safe!
  • SAFE DESIGN – Unlike other sliding glass door lock, this sliding door child lock is installed beside door shelf and works once double buttons pressed simultaneously, which stops the door slided and passed each other. This lock is off to press the locking cover for unlock condition!
  • STRONG DURABILITY – Never worry about sliding window locks broken with high quality ABS plastic, stainless steel spring and strong 3m adhesive tap. The 3M window lock will not lose effectiveness or power even when you routinely open and shut your hung windows every day!
  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION – Installing sliding door lock has never been this easy, no drilling tools needed! Simply clean the working area for this lock, peel off 3M tape and stick this device onto the desired location of sliding doors for your patio, closet, cabinet as well sliding window!
  • DURABLE LASTING WORK - We know that patio glass door lock will work perfect. In case that you are not satisfied with this sliding door stopper, It is welcome to let us know any time and the helpful solution will be provided in 12 hours. A good safe gift for the kids to get great benefits!
Toddleroo by North States Sliding Door & Window Lock | Safely Secure Sliding Window and Doors | No Tools Required | Works on Glass or Wood | Baby proofing with Confidence (1-Count, White)
  • SLIDING DOOR & WINDOW LOCK (1-pack): The perfect solution to prevent your curious little one from opening sliding doors and windows. A simple slide and release motion activates the wings to lock, keeping your child out of harm’s way and away from potentially dangerous areas.
  • KEEPING TODDLERS SAFE SINCE 1953: Toddleroo by North States not only makes the baby gates and yards that you love, but we now have a full line of babyproofing products to keep baby safe anywhere in your home!
  • SAFETY & CONVENIENCE: Our new childproofing line was thoughtfully designed to maximize safety, ease of use, and functionality. Easy to install, and safety you and your family can count on.
  • SIMPLE YET EFFECTIVE: Installs easily, no tools necessary. Non-toxic, eco-friendly, ABS material with professional strength VHB adhesive, plus it’s multi-functional, working on glass or wood surfaces. Our Sliding Door & Window Lock has been through rigorous testing of safety standards, rest assured that it’ll stop the cleverest toddlers in their tracks.
  • MAKE YOUR HOME SAFE: Babies like to explore all those nooks and crannies’ around the house. With this 1 white sliding door and window lock you can help to keep your little one out of harm’s way.
Sliding Door Lock for Home Safety - 2 Pack Sliding Window Locks, Sliding Patio Door Lock, Extra Strong Adhesive, Child Safety Locks for Doors, Sliding Glass Door Lock and Window Security
  • Safety First: Our sliding door lock, which is also used as a window lock, provides you and your family additional security; Great for keeping wandering loved ones inside and unwanted guests out with child safety locks for doors and windows designed for home protection.
  • Ease of use: Our patio door lock installs quick and easily without any tools necessary with double-sided, easy install/removal adhesive; Just peel & press for a strong, lasting hold for your window stopper. Easy for adults but impossible for children and pets, the sliding door lock is easily lifted with a finger to lock & simply pressed down to unlock.
  • Out of sight: The crystal-clear design of the window locks blend to match any glass door or window making them virtually invisible when installed high and out of reach from your little adventurers.
  • Durable quality: Made with strong plastic and double sided adhesive, the sliding glass door lock blocks the door or window from moving when attempting to be opened without losing effectiveness, even when routinely opened and shut, and will not cause damage to the frame.
  • Peace of mind: Our child safety locks for doors and windows keeps you and your family safe from the possible dangers of an unlocked sliding door and provides window security to improve your home safety.
Sliding Door Lock for Child Safety, Window Stoppers for Vertical Windows, Sliding Glass Door Lock for Baby Proof (2 Pack)
  • ★ Your Child's Safety is Our Primary Pursuit: KongNai’s Baby proof lock can prevent your child from getting into areas that are potentially dangerous, such as push-pull windows, balconies, kitchens and toilets. You can put our locks on the doors of these places to better protect your child's safety.
  • ★ Very Easy to install: Children's security work sounds hard, but with our sliding door child lock, you only need to takes only a few seconds simply peel 3M tape on the back, and install it without a tool.
  • ★ Durable & High Quality Material: This sliding door lock made by strong ABS rubber, tough and durable. White, sleek and inconspicuous, it'll suit for your home. Even if your baby pulls it hard, it won't move easily.
  • ★ Multifunctional Use: Our child safety lock can use on sliding doors, sliding windows at home, such as balcony, kitchen doors, wardrobe door etc.
  • ★ Great Locks for you: High-quality sliding closet lock, Top-Rated customer service. A good gift for your baby and your friend's.
Patio Sliding Door Lock Security - Child Safety Lock for Slide Glass Door, Child Proof Window Locks Latch Bar Install on the Top Bottom, Foot Operated Kick Lock Guard Kids Safe Backyard Screen Stopper
  • Special Child Safety Locks & Keep Home Security: The Childproof Lock is perfect for families with young children, as door lock can't be easily pushed open like a sliding door security bar. When installed at the top of the door, kids can't reach it, allowing for indoor ventilation while preventing toddlers from opening the door and wandering into potentially dangerous areas such as swimming pools or backyards. And prevent a burglary from happening, keep your home & family secure and worry-free.
  • Upgraded Striker Plate with 3 Holes, Widely Used: CALDEVER sliding window lock has been upgraded according to user needs, with a 3-hole upgrade plate that can be widely used. Even if installing the door lock on the ventilation side, as long as the lock is locked on the second hole, an adult's hand cannot reach in from the outside,and small pets can't escape through ventilation. Sliding door stoppers security locker is suitable for our backyard, patio, balcony, pet, apartment window, etc.
  • Flexible Installation on the Top & Bottom of the Door: The striker plate can be installed vertically inward or outward depending on the thickness of the door track. Once you have marked the screw holes with a pen and drilled guide holes with a 1/8" drill bit, simply insert the corresponding screws and you can complete the installation. Apartment must haves sliding door lock comes with an installation manual, which will guide you through the installation step by step,upgrade your home security.
  • One-Second Operation, Using Hand or Foot: Installing window safety locks at the bottom of the door allows you to operate it with your foot, eliminating the need to bend down. Kick the latch to lock and kick the release button to open, which is convenient for the elderly at home to quickly learn how to open the door. When installed at the top of the door, easy for adults to one-handed operate. Whether the slide door frame is vinyl, wood, aluminum or other metal material can be easily used.
  • Durable and Sturdy & Caring Service: Sliding door lock base consists of a durable plastic housing and metal, and is mounted on the inside of the door or window. Slide glass door stoppers can withstand more than 1000 lbs of force, preventing intruders from kicking or opening the door from the outside and double enhancing the security of your home. CALDEVER provides a 3-year product-sales service. If you have any problems, we will provide you with professional and detailed answers within 24 hours.
Sliding Window Door Lock Security - 4 Packs Slider Window Stopper for Baby Child Proof Home Safety Secure, Childproof No Drill Patio Slide Glass Window Locks Stop Vertical Key Aluminum Alloy Black
  • Essential Window Locks for Home Safety & Childproof: With CALDEVER's durable & reliable sliding window door lock, you can rest easy knowing that your baby and pets are safe and your home is secure from potential intruders. Our lock is easily installed on sliding window & doors, providing an extra layer of protection that keeps your window securely in place. Whether you're concerned about the safety of your property or the security of your home, our sliding window lock is the perfect solution
  • Upgraded Design & Reliability: CALDEVER sliding window locks have been redesigned to incorporate TWO HOLES for enhanced stability, ensuring your window stay firmly in place. Each lock also includes a RUBBER GASKET that helps protect your window track from any potential damage caused by the lock. The VERTICAL KEY accommodates various angles of installation, so you can easily install our locks on most sliding window. Made of aluminum alloy, the window lock is more durable and less prone to rust
  • Fit Most Sliding Window & Vertical: The black window lock is adjustable in width, making them suitable for most sliding window and doors. The window locks are versatile enough to be used on most types of sliding window and doors, including living room window, sliding glass window, patio sliding doors, and more. They are small and lightweight, making them perfect for travel. You can take them with you to hotels or rental properties to enhance the safety of your temporary accommodations
  • Install In Seconds & No Drilling Required: Our sliding window lock is designed simply. Installing it on your window track in seconds without any complex steps or special equipment needed. Our sliding window lock requires no drilling, so you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home is secure without any unsightly damage. The simple locking mechanism can be fixed or disengaged with just a twist of the screws, so you can easily open and close your window without any hassle.
  • Assured After-sales Service: We would like to suggest that you measure the length of your window track to ensure that the product is applicable before ordering our sliding window lock. This window lock is suitable for window tracks that are less than 1.5cm in width and more than 1.4cm in height. CALDEVER are committed to creating better window locks for customers. If you encounter any issues with our product, our team is here to assist you. We are committed to resolving any issues you may have.
4PACK Sliding Glass Door Lock, Baby Proofing Window Door Locks Security Bar, Baby Child Safety Products Kits Locks, Slide Window Locks for Kids Patio Closet Doors (White)
  • 🌞【Specially Designed for Baby Safety】 When you're busy with other tasks at home, you wouldn't want your child climbing out through sliding doors or windows, right? This set of 4 sliding door locks from Tapytry is the perfect solution! Once installed, these locks ensure that sliding glass doors/windows cannot be opened by children, ensuring the safety of your baby and pets indoors, allowing you to confidently focus on your tasks.
  • 🌷【Structural Upgrade, Easy Operation】 We prioritize both practicality and aesthetics, leading to the design of this sleek, aircraft-shaped sliding door lock. The upgraded structure makes the product sturdy yet easy to operate – simply flip up the wings on both sides to activate its functions. Install the window lock in a location out of reach for children, and it will stand guard over their safety like a fighter jet!
  • 🌻【Sturdy Materials, Strong Adhesive】 To address issues of other safety locks breaking easily and adhesive not holding securely, we specifically use imported ABS materials to reinforce product hardness, making it less prone to damage. We also use enhanced 3M adhesive that securely adheres to surfaces such as cabinets, refrigerators, and ovens. Additionally, the product has passed CPC safety certification, ensuring your confident and secure usage!
  • 🌟【Simple Installation, Compact Size】 Installation of this child safety lock requires no tools – simply peel off the adhesive, place it in position, and you're done! (For better performance, let it sit undisturbed for 24 hours before use.) The compact product dimensions make it suitable for use on cabinets, drawers, wardrobes, food cabinets, refrigerators, and more, like magic, transforming your life!
  • 🎄【Flexible Settings, Professional Service】 You can also adjust the lock to allow for fully open or semi-open spacing according to your needs, ensuring both air circulation and child safety. Tapytry consistently provides high-quality products and professional after-sales service. If you encounter any issues during product usage, feel free to contact us anytime, and we will promptly address your concerns within 12 hours.
Sliding Glass Door Lock Security - Child Safety Locks for Patio Slide Doors, Child Proof Window Lock Double Guard Kids Pets Safe, Slider Door Latch Stop Bar Easy Installation Without Drilling, 2 Pack
  • High-quality Child Safety Lock, Protecting Children & Pets: CALDEVER sliding door child lock to restrict the range of sliding window and door openings by being installed at heights unreachable by children. While ensuring ventilation, slide door locks effectively prevent risks of children and pets accidentally straying or getting injured when unattended. Sliding glass door lock enhance the safety of your living environment, but patio door lock also provide peace of mind for parents busy at home.
  • Safe Material, Wide Applications: The door and window locks are made from high-quality, non-toxic, odorless ABS material, ensuring the durability and safety of the lock for sliding glass door. With a completely transparent design, the sliding door lock bar can easily blend into any decor style, providing practicality without sacrificing aesthetics. Sliding door security locks are highly versatile and perfectly suitable for sliding doors, window, cabinets, wardrobes, closets, and patios.
  • Easy Installation, Strong Adhesion: Sliding door stopper is incredibly easy to install without the need for tools or drilling. Simply apply the adhesive and wait 24-48 hours for a secure hold. Each window lock can withstand a dynamic shear force of approximately 400 pounds. If you need to remove the security door stopper lock, simply heat it with a hairdryer to release the adhesive. Door safety locks from inside uses a non-marking adhesive that won't leave any marks on the window after removal.
  • Convenient Usage, Simple Locking and Unlocking: The sliding patio door lock has two wings; when the wings stand up, the sliding door is locked, and when the wings are lowered, the sliding door can move freely. You can choose where to paste the glass sliding door lock according to your needs. Tip: Please ensure that the gap between the two sliding doors or window must be 0.28-1.22 inches before purchasing the backyard door lock. CALDEVER recommends using two locks for sliding doors.
  • Professional and Considerate Service: At CALDEVER, we stand behind our products and offer free returns, replacements, or refunds if you're not completely satisfied with your purchase. Trust us to provide high-quality child lock for sliding glass door or window locks security up and down window for your patio doors and sliding window, backed by exceptional after-sales service.

1. How does a Child Proof Sliding Door Lock Work?

A child proof sliding door lock works by preventing the door from opening. It is installed on the inside of the door with two components. The first component is a locking mechanism which is attached to the door frame. The second component is a latch which slides into the locking mechanism to secure the door. When the latch is engaged, it prevents the door from being opened. When the latch is disengaged, the door can be opened. The latch can be disengaged by pressing a button or releasing a lever. This makes it easy for adults to open the door while still keeping children safe.

2. What are the Benefits of Installing a Child Proof Sliding Door Lock?

Installing a child proof sliding door lock provides a number of benefits. It prevents children from being able to open the door, which helps keep them safe from wandering away or accessing hazardous areas. It also provides peace of mind for parents and caregivers, as they can rest assured their children are safe and secure. Additionally, the lock is easy to install and use, making it a convenient and cost-effective way to child-proof a door.

3. How Do I Install a Child Proof Sliding Door Lock?

Installing a child proof sliding door lock is a relatively simple process. First, measure the door and the doorframe to ensure the lock will fit. Then, attach the locking mechanism to the door frame. Next, attach the latch to the door and position it so that it slides into the locking mechanism. Finally, test the lock to ensure it is working properly. Depending on the type of lock, additional steps such as attaching a security cover or key may be required. Installing a child proof sliding door lock only takes a few minutes and is an easy way to keep children safe.Burglabar 2 Pack - Great for Sliding Patio Door Lock, (Use 2 for doors), Sliding Window Lock, Sliding Basement Windows Lock, Child Safety Lock